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  1. [#050] ah yes my 50th blog. it only took me ten years to get here. most of ya'll can accomplish that in months, but i usually have nothing to say. today is no different. well, that's not entirely true. i hadn't studio-recorded anything since 2014 which was when my band of 25-years finally decide to wrap up for good. about thirteen months ago (february 2021) i dusted off my guitars and started recording a couple of cover songs along with a friend of mine who lives in Canada. we had a list of tunes we wanted to do and then weeded them down to a small handful. only three were ever started and only one was completed. we had used his ftp server thing to transfer files between us so that we both could record/send individual tracks to each other and load them up in a multitracking studio program called Reaper. the last time i fiddled around with the mixing/mastering was march 17th 2021. yesterday, exactly 365 days later out of pure coincidence, i opened the session in Reaper and changed the one thing that really bothered me with the volume levels of the vocals in a specific spot (the "oooh, oooh" was way too low and drowned out). anyway, D7 is the name of the song here. it's a cover, originally written & recorded by Greg Sage (The Wipers) and released on Is This Real? way back in the stone age of 1980. The song was made widely popular by Nirvana in the mid 1990s and is one of the most covered Wipers song for this reason. I've always wanted to do a studio version of this song. My buddy Mark did the drums, I filled in the rest. It mostly stays truer to the Nirvana version. In fact you can start playing both at the exact same time and they'd sync perfectly until the end because we used their recording as our metronome. We didn't take it too seriously. It was a project to shake the dust off, I have bigger things I want to do in the coming year or two. So here it is. D7 in FLAC format: D-7-2 22mix.flac
  2. I completed Everdark Tower in 3 1/2 hours. I love time travel stuff and past/future "clones" so I thought I was going to be in for a wild ride, and with identical game mechanics as Archlion Saga I was sure it would be a hit with me. It was nothing like that. I only really cared about one character and it wasn't even the guy I started out with but rather the stoker girl who's father went missing and presumed dead. Everdark Tower's story started off strong but chapters 4 & 5 were garbage. Oh, this random girl named Iris won't wake up because a "time dragon" deep within her "ate her time"... Yeah, I'm not wasting any more time talking about this game.
  3. [#049] Out of nowhere, here I am with a game review after being MIA for 13 months. I don't like to think about how old I am or how every week there's yet another layer of BS I'm responsible for at work, or how family duties and priorities and errands consume the day. My point is, I don't have time like I used to, to start and complete a music project or start and complete a game programming project. Those days are long gone. LOL. Speaking of time consuming, there are RPG games. While RPGs are not my favorite genre, I did enjoy the very few I completed in my lifetime. Some lost me with too much fluff, boring characters, or lack of interest over time. With that in mind, a few years ago I designed, coded, and pretty much finished a simple RPG game called Quick RPG. I never released it as I had a list of things I wanted to add to the in-game gimmick structure before making it downloadable. But I'll get to that in hopefully a future post. I only mention it now because it's relevant to this RPG title I downloaded on the Nintendo Switch last night and completed earlier this evening. That's right, I started and completed an RPG game in less than a 24-hour period. The actual finishing time on the in-game clock is under 4 hours. I felt like this game was designed for people like me, who enjoy the RPG genre but just can't devote a chunk of time to everything that is typically required. So, here we have a Kemco game called Archlion Saga. In Kemco's self-described "pocket adventure", they cut out all the bullshit and fetch quests. The game is divided into 5 chapters. Each chapter shows a progress bar and tells you what you should be doing in a popup window. There's a map you can pull up that always shows every treasure chest or door. Nothing is hidden. You can't get lost or stuck in the game because if you press the "R" trigger, an arrow path will appear to guide you to whatever you're supposed to interact with next. Sounds ridiculous, right? That said, there are still a handful of useless NPCs to talk to, and there are random monster encounters when not in towns. There is quite a roster of enemies. There are turn-based battles, and weapon upgrades as well as armor upgrades. There are merchants and there are locked treasure chests that always have either a weapon or armor. I haven't played THAT many RPG games to know if any of the story is 'borrowed' from other games, but if not then they crafted one hell of a small and perfect story. There's just enough text/dialogue to keep the pace feel normal. I spent less than four hours with these little pixelated characters and I felt like I knew enough about them that this was a 3rd or 4th sequel of a continuing story. Chapter 1 opens like a typical RPG does; main protagonist kid wakes up in his bed at home and goes to talk to his mom. Some story setup takes place and then *poof* 10 years pass by. Chapter 2 has our kid meet an elf and her pet wolf. She's kind of an outcast in her town and is the first to join your party. She's the healer. Chapter 3 has the duo sneak into this weird guy's house after fighting off undead townsfolk. He's hiding a family secret in his basement/cave. He eventually joins the group as the brute force tank. Chapter 4 was wild. There's a bar fight, false prophet, kidnapping, and a bloody massacre underground. But before all that a cute little girl rounds out the party as the team's morale as attribute buffer. Chapter 5 was a gauntlet of boss battles; of characters that weren't mentioned previously. All of Chapter 5 was thrilling! Then after the final showdown (I cleared it in 39 turns), I was surprised at how the story concluded. Without giving too much away, the evil Serpent had some good in him and the good Archlion had some evil selfish motives, which ultimately affects the fate of the party you control. Shit, I didn't even mention the ever-watching Witch who transforms into a goat. Even the final scene had me feeling some kind of way. Again, FOUR hours. Why am I invested in these characters like that?? This game was on sale for $2.99 in the eShop, normally $4.99. After playing through it I would have paid the full price. Kemco has another "pocket-sized" game called Everdark Tower. It uses the same mechanics / game engine as Archlion Saga. I'll be playing that next. I'll be surprised if it's better, but I hope it's at least on par.
