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  1. Q. what did the faucet say to the sprinkler?

    A. "what's up with them hose?"

  2. Thanks for keeping the Deflection theme. Now only if it would save my theme preference for when I log in again I don't have to choose it!

    1. Albert


      It should remember your theme setting.  If not, please send me a message and I can help troubleshoot it with you.

  3. Panzer Dragoon remake. Crap. Your. Pants.

    1. save2600


      Great game, wish I would have kept my Saturn versions. At least, for as long enough to have sold for what they go for. sigh

    2. cybercylon


      Which one is being remade? You can still get #1 for a decent price if patient. #2 is getting expensive. Saga.. .forget it. For Saga, I thought all of the assets were lost.

    3. bomberpunk


      #1 is being remade. with success #2 will likely follow. original data for Saga is indeed lost so unless that's constructed from ground zero we won't see that.

  4. i haven't posted here in months. my last blog entry was june 2018, only stating that it's been a while. hahaha.

  5. Never played Earthbound or Chrono Trigger before. Help me decide which one to pick.

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    2. save2600


      Chronotrigger. Had Earthbound BITD and didn't care for it.

    3. Flojomojo


      I hear Chrono Trigger has a lot of "quality of life" improvements that make it more playable than most JRPGs of that era. I'd start there. That said, I have it on DS and iPhone and haven't started it, so what do I know? (nothing!)

    4. dj_convoy


      I think Earthbound is okay, but overrated. Chrono Trigger has more of the things I like in RPGs.

  6. Is there a Secret Santa this year? I need to get in on it!!

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    2. TheTIGuy


      "I saw mommy kissing sannnnttaaa ccclllaaauuuussss"

    3. frankodragon


      Santa's losing money in coal for bad kids so instead he takes phantom dumps in bad kids' toilets this year.

    4. TheTIGuy


      What the...

      What if someone wishes for coal, anyway?

  7. One of my favorite children's books growing up apparently never existed. Can't find anything online. Pretty sure it was called "Day For A Dinosaur" about a blue chip named Bronty who drives a red car to the city to go to work and then messed up everything b so goes back home. I have work in 4 hours but I feel the need to search. smh

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    2. BillyHW


      Maybe it's in another dimension with all the Berenstein Bears books.

    3. GoldLeader


      It always blow me away that if you can remember enough, you can pull a memory from the void...Using the internet.

    4. bomberpunk


      I continued my search all day. Still nothing. :(

  8. Two facts regarding the Atari 7800: (1) Double Dragon blows; (2) Midnight Mutants has the most hilarious intro ever.

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    2. masschamber


      plays better than the sms port, just the 7800 controller is really really bad for it

    3. Skippy B. Coyote

      Skippy B. Coyote

      Good point Masschamber. I probably should have added the caveat of *with a Europad or Edladdin arcade stick. Trying to play Double Dragon with a Pro-Line controller sounds like an exercise in pain and suffering.

    4. jaybird3rd


      There's a reason they call it the Pain-Line controller.

  9. Blaster Master Zero might be too easy but it's still a fun ride.

  10. Who lies to his boss about a doctor's appointment so he can stand in line at Best Buy for an NES Classic Mini? THIS GUY!!

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    2. bomberpunk


      Not a scalper. I'm a retro enthusiast who could play all these games a hundred other ways but wanted to own an official mini nes released by Nintendo. At MSRP. :)

    3. pangasinan


      Bomberpunk come to my office first thing in the morning!!

    4. GoldLeader


      Bomberpunk, Hoshichiri, Atarian7, Jin, etc.,...You All RULE!

  11. another february, another year older.

    1. doctorclu


      Happy birthday!

    2. Atarian7


      You're only 36 though. I'll be 44 in March. It's harder for me to keep weight off than it was 8 years ago.

    3. GoldLeader


      Yeah Happy Birthday! And don't sweat it...We all get older...Except that year I got younger, but that was probably a fluke :D

  12. found a NES Classic Console Controller (Emio version) at Walmart and they refused to sell it at check-out.

    1. Skippy B. Coyote

      Skippy B. Coyote

      Likely because the Emio controllers are all being recalled, due to them not actually working with the NES Mini. They designed them based on a Wii Classic Controller and never actually tested them with the NES Mini before they shipped them out.

  13. 3DS Necessity alert: River City Ransom - Tokyo Rumble

  14. 80s action cartoon M.A.S.K. is returning, in comic-book form, from IDW Publishing. excite +1

    1. Bixler


      Yeah I saw! Looks great!

    2. Keatah


      Really? Ohh how cool!


    3. Shawn


      Robot Chicken did some really fun skits with MASK figures.

  15. "This computer will no longer receive Google Chrome updates because Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer supported." Oh well, kiss my ass Google. Back to Firefox.

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    2. TPA5


      Chrome can get wrecked in my opinion, I find it vastly inferior to other browsers out there. Plus, Google can suck my ween.

    3. Papa
    4. Stephen


      I don't like Chrome, but time to move away from a 1990s operating system I would say.

  16. TMNT:OotS was pretty good, and that's coming from someone who hated the first one. Lots of "fan wank" in it!

  17. so my weed-eater has one of those heads that takes the three yellow plastic blades. well, yesterday one of them flew off and straight into my ankle through my sock. just enough for a bloody clotline but it never actually bled out. fun shit! good thing i decided against the metal ones!

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    2. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      I always wanted those things, but I only had the electric and battery operated types. Now I'm glad I couldn't use them.

    3. DZ-Jay


      Is your "weed-eater" your son?

    4. retrorandy


      Ouch, that sounds terrible. Weed whackers/eaters/whatever work great, but they can be dangerous. Seems like all kinds of stuff is flying around at high speeds when you're using them.

  18. i've replaced the screen, wifi antenna, and headphone jack & charging port on my iCrap 5C and it still resets and can't keep the time/date, plus no audio on calls. piece of shit.

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    2. Tickled_Pink


      My wife was persuaded to get two by our phone company just over a year ago. Both have since been replaced by the Sony Z3 Compact. We found the 5C to be utterly useless.

    3. atarian63


      Just go Android

    4. bomberpunk


      i'm currently using a phone app on my Android tablet. too bad i can only use it through WiFi. my tablet has no 3G/4G/anyG.

  19. still alive at 35. happy birthday to me.

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    2. Papa


      And now we remember the day that your mom survived your giant head. ;-)


      Happy Birthday

    3. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Get a big tattoo on your forehead to celebrate.

    4. atarian63


      Happy Birthday!!

  20. Kung Fury is the best 30 minute movie ever.

    1. Shawn


      Yep it sure is!

    2. amiman99


      Just watched it like 15min ago, again..


  21. got my micro SD card and my game gear shell ready. just waiting for my GG Everdrive! come on, Stone Age Gamer! :D

    1. zylon


      If it is as good as the MD and GB versions, you'll love it.

    2. Darrin9999


      You will love it!


    3. bomberpunk


      oh i know i will! this will be my 5th one! (i have the GB version an outdated Genesis one, the VecMulti, and of course the Harmony!)

  22. Just ordered a Game Gear Everdrive from Stone Age Gamer. I found a 10% off coupon code from an email from 2013, and it still worked!

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