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  1. On 12/26/2021 at 8:49 PM, BurritoBeans said:

    Well, I should say that I've had a box under the tree for a little while. I was going to open it, I got swamped out between work and projects around the house, but just today I finally got time to open it...



    ...wow. I'm absolutely in love with the contents! Never owned a VIC game that wasn't a cartridge or .WAV file, the shirt is slick, the beanie will come in serious use with winter finally hitting, the Frogger magnets are just cool, and the coloring book may just be my reason to buy some crayons again! Huge thanks to the sender, my honest apologies as it seems (if there was a note I've entirely missed it so) I don't have your username to credit you, and I'll definitely be getting my VIC 20 out to try that tape out when I have some free time!

    It was a ton of fun on both sides, finding stuff to send was great fun and opening this box was just as awesome, so a huge thanks to the organizers for getting this together!

    I'm the idiot who left the crayons out of the box. But I was smart enough to keep the magnets and the cassette away from each other with the bubblewrap and air-packs. I do this Secret Santa every year and only once (or maybe twice) did I remember to put a card inside.


    Enjoy! :)

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  2. Maaaaaaan..... i just cracked open my two boxes and HOLY HELL is this a jackpot. I am emailing pics to my gmail from my phone so I can post them here!! WOW!!


    EDIT: here are the photos!




    I got tired of wondering what was inside these boxes so today was the day!


    The bigger eBay box could have been absolutely anything, so I went for the AA box first, figuring narrowing down my guess of a new game as mentioned in my SS info. I was quite surprised to find this particular title inside because I was unaware that it was complete and released! It's one of my favorite arcade games (probably top 5 overall)! also included was some AA swag such as stickers & postcard! champ games is top notch!




    with that box out of the way i started tearing at the edge of the white box, not realizing it wasn't designed to open on that end but neither me nor my scissors cared about that little detail. I was astounded to find not one but FIVE of these vintage magazines. I've never owned any in the past and didn't realize how large they were as i've never encountered one in my life! these are GREAT!




    next up was the "satisfacation" of my sweet tooth. i mentioned blueberry thangs and minty thangs, and my Secret Santa delivered on BOTH!




    but the last thing i pulled out.... dude.... the package came full circle with this official(??) custom(??) ROBOTRON CONTROLLER FOR THE 2600!! OMGZ!!!111010101




    Thank you SO MUCH, Secret Santa!! This has been one of the best packages put together and something i REALLY needed to make my spirit bright!



    Now if ya'll would excuse me, I have to dig out my VCS (no, not that VCS) and get my Robotron on!! 



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  3. for the record, there's no diagonal movement in classic Bomberman. in fact there's a glitch in the original NES/FC game where if you are holding UP or DOWN and then you switch to LEFT or RIGHT before letting go of UP or DOWN, your character sprite freezes and he gets stuck for a split second before moving.

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  4. I received my package today. Inside was a nice Christmas card and a sweet retro Tiger Electronics X-MEN handheld LCD game, one of the four rereleases. I had bought Sonic 3 already for myself and The Little Mermaid for my oldest daughter, so this was a perfect choice!


    Thank you, Secret Santa!!


    And thanks to Chicgamer & CaptainBreakout for letting me in on this year's swap even though I was very late in the game.


    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy new Year, and all that jazz! :D

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  5. I'm posting this from my phone... chances are the pictures are going to be massive so I apologize in advance!




    my box came in like 2 weeks ago I think, and I put it underneath the tree in the back. Out of sight, out of mind. The only way to resist.




    on Christmas Day (yesterday), I opened the box to find a card, some wrapped gifts, and a glitter explosion (my wife yelled about that 🤣).



    A nice message in the card.



    Everything taken out of the box!



    First up is delicious candy! The smaller box has been depleted. Possibly by the same elves who devour vanilla wafers. 🙂



    My daughter claimed the NOEL necklace.



    Two very interesting books, 2 fishing derby pins, and some Christmas pins too!



    A freaking SEALED SNES TITLE and  Burgertime mini arcade!



    i will call these "Moshi and Yario" brick puzzles for copyright reasons!



    A new DIY Atari 2600 game! This one's designed like old static-image LCD handheld games, which I love and collect. Perfect choice!



    minion PEZ and "It's Ma'am E.T." 😆



    mushroom kingdom goodies. Didn't see any red shells to equip my car but the Star and mushroom will surely rocket me back to 1st!!



    Activision YOU SUCK! A keychain and a patch. Hilarious. Took me about 30 seconds to figure out that the light bulb shaped card was indeed an LED light, illuminating the Atari logo in green!



    The turtle testicles. This was perfect. Long story short, almost 20 years ago my veterinarian sister in law showed me cat balls in a jar. It scarred me. When's she came over I got my revenge. 🤣



    Two Jaguar-branded pens. I never owned the system but I always liked the logo, and my younger daughter found one and drew all over herself. Wife Yell #2 🤣🤣



    Giant wall stickers!



    A frame-deserving poster of 2600 PAC-MAN!



    This was such a fun box!! Thank you Secret Santa!!

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  6. I've received my box in the mail a few days ago and I have it sitting under the tree out of my sight so I don't get tempted. Chances are, I'm not going to make it to the 25th.


    For my outgoing package, it should be in route by Friday.


    And I need to watch Die Hard. I've NEVER SEEN IT. I'm sure between Netflix/Hulu/Amazon, it's on one of those!

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  7. I successfully waited until Christmas Day to open my three wrapped gifts, and man are these awesome!!




    I'm going to be pumping these compilation discs through my Mega Man speaker (holy carp!) while sporting my new shirt and chomping the candies.




    Thanks "secret" Santa (you gave yourself away a few posts ago)! Sorry I sent you on a wild goose chase! Merry. Christmas!

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  8. There was once an impatient me with a single box under the tree.



    I decided to sneak and open the box to have a pre-Christmas peek.



    Inside I saw of treats while other items were hidden from me.



    So with much hustle I opened up a candy bar like a fat ass and went to town. Nom nom.



    Part II coming 12/25... 😃👍

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  9. I spent a lot of time with Mario Kart Wii, especially the online mode with a buddy from Canada. We also played Battallion Wars 2, Worms (some subtitle, no the Space Odyssey but the other one), the Excitebike remake, and some other crap.


    As for regular single play gaming, I loved that budget Centipede title, the two Kirby games, the Klonoa remake, and I bought CraterMaze on VC and loved that too. Oh the Gradius remake on VC... There's a bunch of stuff I'm forgetting. I'll have to go look at what I have.

  10. I had to sideline BMZero for a DS game called Diamond Trust of London, which came in the mail the other day and just had to play it. It's the first and only DS game that was Kickstarted funded, programmed by one guy.


    That RPG sounds fun. I will look into it. I also have Rime, Street Fighter II: The Final Warrioirs, andC ave Story+ on preorder!

  11. Soooooo, a page or so back I posted I bought a defective console. I brought it back to Best Buy and they studied the console from all angles before swapping it out with a new one.


    Got home and it works flawlessly like it's supposed to for $300+, and now I'm 2 hours into Blaster Master Zero, totally worth $10 on the eShop. I still have to bust out Zelda, Mario Kart, and Bomberman which are all still sealed.

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