  4. I'm the idiot who left the crayons out of the box. But I was smart enough to keep the magnets and the cassette away from each other with the bubblewrap and air-packs. I do this Secret Santa every year and only once (or maybe twice) did I remember to put a card inside. Enjoy!
  5. Maaaaaaan..... i just cracked open my two boxes and HOLY HELL is this a jackpot. I am emailing pics to my gmail from my phone so I can post them here!! WOW!! EDIT: here are the photos! I got tired of wondering what was inside these boxes so today was the day! The bigger eBay box could have been absolutely anything, so I went for the AA box first, figuring narrowing down my guess of a new game as mentioned in my SS info. I was quite surprised to find this particular title inside because I was unaware that it was complete and released! It's one of my favorite arcade games (probably top 5 overall)! also included was some AA swag such as stickers & postcard! champ games is top notch! with that box out of the way i started tearing at the edge of the white box, not realizing it wasn't designed to open on that end but neither me nor my scissors cared about that little detail. I was astounded to find not one but FIVE of these vintage magazines. I've never owned any in the past and didn't realize how large they were as i've never encountered one in my life! these are GREAT! next up was the "satisfacation" of my sweet tooth. i mentioned blueberry thangs and minty thangs, and my Secret Santa delivered on BOTH! but the last thing i pulled out.... dude.... the package came full circle with this official(??) custom(??) ROBOTRON CONTROLLER FOR THE 2600!! OMGZ!!!111010101 Thank you SO MUCH, Secret Santa!! This has been one of the best packages put together and something i REALLY needed to make my spirit bright! Now if ya'll would excuse me, I have to dig out my VCS (no, not that VCS) and get my Robotron on!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
  6. My recipient's box was delivered over a week ago. I didn't see a post about it, so hopefully it's inside the house and not stolen off the porch.
  7. i've been staring at two boxes for over a week now. One from AtariAge and one from eBay. i will be on a mini-vacation (not working next week) so I will open these packages then. can't wait. looks like i may need to dust off my 2600!
  8. i bought this yesterday and played it today. it's better than decent but not super awesome.
  9. This response is amazing. I'm glad my post was able to help solve your family mystery! ❤️
  10. for the record, there's no diagonal movement in classic Bomberman. in fact there's a glitch in the original NES/FC game where if you are holding UP or DOWN and then you switch to LEFT or RIGHT before letting go of UP or DOWN, your character sprite freezes and he gets stuck for a split second before moving.
