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  1. here's an idea... threads of this nature should be in their own forum which is hidden from the public, as in you have to be a member of AtariAge to access them. for example: perhaps as a topic is started, the forum software could search for key words which would automatically move the thread and lock out anyone who has less than, say, 100 posts, excluding the topic starter of course. these threads, with their responses from video game "know-it-alls", are pretty much providing free information to scam artists who can learn what to avoid doing in the future and also to keep them one step ahead as a dispute is unfolding. does no one else find that bothersome?
  2. just bought a used complete copy on feeBay, hoping to sit back and have my 2-year old girl mesmerized by all the aquatic life and whatever else the game has to offer. hoping to make this step 1 of a long process of raising a gamer girl. in reality, i'll probably fall asleep and she'll throw the Wiimote through the tv.
  3. Punch Out (Wii) Crystal Mines (DS) Words with Friends (Android)
  4. got my micro SD card and my game gear shell ready. just waiting for my GG Everdrive! come on, Stone Age Gamer! :D

    1. zylon


      If it is as good as the MD and GB versions, you'll love it.

    2. Darrin9999


      You will love it!


    3. bomberpunk


      oh i know i will! this will be my 5th one! (i have the GB version an outdated Genesis one, the VecMulti, and of course the Harmony!)

  5. Just ordered a Game Gear Everdrive from Stone Age Gamer. I found a 10% off coupon code from an email from 2013, and it still worked!

  6. Game Gear Everdrive... there are two versions, Basic and Region-Free. if I get Basic, how many games am I losing out on?

  7. [#036] I. Sequence Broken from day one, i've labeled my blogs here on AtariAge with "serial numbers" in a "[#XXX]" format, starting off each blog post with said label. however, [#035] The Legend of Zelda, My Dog was mostly complete but never published. I wrote it up at the end of August shortly after Z's burial. part of the reason it wasn't posted was because it was kinda like a eulogy, and no matter how many edits and revisions i made, it just wasn't good enough. the other and probably bigger reason was because in my mind it was the absolute final thing to do for her, and that meant the absolute end of an era that i was not ready to face. - - - II. Full Circle my first post of this year was [#024] In 2015, pets die and vomit spews, written and posted on January 4th. it was about my brother's chocolate lab who died in his arms on New Year's Day. i never would have guessed that i'd lose Zelda eight months later. somewhere in-between that, my wife and i decided to surrender her 9-year-old Russian Blue cat. she had named him Jesus Christ Cat (but we'd end up calling him Jeezy). he always had behavior problems all his life (hence "Jesus Christ, Cat!") and things just got bad when my daughter started crawling and walking. he had to go. we asked everyone we knew if anyone wanted a nice soft fluffy hypoallergenic kitty, but we couldn't find any takers. i keep telling myself he was adopted by someone out there, but i'm pretty sure for his age they put him down within a few days. so there we have it. 2015 marks the first time since 2003 that i have no pet. Zelda was my second dog. I have no desire for a third. - - - III. Extended Certain members of my extended family are no longer welcome in my or my child's life. Regardless of whether we're inside her house or not, a hypocritical bible-thumper with fake tits has no place to talk down to me. I'm not the weirdo you think I am. I'm smarter than you. I'm realer than you. You're a career housewife. You excel at nothing. And you're still the bitch I told you you were in our teenage years. We won't be back next year. - - - Come on, 2016..
  8. Saturn emulation sucks the balls of a three year old donkey.

    1. CyranoJ


      What? SSF is almost perfect.

    2. goldenegg


      You're either not using SSF or you don't have it configured properly. There's very little it doesn't emulate perfectly.

    3. bomberpunk


      SSF was the only one i DIDN'T try. I just finished up my yearly tradition of Christmas NiGHTS (a little late) and gave Mega Man 8 a spin. I don't remember the PS1 version having this horrible voice acting. i'm going to need to order a USB Saturn pad now. or maybe just a converter, seeing as i normally used my NiGHTS controller for everything.

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  9. The green icon is a dragon head, and every time you clear the game the number increases by one and so does the difficulty. I could get to "2" without any game genie codes or tricks.
  10. Oh so like the Advance Wars series.
  11. I really want that Triforce tree topper I keep seeing in the Nintendo commercial.

  12. I'm not even going to pretend I'm waiting for Christmas because I already busted open the box to see what loot came my way. Man was this an impressive find! I picked up the Missile Command LCD game first and I smirked when I saw the little red joystick poking out of the wrapped item. I had a Super Breakout like this. The next thing I picked up was a small square, and when I felt the speedbump ridge on one side, I ripped that right open like an ecstatic kid because I knew it was a game gear cartridge, which could only mean...a Game Gear!! and another GG game!! and then a 3DS game!! SCORE! not to mention the nice little Christmas card from "Santa". I've already given both GG games a go with six fresh batteries in the system, which works flawlessly! I'll enjoy 3DS Shinobi very soon, possibly tonight! Thanks, SS!! afterthought: man, i wish i would have christmas-wrapped the items I sent to my person, and put in a card. That was really a nice touch.
  13. my SS recipient finally went out today, and when i got home i had a SS package waiting for me! i'm checking to see if it says "don't open 'til xmas"...
  14. Latest obsession? Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf on NES

    1. CGQuarterly


      That's a pretty good game, actually.


    2. GoldenWheels


      I like Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge better.

    3. Nutsy Doodleheimer

      Nutsy Doodleheimer

      You have selected no.

  15. Hey 70s & 80s kids, remember this?

  16. did these screenshots make anyone else bust out laughing? anyway, this game looks so awesome.
  17. ^ 34 years ago and not very old? lol that makes me not very old! thanks!
  18. if you're referring to original hardware, yeah, i have all that too. i was a purist until we had a kid and i was forced to put all my shit in storage. so until we move into a bigger house, i have to cycle out systems and also rely on emulation to maximize my game availability.
  19. Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots & Velvet Revolver just died. :(

    1. Emehr


      Sucks, but I'm more shocked that he made it this long. After Layne Staley in 2002(?) I didn't think Weiland would be far behind.

    2. Schmudde


      I felt the same way, Emehr. His recent performances looked pretty shakey.

    3. phattyboombatty


      Such a bummer. Loved SW and saw him with STP and VR several times. He was a great artist.

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    1. Jinroh


      Damn, you have my attention. :) Can't wait to see more of this.

  20. i got all my stuff together. just waiting for a box i can use to ship. (my wife buys a lot of crap online) LOL.
  21. yeah, i have their NES 30 Pro and it works great.
  22. Dude clearly has a hole burning in his pocket.
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