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  1. I completed Everdark Tower in 3 1/2 hours. I love time travel stuff and past/future "clones" so I thought I was going to be in for a wild ride, and with identical game mechanics as Archlion Saga I was sure it would be a hit with me. It was nothing like that. I only really cared about one character and it wasn't even the guy I started out with but rather the stoker girl who's father went missing and presumed dead. Everdark Tower's story started off strong but chapters 4 & 5 were garbage. Oh, this random girl named Iris won't wake up because a "time dragon" deep within her "ate her time"...

    Yeah, I'm not wasting any more time talking about this game.

  2. Yeah you definitely need the Retro soundtrack with this one.


    I dig the platforming elements. It was fun figuring out the timing with the gears. Total throwback to Trap Room in DD2. They helped break up the move right-kill guys-move right-kill guys formula.


    I understand where you're coming from though.


    That's neat about the PS4 version. My last Sony console was a PS2, still got it!


    Thanks for reading & commenting!

  3. i came back here to make another comment and find it weird that I didn't get a notification that a reply was made to my first comment above.


    yeah, you can't find these anywhere. i noticed there are two Mega Man variants out there. i wish they would have just done Elec Man and Quick Man or something.


    so anyway, my Proto Man came in today from Amazon. the shipping box was not damaged but the figure's box was. i submitted a return, expecting to get a return label to be printed to ship the defective one back, but instead i was told to keep it and they're sending a replacement for free!


    that's a first!

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  4. 1. google search "game gear romset"

    2. choose an option and download the ONE zip file. you'll have to deal with ads & links. boo hoo.

    3. extract the file to get the collection of zip files contained within

    4. extract the *.gg files from those zip files onto your SD card.

    5. repeat steps 1-4 using "sega master system romset", since the game gear plays it too.

    6. use a program called DriveSort to sort the contents of the SD card. the Everdrives (and Harmony carts) do some wonky shit when you're filling the SD card and some stuff gets put out of sequence.


    my Everdrive GG came in a week or so ago and i already have both collections on my sd card. it's now essentially two systems in one.


    my root directory looks like this:



    gg (A-L)

    gg (M-Z)

    sms (A-F)

    sms (G-L)

    sms (M-R)

    sms (S-Z)



    my "0" folder has my five favorite GG and five favorite SMS titles, listed as 10 items on one screen.

  5. UPDATE: i spent the better part of a month without beating the hell out of Level 7 A.I. in Super Smash Bros 3DS due to the broken system. instead of using my gold XL as planned, my OCD forced me to by another Ocarina of Time version of the 3DS (the non XL all-black), mainly because it matches my still-unopened Zelda-themed Wii U, but also because when you open the XL, it makes a loud snap that just irritates me and would most likely wake up my sleeping wife when i do my late-night gaming sessions.


    so anyway, let's get to what one would have to do if one ever finds oneself with a broken 3DS and doesn't want to lose all their precious game saves and whatnot.


    i've been told that unless the games you are playing are physical retail cartridges, you're out of luck. i think this may be true, and i'll explain that later.


    once you are sitting there with a broken 3DS and the replacement/new model system (and it has been reset to factory defaults), you're ready to call Nintendo's customer service (which is 1-800-255-3700). you'll go through a series of automated options before getting an actual representative. they will ask you for your Nintendo NetworkID, your Club Nintendo account (if you have one), the serial number of the new system (the sticker is found on the back of the machine), and then verify personal information such as your birthdate and a list of some of the eShop purchases you've made. they'll also ask for an email address.


    once you're verified, you're told that the approval will be submitted to technicians who do the actual changes, and that it takes 5-8 days. it was next-day for me.


    now that you're off the phone, you've got one more thing to take care of; the SD Card. take it out of your broken 3DS and insert it into your PC. copy all of the contents into a ZIP or RAR file onto the computer. now format your SD card (don't do quick format). when the format is done, you've removed all ties from that SD card to the broken 3DS and can now use it for the new system unless you have another SD card with more storage that you'd rather use instead.


    either way, insert whichever SD Card you want to use into your PC and extract all the contents of the ZIP/RAR file onto the card. once that's done, take the SD Card out of the system and put it aside. do not insert it into your new system just yet.


    at this point is the waiting game. you're waiting for that email from Nintendo stating that they successfully performed the transfer remotely. when said email comes, turn on the new system, go through the motions of setting up the initial stuff, and then go to screen where you want to create or transfer a new Nintendo NetworkID. you're going to click Create and put your existing information (name,password,email) in the appropriate boxes. submit that and you're one step closer to being finished with this process.


    once back to the home screen, turn off the system (not sleep mode, actually turn it off). insert the SD Card you've previously prepared and turn the system back on.


    you're pretty much done now. you'll be spending the next hour or so going back to the eShop to redownload all of your previous purchases. sadly, any game saves associated with these digital buys are gone for good.


    the good news is that most (not all) save data for physical retail cartridges will still be there.


    i personally had only two games to check on:

    1) Super Smash Bros 3DS - my unlocked characters/maps and trophies were still there, but my custom Mii Fighters and Replay videos were gone.

    2) Theatrythm: Final Fantasy - most of the content was still there sans any downloaded DLC purchases (which I was easily able to redownload), and the Dark Notes. from what I can tell, everything else (CollectaCards, game progress, Level-ups, etc) was all there.


    also, any StreetPass related data is gone for good too.


    i hope this documentation helps someone out there. hopefully i won't have to refer to it myself with another broken system!

  6. i somewhat disagree. there was too much left open-ended at that point, but they didn't need an entire extra season to keep things going. if anything, Season 4 should have been 4-6 episodes longer to finish up the plot threads and not drag some of them on, or even introduce new main characters like Lydia.


    i remember thinking that seasons 1-3 were very slow-paced and that conversations or daily routines were dragged on. the opposite could be said about season 5, where they just tried to pack too much content.


    my least favorite thing about how the show ended is that i felt the worst for Marie and Hank, and also that i guess i was expecting Walt to go out with a bigger bang, with a "i don't give a shit anymore" mentality. i was expecting him to be armed with guns and grenades and bombs and just unleash a wrath of mass destruction. instead we get one little contraption that does a PG-13 version of the final job.

  7. nice review. i should have waited though, as i only watched the first 3 episodes since the new boxed set came in. i've seen them all, many years ago, when the original 3-disc set was released in that white clamshell case. i still have those original discs, but not the case/artwork. (yeah, Katrina in 2005).


    i'm finishing up MM Megamix Vol.3 so i was planning on reviewing them (in text form) some time this week.


    ...but right now, my daughter's rear end is filling the room with a toxic smog which i must promptly attend to.

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  8. i noticed online that Udon has the hardcover version of MM25 for $99+s/h, so i bought that today. now i can let go of the sealed softcover version that i just wasn't happy with. (i will be opening the hardcover, though).


    Megamix Volume 2 came in today, which is great, as i just finished the second story in Megamix Volume 1. i read online that the third story "Metal Heart" takes place after "Asteroid Blues" (which is somewhere in Gigamix). unfortunately they don't list a specific reading order, so i'm assuming it doesn't matter if i go straight through or not... *shrugs* ...?

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