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  1. There’s a hack of 5200 Popeye that improves graphics and colors toward arcade quality. Miniature Golf Plus for the 2600 is not actually any better or worse than the original, but the nine holes are amusing and thus a little more fun to play.
  2. PC cables do not have quite as long a throat on the molding, so you can have issues with the plug not reaching deeply enough into the socket on the console. Easiest source for "game style" molded DB15 cords is to purchase Neo Geo extension cords and lop off whatever you don't need. Here's one example, though they are widely available from $10-15 each. https://www.amazon.com/Tomee-Controller-Extension-not-machine-specific/dp/B07L6FC5R3
  3. Failure? Meh. My 5200 was early enough to be a four port but late enough that the pack in was Pac-Man rather than Super Breakout. I loved my 5200! I didn’t have an 8-bit computer so for me this was a huge leap forward over my 2600. The joysticks felt weird out of the box, but pretty quickly I got used to them. They were great on Gyruss and Dreadnaught Factor, and Space Dungeon with the dual-stick chassis provided hours of frenetic fun. I didn’t get a Trak-Ball until 30 years later, but I’m convinced that’s one of the finest home controllers of any era, any console, and provides my favorite version of Galaxian available, including arcade. I think if Atari had put a centering spring in the CX-52 and offered a true arcade joystick as an accessory at a similar price point to the trackball, the 5200 would have an entirely different reputation today.
  4. https://www.retrovideogamer.co.uk/rvg-interviews-garry-kitchen/
  5. 3D Tic Tac Toe
  6. Should work fine. The only elements that share pins are simple switches. The paddle pots are isolated from the joystick switches. Besides, that Coleco Gemini controller had stick and paddle in one unit, so that’s probably just a splitter under the hood, so to speak.
  7. Todd Frye has said he was told not to use black so it would not look like a space game, but this was hardly an iron clad rule at Atari. There were tons of other non-space Atari games before, concurrent, and after Pac-Man that had black backgrounds. Just off the top of my head: Breakout Night Driver Warlords Berzerk Mario Brothers Centipede Millipede Now that I think of it, I have never heard any other programmers mention this rule.
  8. Welcome aboard! Here’s a site you’ll want to visit when you get your multicart. http://www.atarimania.com/rom_collection_archive_atari_2600_roms.html Two thumbs up for the Harmony cart, btw.
  9. Nice video! This arcade port is definitely fun at parties and when playing against other people. Here's the KLOV entry for the coin-op original, which accommodated six players and a 7th AI horse. https://www.arcade-museum.com/game_detail.php?game_id=9787 A few years ago I saw a modern arcade update called "Final Furlong", where you sat aboard robot horses and had to rock them back and forth to get them to gallop. That was hilarious and exhausting head-to-head fun. https://primetimeamusements.com/product/final-furlong/
  10. I like it too. Not many games like this on the 7800, where you can wander around a more mellow environment.
  11. Thanks for the shoutout! Out of respect for the forum, I feel obligated to point out that the Super Twin 78 and the Easy 78 boards are also available from the AA Store, where their sale helps support the site. And you can choose your button layout and colors.
  12. For $9.97 you can get a two pack of these humidity gauges from Amazon and learn the truth about your air moisture situation. Humidity Gauge, 2 Pack Max Humidity Meter Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer Temperature and Humidity Monitor with Ultra-Large Screen for Room, Plants, Greenhouse, Wine Cellar, Basement, Bathroom, Humidor https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Z77FK4C/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_C1SGFBYW6TP6H61JSW65?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 That said, if everything is rusting, then you almost definitely have a humidity problem.
  13. My homemade dual Atari 7800/Genesis twin stick built with the Edladdin Easy 78 PCB and a Genesis 6 button PCB. Joysticks are Sanwa JLW, buttons are Crown SDB-202MX Cherry. With my Seagull 78 adapter attached to the Genesis side it becomes an Atari 7800 twin stick for Robotron 2084. I also use the genesis side on my Vectrex and SNES with my VecAdapt and MD to SNES convertors. The case is made from a discarded oak TV tray and the back of an old cork message board.

    Genesis Atari 7800 Twin Stick.jpg

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