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  1. I can't read the main post because I use the Deflection theme (dark grey background)....but count me in as per usual.
  2. bomberpunk


  3. Thanks for keeping the Deflection theme. Now only if it would save my theme preference for when I log in again I don't have to choose it!

    1. Albert


      It should remember your theme setting.  If not, please send me a message and I can help troubleshoot it with you.

  4. Panzer Dragoon remake. Crap. Your. Pants.

    1. save2600


      Great game, wish I would have kept my Saturn versions. At least, for as long enough to have sold for what they go for. sigh

    2. cybercylon


      Which one is being remade? You can still get #1 for a decent price if patient. #2 is getting expensive. Saga.. .forget it. For Saga, I thought all of the assets were lost.

    3. bomberpunk


      #1 is being remade. with success #2 will likely follow. original data for Saga is indeed lost so unless that's constructed from ground zero we won't see that.

  5. bomberpunk


    [#044] Seems like for the past few years I only spend any length of time on AtariAge in November/December (for the annual Secret Santa) and then again in June because I have vacation time to burn. So here we are. Since my last personal life update, I brought (or helped bring perhaps) a second child into our family and she's already made her first birthday. We also moved about 40 miles out of New Orleans and bought our first home, which is both exciting and frustrating considering it's HOA and I am apparently limited on the things I can do to my own house. My eldest daughter is now 5 years old and she's a gamer like her daddy. And while she has no interest in Atari flashbacks or Genesis flashbacks or the NES Classic consoles, she wants me to fire up the Switch just about every day. She likes to play "the race game" (Mario Kart), "the present game" (Toejam & Earl: Back In the Groove), "the fight game" (Super Smash Bros Ultimate), and Kirby (I forget the subtitle, but it's the only Kirby game currently available on Switch). She also loves watching me play "the color game" (Splatoon 2, which I completely suck at) and a few others like Human Fall Flat and, my personal favorite, Hyrule Warriors. Oh and someone just woke up so I will be hooking her u with Froot Loops in a cup with milk in a second cup, as the two shall not mix. My little weirdo. <3
  6. i haven't posted here in months. my last blog entry was june 2018, only stating that it's been a while. hahaha.

  7. That Radio Shack Pinball Master is such a cool little BreakOut clone from its time. I have one. Track down the Space Shooter game too. Or get the blue 6-in-1 that combines both in one device!
  8. I successfully waited until Christmas Day to open my three wrapped gifts, and man are these awesome!! I'm going to be pumping these compilation discs through my Mega Man speaker (holy carp!) while sporting my new shirt and chomping the candies. Thanks "secret" Santa (you gave yourself away a few posts ago)! Sorry I sent you on a wild goose chase! Merry. Christmas!
  9. There was once an impatient me with a single box under the tree. I decided to sneak and open the box to have a pre-Christmas peek. Inside I saw of treats while other items were hidden from me. So with much hustle I opened up a candy bar like a fat ass and went to town. Nom nom. Part II coming 12/25... 😃👍
  10. I received my box a few days ago. Finally mailed my recipient's box today!
  11. [#043] No, seriously. I've been gone for a long time, and I will most likely keep up this trend and only "check in" a few times year. My last blog post was February 2017, and my last topic post on the board was in December 2017 (in the Secret Santa thread, and I feel bad for never letting my Secret Santa know he/she did a great job with my presents). So what's new with me is after working for one company for 16+ years I finally ditched them and went to a "rival company" and have been there for over a year now, doing 50+ hours a week. Last month, my second child was born. Another daughter. Up until the very end my wife and I argued over the kid's name. I came up with both names "Victoria" and "Camille" and wanted her name to be Victoria Camille. Wife wanted Camille Victoria, and since I didn't push the baby out of me, she got final say. However, I got the last laugh because essentially she's named after a Street Fighter II character named Cammy. That's literally what I got the name from. So ha. Cammy's big sister is batshit crazy about her. My wife is batshit crazy in general. So we're all good. I haven't coded any games, but I have been playing the shit out of my Nintendo Switch. As much as I love playing Splatoon 2, I'm only slightly above average in my skills compared to other players. The game has a really weird following. I'm in two Facebook groups and there's a lot of questionable people/photos/comments. My recent obsession has been Hyrule Warriors, which is a Dynasty Warriors game set to The Legend of Zelda. Might be my favorite Zelda title since Link's Awakening (my all-time favorite game, ever), As great as Breath of the Wild looks, I can't get into it because there's TOO MUCH content and it gives me anxiety. Switch owners should be on the lookout for the anniversary re-release of Flashback: Quest for Identity. Look the Amazon preorder and comes with a lot of cool bonus stuff. Also there's an indie game called Gridd coming out soon. It's basically a third person Tron Light Cycles, with music than sounds dangerously close to the Tron Legacy soundtrack. One more game I should mention is Time Recoil. Find it on the Switch eShop right now. Best game of 2017 in my opinion. I started collecting Sega Saturn stuff again....maybe I'll get into that in another blog. But for now I wanna thank a dude named Roger B for hooking me up with the Panzer Dragoon Saga reproduction discs for FREE so that I can finally play this legendary game for the first time ever. If you're on Facebook, look up the Saturn Junkyard group. Until next time..
  12. I didn't get a package yet. I was super late to the game but I know my recipient got his, as evident in this thread.
  13. Never played Earthbound or Chrono Trigger before. Help me decide which one to pick.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. save2600


      Chronotrigger. Had Earthbound BITD and didn't care for it.

    3. Flojomojo


      I hear Chrono Trigger has a lot of "quality of life" improvements that make it more playable than most JRPGs of that era. I'd start there. That said, I have it on DS and iPhone and haven't started it, so what do I know? (nothing!)

    4. dj_convoy


      I think Earthbound is okay, but overrated. Chrono Trigger has more of the things I like in RPGs.

  14. Is there a Secret Santa this year? I need to get in on it!!

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    2. TheTIGuy


      "I saw mommy kissing sannnnttaaa ccclllaaauuuussss"

    3. frankodragon


      Santa's losing money in coal for bad kids so instead he takes phantom dumps in bad kids' toilets this year.

    4. TheTIGuy


      What the...

      What if someone wishes for coal, anyway?

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