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  1. I owned a 5200 as a teenager, but never got to try the port of River Raid in those days. It looked very similar to the 2600 version I'd already known and loved for years, and so my precious video game budget was going to be spent on new games rather than upgrades. In the collector/adult era, I have found it very difficult to play with the CX-52s, though I am sure I could get used to that with practice and orientation, just like playing Pac-Man became second nature even without a self-centering stick. All of that said, just a few nights ago I tried River Raid with our new Super 52 controller prototype and had the best game I'd ever played, so I think this is a game I will be going back to on a regular basis with the new controller.
  2. Thank you, you've managed to clear up several of my questions, all at the same moment! And thank you for your kind words on the brand identity! 🙂 At the beginning we had to decide if we wanted to riff on Atari and ColecoVision logos/game art, but we planned/hoped to stay in the community for years to come, so we didn't ever want to be at risk of being put out of business by the legitimate IP holders.
  3. I tested the spinner with the AA Homebrew Tempest cart last night. It plays great.... except the rotation on screen is backwards of what I see with the knob. Apparently this is a Known Thing? William Culver said he built a spinner using an old CX-52 and it did the same thing. Everything else I tried with the spinner/paddle modes, the movement was correct: Pete's Diagnostic Cart Super Breakout Pole Position Galaxian Space Invaders With the last two, there is a lag of about 10 degrees of rotation before the ship/base moves at all which make this a not-useful mode. I'm not sure why this happens, since both games play great with the Trak-Ball and the Super 52 paddle plays perfectly with Super Breakout. Galaxian and SI both play fine with the Super 52 in joystick mode, with immediate and crisp responses. I was also hopeful for spinner-based Gyruss, but it wants both axes. I need to try Gorf and Kaboom.... Are there any other "paddle" games on the 5200 to try? Anything with a single axis and looking for analog inputs? The Tempest proto that is in some ROM sets for use with AtariMax did not play correctly at all. Is that version supposed to be complete?
  4. Sadly, I wont be able to make it to CORGS this year. The pandemic timing of October in 2021 actually fit my schedule way better. So sorry to miss meeting you!
  5. Ill keep you posted! Edit: Oof... Sorry about the double reply. I cant see a way to delete this one. 😞
  6. Hi! Thanks so much for your interest. We are definitely still planning to release this controller. We got sidetracked for a very long time by a bug in the hardware and COVID, in which our 82 year old, now-retired engineer refused to see me until we all got vaccinated. Meanwhile he'd moved into an RV and sailed away, so it was another 4 months until we were back in the same part of the world. And then we had a very busy season with the other product lines that are our daily bread and butter. Anyhow... We have a v2 prototype now that is ready for testing. If everything plays ok, we should be ready to move to a full release late in the summer or early in the fall. Feature set: Hall-Effect analog self-centering joystick Ambidextrous button layout Knob control with spinner and paddle modes 3D printed frame over the keypad for holding OG and repo overlays Masterplay-style 9 pin Aux In for using CX10/40 and Sega Genesis controllers on binary control games I sure hope we can pull this off... I got my four port 5200 when I was 14 years old and have been a big fan ever since. I really want to be able to deliver a killer arcade controller to the 5200 community. Ed PS: Unlike the Kickstarter campaign we used to launch our ColecoVision and multi-console controllers, with this one we will simply start a big batch when all the parts are on hand, then open the gates to regular orders. I don't want to take a penny of anyone's money until we are 100% ready to deliver the goods.
  7. My understanding is that gatefold boxes were 1977 only, while Heavies lasted a couple more years before being displaced by Lights.
  8. I wonder if Airworld would be a real game with strategy and objectives? Or just another exercise in placing random objects in random rooms in order to reveal codes? I'm still salty that I blew one of my precious birthday/Christmas cartridge selections on the cash grab that was Earthworld back in 1982.
  9. Thanks for the mention! We've actually produced a total of 7 models of arcade joysticks for the 7800 at this point, but four of them are now retired. The three models currently available are: 1. Super 78: ambidextrous arcade stick featuring a Sanwa joystick with octagonal restrictor plate and concave Suzo-Happ fire buttons. 2. Super Combo: same as above, plus a keypad with custom 3D printed overlay frame to support use with classic ColecoVision and the Phoenix. 3. Super Twin 78: Dual stick controller than is actually two complete Super 78s in one case, specifically created for Robotron 2084. If you get the button orientation as shown, it effectively acts as an ambidextrous controller on all the other games, because you can play using either the right or left control set. All are in large, heavy metal cases that rest easily on your lap or tabletop, so you get the light touch of an arcade control panel rather than having to fight to hold onto a handheld control housing. And you always get your choice of ball top and fire button colors! Also worth mentioning is the Easy 78 I/O board, which makes it a snap to build your own arcade controller. All the Edladdin hardware is available in the AA Store.
  10. edladdin

    Euro pad?

    This is the answer. The Seagull 78 reroutes the pins to match Genesis controllers to 7800 console, plus adds the resistors that the 7800 is looking for. A native 7800 controller is going to get rerouted into the wrong pins by a Seagull 78.
  11. Happy holidays and good tidings to all of you! Get well soon. ❤️
  12. 1. Phaser Patrol 2. Phoenix 3. Space Invaders I really love the 7800 version of Asteroids.
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