  11. [#048] i found this game at wally-world back in the day, circa 1995. i had never heard of it and i was new to pc gaming. the box looked cool. the screenshots looked cool. i took home what would become a very sentimental and important video game. it came on one floppy disk and ran in MS-DOS. it was the first game i played that had online capabilities via landline for player vs player (which was amazing and has a chat feature) or local network for multiplayer (i never tried it due lack of equipment and enough friends). i emailed the programmer many times. a guy in finland by the name of patrick aalto. i had discovered that you couldn't destroy the sun and if you flew into it you would go thru it (basically it just changed your direction i think). this game, and probably that conversation specifically, was part of why i began programming games in Qbasic at the time. then there's the four-song soundtrack. for years and years i was obsessed with the first song. i even borrowed the main riff/bassline for one of my very first songs i wrote in 1995 or 96. anyway, my memory is shit but at some point i eventually learned the names of the songs and that they were created by the same musician (a guy by the name of Jim Young, who goes by the handle u4ia. i tried hunting down these songs in WAV or MP3 format so i could add them to my music collection. i did find the original MOD files created by u4ia. while they're the same songs they are different enough to be enjoyed as a separate/alternate version of what i was used to hearing. his originals have sound clips and other minor differences, such as slightly different sounding virtual instruments. after jamming to the u4ia originals for a week or so, i once again searched for the original soundtrack as heard in the game. nowhere on the internet other than Youtube gameplay videos can i hear the songs. therefore, i did it myself today by running the game on my Windows XP desktop and sending the AUDIO OUT to my trusty Tascam Porta02 4-track cassette recorder. I captured 2-3 loops of each song which almost completely filled up the A-side of a single 90-minute cassette tape. Step 2 was to play back the tape into the LINE IN of my Windows Vista laptop, using the old but near-perfect Goldwave recording program. I shaved off the ends of each track so that they would flow seamlessly in Repeat Mode, and i removed some hiss with built-in compression filters. Saved the WAV files then converted those to MP3s. sometimes if you want something done you have to do it yourself, even if it takes 26ish years! below is a link to the soundtrack in MP3 format (320k, stereo). Enjoy! https://www.mediafire.com/file/p30tldtxdn195yx/Line_Wars_II_%5BOST%5D.7z/file Update 1/23/21 - I've submitted the same MP3 files to the website below, which gives you the option to stream the songs. https://downloads.khinsider.com/game-soundtracks/album/line-wars-ii-1994-dos hindsight: Japanese Intentions (track 4) was the best song all along.
  12. I received my package today. Inside was a nice Christmas card and a sweet retro Tiger Electronics X-MEN handheld LCD game, one of the four rereleases. I had bought Sonic 3 already for myself and The Little Mermaid for my oldest daughter, so this was a perfect choice! Thank you, Secret Santa!! And thanks to Chicgamer & CaptainBreakout for letting me in on this year's swap even though I was very late in the game. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy new Year, and all that jazz!
  13. Shit... y'all started waaaay early this year. This will be the first time I've missed out since probably the beginning. Bah humbug.
  14. [#047] for the record, i wrote up this blog last night and something happened with my browser so i lost the whole thing. typing it all up again here.. Alright, so a blog or two ago I mentioned that a Qbasic game I had programmed wouldn't compile into a stand-alone EXE file correctly. I couldn't remember exactly what the error was so I tried to compile it once more to refresh my memory. The win condition was what was causing trouble; it was way too long, so i segmented it down to several smaller lines of code and it worked flawlessly. i was then able to compile. I didn't realize how old this game was; from 2009. I have NOT BEATEN this game ONCE in ELEVEN YEARS. Last night, I added a cheat mode to the game. You can toggle it on/off with the tab key while on the title screen. Aptly named the "Lowlife Cheat Mode", you gain the ability of being invulnerable to the ghosts, but at a cost. In the original game, you start off with 1999 Life Points (or moves), but that is reduced down to 150 moves in this new mode. Naturally, you die and the game ends when it decreases down to zero. This new mode completely changes the strategy of how the game is played. When you start a game, you have to figure out what is the most direct path to push all the nine statues together. Which one you start with and which one you end with will either make it or break it. I've won more times than not in this new mode, and I kind of want to reduce the starting Life Points to 125, but it is what it is. Below are screenshots of the game and the EXE file. The game is compatible with older machines or anything that can run DOSBox. Won't work in native Windows 8/10 or native Mac/Linux. GHOSTCBR.EXE GHOST CHAMBER - bomberpunk entertainment 2009/2020 The objective is to push all nine statues into each other using the Arrow Keys. Every move you make depletes a Life Point. Every move you make that moves a statue will send the ghosts chasing towards you. Otherwise they just roam around aimlessly. Press the Spacebar at the title screen to start a new game. Press ESC to quit. title screen game screen let me know what you think. oh, and if you can actually beat the original game send me a screenshot so i can cuss you out! lol
  15. [#046] spent the whole day at three different car dealerships with my dad, looking for a newish used SUV to replace my 2005 Saturn. i learned quickly from the first lot i went to that the listings on Carfax aren't up to date. the vehicle (2019 Jeep Cherokee Latitude Plus) i went to check out had been sold a week ago. wasn't their fault; the dealerships don't remove the listings, but rather submit them as Sold to the, uh, Carfax people. prior to my current obsession with JCL+, i did a lot of research on the Nissan Rouge and know the differences between the S, SV, and SL trims. i knew i wanted either a Rogue SL or a Cherokee L+ jesus it's 4am... long story short, the Nissan people were very pushy with making a sale when i told them repeatedly that i needed the monthly note no higher than a certain amount. they would disappear and come back, and magically somehow have the quoted note drop by increments but nowhere near where i needed it. after like the fifth time i got anxiety. and in so many words said fuck this i'm out. ...kinda like what i'm gonna do with this blog entry right now.
