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  1. We're moving closer and closer to our Super 52 arcade controller for the 5200. I've got a working prototype of the PCB, joystick, and rotary encoder, prototypes of keypad overlay frames crafted by @MakerMatrix, and the art/membrane package has been sent to China for quoting. Our last big hurdles are: China is currently moving VERY slowly because of the epidemic, and finalizing/procuring the case from Hammond Mfg here in the USA. Feature set includes: 1. Analog self-centering hall-effect joystick 2. Ambidextrous fire button layout 3. Knob-driven rotary encoder with selection for paddle and spinner modes 4. Overlay frame for using OG overlays 5. Aux In DB9 that turns the whole thing into a Masterplay clone (2 button Sega Genesis + any one button 2600 compatible stick) 6. 14" aluminum case, same design as the +250 controllers we have produced thus far in the "Super" line
  2. Just want to jump in there and say I'm perfectly happy to build you a FWIW, I'm perfectly happy to build you a Super Twin 78 with switchable 4/8 joysticks, such as we use in the All-Play 4/8: Supreme 78. I can punch two holes in the bottom of the case so you can access the little peg that allows you to rotate the plate. Not as elegant as lifting the hinged panel on the Supremes, but it will get the job done. There's a $10 per stick up-charge because those joysticks are more expensive. That said, I really have grown to be a big fan of the fixed octagonal restrictor plates that we use in the Sanwa sticks. The truth about the various 8-way games is that you often want to be able to move precisely in the pure cardinal directions as well, and having all eight spots for the stick to land feels good to me. While we are at it, the old school leaf-switch sticks completely forgo the restrictor plates and provide the softest touch, but you lose the positive guidance of having a restrictor plate guiding you into an exact movement.
  3. I dont know of anyone that is offering a commercial spinner. Definitely lots of examples of people making one-offs and/or modding the track ball to deliver that. Willie Culver recently posted pics of a spinner that he added to his CX-53 using a rotary encoder, signal circuit from the CX-53, and a big knob that I sent him.
  4. Definitely agree that an analog controller is not needed for the majority of stick games. My goal is to hook up the people that want to play the games that do with the best analog controller that I can deliver, not to talk them out of wanting to use analog.
  5. One of my favorite games in the entire Atari lineup is Dreadnaught Factor, and its absolutely an analog stick game. For me, this whole effort is as much about being able to play that game with an arcade controller, and have a spinner/paddle to play my favorite single axis games - Super Breakout, Kaboom, Pole Position, Galaxians, and Tempest.
  6. The joystick is a full native analog joystick. It uses the Hall Effect, so no pots to fail or jitter. And its self-centering. I didnt think the world needed me to produce another binary stick on the 5200. Plenty of masterplays and MP clones available for that version of gameplay.
  7. Funny you should mention that... The other project in the works is a full-on controller for the 5200 - the Super 52. It includes an AUX IN port for use with Atari 2600 and Sega Genesis controllers (both buttons!), so we are definitely looking at dual-purposing that board into an Edladdin version of the Masterplay adapter.
  8. This is the second time someone has said they emailed me without a reply. Was that sent to [email protected]? Or [email protected]? I dont think I'm receiving the @edladdin mail. GoDaddy generally sucks. We used to get notifications whenever a sale came through the shopping cart. Now we have to log into the site and manually check whether any sales have come in. I dont know whats up with the email. The Super Arcade Controller PLUS is no longer available and has been marked as "Out of Inventory" on the site, which is why the cart would not let you buy. We've completed 39 of 40, and the 40th one has been sold to Swami (see above). The issue is having the custom cases made for those controllers. We only have 18 more PCBs, which is not enough to have the manufacturer stamp us out another batch. We used a small shop to make a custom copy of the Hammond cases, and those people went out of business. We've also used Hammond directly, but their minimum is 100 pieces. We can build you a "Super Arcade Controller" (without the PLUS), which means you have the arcade controls for the three consoles (Atari 26/78, classic CV, and Flashback CV), but none of the AUX IN connectors along the front. Likewise, we can also build you a "Seagull CV", which is another item from the Kickstarter. Its all adapter (including AUX IN) and no controls. We have plenty of those cases left. Our plan is to use up the remaining PCBs offering Super Arcade Controllers and/or Seagull CVs, then that will be the end of both of those products. We DO have a replacement for the Super Arcade Controller in the pipeline... The Super Combo Controller will drive Atari 2600/7800 and Classic ColecoVision. The CV side will have the four Super Action firebuttons and the keypad, but we will lose the "speed buttons" and support for the CV Flashback. One thing I learned through this whole journey is that relatively few people care about the Flashback CV. This new replacement controller should be ready this summer.
  9. Ouch! Sorry for the delay responding... I missed the notification on your PM. Your control panel has to be built from scratch, so I've been waiting to receive a set of 1/8" phenolic panels from our plastics vendor in Ohio. This is the top cover we talked about earlier. I checked with them the other day and they said they were going to ship on Feb 6, so we should have them this week. In the middle of this timing, I have a huge event for one of the non-Edladdin product lines that will take me out of commission Feb 22-25. And we are working now to be ready for that. So realistically, it will be the end of this month before I have this for you. Sorry for the delays! I'm slow in general, and heavy custom work goes a lot slower. 😞
  10. Here are the giants: 2600 Adventure Berzerk Circus Atari Defender Ms Pac-Man Phaser Patrol Pitfall River Raid Robot Tank Space Invaders 5200 Dreadnaught Factor Gyruss Moon Patrol Qix Space Dungeon PC Battlefield 1942 Castle Wolf 3D Doom/Doom 2 Half-Life Railroad Tycoon Rollercoaster Tycoon X-Wing/TIE Fighter Arcade Cheyenne Choplifter Mr Do Ms Pac-Man Spy Hunter
  11. Oh wow, TIL! Thanks chopperthedog.
  12. Dreadnaught Factor requires an analog stick. Just curious, why ignore the 5200 games that are improved with the analog or multispeed performance just because the originals were not thus? 5200 Galaxian with the Trak-Ball is easily my favorite version of this game, even though the arcade version used a two-way "digital" control. This is one of the games I'm most looking forward to trying with the spinner on my own arcade controller.
  13. Driving controllers use rotary encoders instead of potentiometers. So instead of creating varying electrical resistances around the dial with a pot, the rotary encoder has a little part like a fan in there and a light detector. The light is blocked and unblocked as the fan rotates as you turn the knob, which the 2600 notes. The faster the 2600 sees those rotations, the faster it turns the car onscreen. Trak-Balls work the same way, but with 2 rotary encoders; one for each axis of movement. As for the replacement part, have you tried Best Electronics?
  14. This is an interesting question! What about Tempest for the 5200? My understanding is this was an original Atari project that died with the crash, then was eventually finished by a team led by the original programmer. And then published by Albert. would we consider Tempest a Homebrew?
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