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  1. Which one of you monsters is going to rule by using nothing but M-Network carts?
  2. How did I forget Starpath??? As many hours as I spent playing Phaser Patrol and Dragonstomper... Ok, so the OP challenge was to come up with a "4th place" award, but here's my actual Top 5 ranking of non-Atari publishers: 1. Activision 2. Parker Brothers 3. Starpath 4. Imagic 5. Coleco Lots of honorable mentions and great individual titles among the other publishers. And, of course, AtariAge! Kind of assumed we were only talking about back-in-the-day action. If included, AA takes the #2 slot and Coleco gets bumped off my Top 5.
  3. Gotta throw in some love for Coleco. DK and DK Jr are much derided, but they were both pretty miraculous back then on the 2600. As a kid I played tons of Mouse Trap, and Carnival, Venture, and Front Line hold up pretty well.
  4. My parents refused to buy my Atari for me, but instead provided the opportunity to earn a whopping $1/hr working in the family business through the summer of 1981. Mom said I would appreciate it more, which turned out to be true. So I was quite careful about the actual purchase when it rolled around. And I was definitely considering both the coolness of the branding and the pack-in game. At the time, the Sears version was $157, but I paid the extra $2 to have the Atari branding from the now-defunct Lazarus department store. I definitely liked both games, as I used the extra money I’d saved to buy copies of Air-Sea Battle and Space Invaders.
  5. So terrible and unfair. 2020 is the worst.
  6. Those are great. So funny to think there were kids in other countries for which THAT artwork was THE artwork. 😂
  7. Haunted House and Superman both fit the template of Adventure.
  8. Asteroids b*nQ Joust Robotron 2084
  9. Yes! It core to our "Your wish is our command!" tagline. We've actually added a few more colors to the lineup. I need to make a new rainbow pic. Here we are: https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_list&c=111
  10. Yes! Here's a contribution from The Lamp!
  11. Let us know how that turns out! :-)
  12. I'll leave it up to the programming geniuses as to how to go about it, but yeah - IMHO Trak-Ball would be a great way to play Crossbow. Likewise, I want to be able to drive both the FPS tank games with the dual stick controls that we saw on the arcade original of Battlezone.
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