  16. Q. what did the faucet say to the sprinkler?

    A. "what's up with them hose?"

  17. [#045] i'm on a super long vacation due to COVID-19, but i'm alive and well. i haven't worked in 3 months and the only thing i have to show for it is a Street Fighter II Arcade1Up machine that i modded which now includes 39 systems and almost 18K roms. it's been in my garage since probably February but it finally made it to my gameroom two days ago. my poor kindergarten graduate did not get to sing silly songs or walk across a stage to celebrate her accomplishment, and my younger daughter is becoming the definitive version of "terrible twos". i've come to realize that all these projects and goals i've wanted to do, like record a new album or learn how to program a game in a new language just won't happen, and COVID-19 has proved to me that time isn't the issue; it's lack of motivation. i do want to mention one thing before i forget... several years ago i coded a Qbasic game called Ghostchamber. not once have i been able to beat the game. you move a character in four directions. there are nine statues placed randomly on the screen, and nine ghosts also placed randomly. the ghosts move at random until you move a statue, then they all take a step towards your location. naturally if they touch you, game over. the goal is to push all the statues into each other so there's only 1 showing.... a few nights ago i realized something about the way it was coded, which made me shift my strategy. when statues are occupying the same space, the ghosts get an extra move when in pursuit mode, so if you have successfully pushed four statues together, they are going to move four spaces toward you at one time the next time you move any statue. ...i was five moves away from finally winning but i got killed. it was the closest i ever got. by pushing the statues in the same vicinity before pushing any on top of each other, it gives you a chance (i think?) at winning. i also need to figure out how to condense the code because as-is, i can't compile it to a standalone executable because i get an error. something about a string too long, i don't remember. since Retropie has DOSBox, I can run Qbasic on my modded Street Fighter II arcade. using a keyboard, i had a wonderful time with GORILLA.BAS lol i don't know what else to say here, and i don't think i even have regulars who read my blog, so this entry is much longer than it needs to be, peace out.
  18. I'm posting this from my phone... chances are the pictures are going to be massive so I apologize in advance! my box came in like 2 weeks ago I think, and I put it underneath the tree in the back. Out of sight, out of mind. The only way to resist. on Christmas Day (yesterday), I opened the box to find a card, some wrapped gifts, and a glitter explosion (my wife yelled about that 🤣). A nice message in the card. Everything taken out of the box! First up is delicious candy! The smaller box has been depleted. Possibly by the same elves who devour vanilla wafers. 🙂 My daughter claimed the NOEL necklace. Two very interesting books, 2 fishing derby pins, and some Christmas pins too! A freaking SEALED SNES TITLE and Burgertime mini arcade! i will call these "Moshi and Yario" brick puzzles for copyright reasons! A new DIY Atari 2600 game! This one's designed like old static-image LCD handheld games, which I love and collect. Perfect choice! minion PEZ and "It's Ma'am E.T." 😆 mushroom kingdom goodies. Didn't see any red shells to equip my car but the Star and mushroom will surely rocket me back to 1st!! Activision YOU SUCK! A keychain and a patch. Hilarious. Took me about 30 seconds to figure out that the light bulb shaped card was indeed an LED light, illuminating the Atari logo in green! The turtle testicles. This was perfect. Long story short, almost 20 years ago my veterinarian sister in law showed me cat balls in a jar. It scarred me. When's she came over I got my revenge. 🤣 Two Jaguar-branded pens. I never owned the system but I always liked the logo, and my younger daughter found one and drew all over herself. Wife Yell #2 🤣🤣 Giant wall stickers! A frame-deserving poster of 2600 PAC-MAN! This was such a fun box!! Thank you Secret Santa!!
  19. I've received my box in the mail a few days ago and I have it sitting under the tree out of my sight so I don't get tempted. Chances are, I'm not going to make it to the 25th. For my outgoing package, it should be in route by Friday. And I need to watch Die Hard. I've NEVER SEEN IT. I'm sure between Netflix/Hulu/Amazon, it's on one of those!
  20. I can't read the main post because I use the Deflection theme (dark grey background)....but count me in as per usual.
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