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  1. a working adventurevision with super cobra. five bucks. hate me? well wait till you read the next line... being a curious ten-year-old (this was 15 years ago), i took it apart to watch the mirror spin and examine it closely. i couldn't get the damn thing back together and ended up breaking it. had i known they would sell for $1000 and were limited in quanitity, i would have left it alone until i was old enough to appreciate how awesome that baby was.
  2. here is version 0.2 new features: - option to toggle sound effects on/off. - help screen - gamespeed menu - when failing a field goal attempt, the ball was placed at the 35 instead of 20 yardline. this is now fixed. v0.1 is good as source code, but crappy for a compiled exe, as the user loses access to altering the gamespeed variable. enjoy! [version 0.3 coming soon] - team colors! - saved gamespeed! - cooks & cleans! i also coded ports of Katamari Damacy and Aaron Curtis' 2600 Fall Down, as well as making ripoff versions of Chu Chu Rocket and Wacko (old arcade game). if anyone is interested in that, i can hook a brotha up. MattelFB.bas
  3. Qbasic has two noise-producing commands; SOUND and PLAY. the football game implements both, but rather than come out of the speakers, the sounds generate internally from the pc tower. i wish i had spent the last 10 years learning how to program atari stuff instead of the big ugly Q. you guys are lucky, man. oh and that EXE is pretty sweet. the version you have is either Quickbasic 4.5 or 7.1 i never bother making EXEs because i like coding in 1.1 (the original) for simplicity. i'm dense! du-duh!
  4. odd. for whatever reason i can't Print Screen and paste into MSpaint. edit: high five for cameraphones. it won't let me upload the video, but here's the picture.
  5. i should've just uploaded the file in the first place. maybe then you'll actually play it and respond! SKIP THIS! UPDATED FILE IN A POST BELOW!! you still need qbasic 1.0 to run it. open MATTELFB.BAS in Qbasic and press SHIFT+F5 to run. MATTELFB.BAS
  6. well, i'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this in, but i wanted to share with the rest of the gaming world a dedicated Qbasic clone of this fantastic little vintage game. i just programmed it last friday. if you need a copy of Qbasic, you can find that on this page (labeled as Qbasic 1.0). cheers, bp
  7. Atari Dedicated Systems: Pong Atari 2600: Enduro Atari 8-Bit: Donkey Kong Atari 5200: Berzerk Atari 7800: Pole Position II (only one i played...YIKES)
  8. just so i won't leave everyone hanging, i'd just like to say i've tried messing around in BatariBasic and... i just don't get it. so i gues i'll just stick to what i know; the big ugly Q. but thanks for your interest.
  9. i couldn't really pick FAVORITES out of my top 20, so here they all are... bomberman II (nes) double dragon (arcade) double dragon II: the revenge (nes) kirby's dream land (gameboy) klonoa: door to phantomile (ps1) legend of zelda (nes) megaman 2 (both gameboy & nes versions) megaman 3 (nes) megaman 4 (nes) narc (nes) nights into dreams (saturn) ristar (genesis) sonic 2 (genesis) snow brothers jr (gameboy) street fighter 2010: the final fight (nes) street fighter II (all six-billion versions) super mario bros 3 (nes) super mario world (snes) tmnt I (nes) toejam & earl (genesis)
  10. well i guess i could try that. i'm guessing this is the offical site: http://alienbill.com/2600/basic/
  11. Please post the game. I'd like to check it out. 997562[/snapback] okay here you go! DOWN.BAS (v0.24) Down.bas be warned: - i never finished the solo mode (you can thank Hurricane Katrina for that). - it will probably run too fast, so you might want to jack up the Run Speed (from the Configure option on the Mian Menu) from 45 to like 800 (depending on your processor speed). - you might also want to dumb down the computer player too if you have a newer pc. to do that, press PageDown once from the top of the code (blue qbasic screen) and change the THINK number from 9 to 90-ish.
  12. hey i made a port of Fall Down in qbasic back in august. it's my favorite homebrew that i owned (i had Fall Down, Star Fire, Skeleton+, and Mental Kombat Philly Edition). if anyone is interested i can post it. i don't want you guys to think i'm spamming the board.
  13. i'll make this short. i have programmed in Qbasic for years and have attempted on several occasions to try to understand how to code Atari 2600 games. i'm just too dense to get it, i guess. i was just wondering if any of your programmer's would like to take a stab at porting one of my Qbasic games to the 2600. that would be a dream come true for me. http://bomberpunk.com/qbasic/antivirus.html it's an original, simple strategy game for one player called Antivirus. the website above includes a screenshot, detailed instructions/rules, a copy of qbasic (windows doesn't come with it anymore), as well as the most recent game (bas) file. any takers? i'd LOVE to see this end up in the AtariAge store!! thanks for looking, Mike
  14. i'm pretty sure that's correct. or perhaps Kirby's Adventure? edit: wow i joined almost two years ago and this was my first post. un-friggin-believable.
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