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  1. The Start button is only used to start the game at the beginning. By pressing it during a game, you are starting a new game. To advance to the next Dreadnaught, just press the fire button. I LOVE this game. Top tier Hall of Fame on the 5200 for me.
  2. Whoa! Thanks for the pointer to this great list! Maybe splitting hairs, but we really have three different terms in play. 1. Simultaneous or concurrent play - two or more players on screen at the same time. This is really what OP was asking for. Within this we have: a. Head-to-Head - players are competing directly to kill or beat one another, like Combat or Indy 500. Or you’re competing for points, as in Freeway or Air-Sea Battle. By far the most common version of simultaneous play. B. Co-op games - players can cooperate, working together at the same time to win, ala Dark Chambers, Joust, or Space Invaders. Looking over the list in the other thread, true co-op games are much less common.
  3. I cant seem to get lined up with a copy of Scrapyard Dog at the right price. Aside from a wish list of homebrews, that's the last 7800 cart I'm actively looking for.
  4. I was very angry about the Swordquest games back in the Ferg. IMHO, the real issue is that Todd Frye completely missed what made all the previous Adventure Zone games great. Consider Adventure: the objective is crystal clear, and every object in the game has a very specific use and purpose. Object stuck in the wall? You need the bridge or the magnet. Chased by dragons? You need the sword. Keys open specific castle gates. In contrast, in SQ the objective is to put random objects into specific rooms in specific combinations so you can get a number that referenced the comic books. The specific objects have zero in-game purpose at all and could have been replaced with squares with alpha letters to tell them apart. So except for the Mythicon-quality minigames, “solving” the game is either just random guesswork OR tedious process-of-elimination object grouping. TERRIBLE! I’m as irritated now as I was when I blew a precious birthday gift choice on the whopping turd that is Earthworld at age 13. WTF Todd Frye?
  5. For me the perfect solution would be the 5200 version of the CollectorVision Phoenix, where the unit can run original carts and controllers, plus an SD card, and with all the modern A/V and power features BIGHMW described. PS: Thank you for the Edladdin shout out!
  6. Thanks for considering Edladdin! The GoDaddy shopping cart where Edladdin lives often gives inflated European shipping quotes despite the fact it’s supposedly pulling right from shipping tables. We do not add on any “handling” or packing charge. If you will send us your actual delivery address, we can look up the actual price your courier of choice will charge us. If it’s lower, we will be happy to refund the difference. We did this last week for a Seagull 78 adapter going to UK.
  7. Probably not anytime soon, though we SHOULD get them eventually. We have another 12-15 amplifiers to sell before we will be ready to buy another batch of the cases that yield the Supreme panels. Ed
  8. I really love Pengo! It was not a game I had as a kid, so I've only been playing during my "collector" era, but its grown to be a favorite for me on the 5200. I appreciate how its different every time, so the gameplay is not as boring as the ones that always start the same. I also like how there are multiple paths to success on any given level. I usually play with a Supreme 78 controller patched through an original Master Play adapter. Ed
  9. Nice! Just filled in a bunch of empty "Part #" slots in my spreadsheet with the new ones, which helps cool down that itchy OCD.
  10. Top 5 1) Dreadnaught Factor 2) Space Dungeon 3) Pengo 4) Popeye 5) Wizard of Wor Honorable Mentions: Galaxian with a Trak-Ball Miner 2049er Moon Patrol Qix Tempest with a Trak-Ball
  11. Thanks everyone for the shout-out for the Seagull 78! Since we are here in the AA Forum, I feel honor bound to mention that you can also order these from the AtariAge Store. That helps keep AA alive and thriving. https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1079
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