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  1. Yes! It core to our "Your wish is our command!" tagline. We've actually added a few more colors to the lineup. I need to make a new rainbow pic. Here we are: https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_list&c=111
  2. Yes! Here's a contribution from The Lamp!
  3. Let us know how that turns out! :-)
  4. I'll leave it up to the programming geniuses as to how to go about it, but yeah - IMHO Trak-Ball would be a great way to play Crossbow. Likewise, I want to be able to drive both the FPS tank games with the dual stick controls that we saw on the arcade original of Battlezone.
  5. Thank you for your support! I hope you have loads of fun with Super 78 #00060!
  6. Trak-Ball games: Bowling Crossbow Golf Dual-Stick: Dark Chambers Robot Tank Battlezone And, at last, a sequel to Basic Math: Advanced Math
  7. Very grateful for the mentions by previous posters! Yes, I’d love to hook you and your dad up with an Edladdin Super Twin 78, which was designed with Robotron 2084 in mind, for $179.00. We are tried and true: we’ve built and shipped 83 units since our launch in November 2014, and we’re the only controller company carried in the AtariAge store. I DO love the arcade graphics DoubleDown and others have used over the years, but since ours is a real company that I depend on to pay my mortgage, I’ve never been willing to risk being shut down and/or sued by Atari SA, Nintendo, or the other live copyright owners. Thanks for your consideration!
  8. We are very close to finished an arcade controller for the 5200 that will also include a "Masterplay" clone circuit for 2600 and Genesis controllers, but not the 7800 controllers. Almost no one is ever interested in using 7800 controllers! It looks like we are also going to be able to offer a stripped down version of the main controller that will include only the same adapter circuit, keypad, and also the knob/spinner in a less expensive package. But, that won't happen until the controller is off the ground. Other features: * analog self centering hall-effect joystick * ambidextrous button layout * 3D printed frames to allow use of OG game overlays on the keypad * knob operates in paddle or spinner mode * digital centering/calibration function
  9. Thanks for doing this!
  10. I was playing Space Dungeon a week or so and began to daydream that someone might hack or homebrew this game to take it to the next level. How cool if the levels were not all simple rectangles? What if they were odd shapes and you did not know the exact dimensions, so there was a real sense of exploration. Also: 1. Capture that element from Gauntlet, where you could truly clear a room or zone by destroying spawn centers. Its vaguely dissatisfying that every room is always respawning. 2. Expand gameplay besides just murder everyone and steal all their stuff with: a. powerups b. keys to hidden places c. some kind of overarching quest I mean, you'd still murder all these aliens and steal all their stuff, but it seems like there's another layer of gameplay possible in this concept, without sacrificing the driving intensity, ala Space Dungeon + Adventure.
  11. My 5200 library was pretty small as a teenager, but Space Dungeon was and remains in the Hall of Fame for the system. I like to leave Level 1 and Level 2 with a completely wiped board - all rooms visited, all enemy killed - before proceeding onward to Level 3. But its a hellscape after that... Those creatures that release bullets when you pop them... They really turn the chaos up a notch, and definitely make it impossible to slowly annihilate everyone in sight. Even sprinting for the exits, I don't think I've ever lived to long enough to see Level 6. We're definitely scheming on a "Super Twin 52" version of the upcoming 5200 controller for exactly this reason. FWIW, I prefer the 7800 version of Robotron 2084 with a Super Twin 78. So smooth!
  12. My Light Sixer was built in Taiwan in March 1981.
  13. Hard to tell without a photo or some measurements, but 5200 Megamania is basically the same size as the rest of the 5200 carts. Definitely the same shell as the rest of the Activision games for the 5200. Here's a pic of 5200 Pac-Man with 5200 Megamania and 2600 Megamania. Most likely you have an 8-bit computer cart.
  14. When my niece was that age, she liked games that did not require split-second timing nor careful control. Bowling Maze Craze Surround Also Adventure and Haunted House just for the fun of exploration. Games where the enemy shoots you quickly or movements have to be exact or you die... Those didn’t go over so well.
  15. Mouser has an old school non-switching 9v, 1A Power supply with a modern barrel plug: Power Supply Here’s a link to a matching jack: 2.1x5.5mm panel mount jack Edit: Using the link feature.
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