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  1. INTV Month continues with a game that was developed in secret. Ep 660: Hover Force (Intellivision)
  2. The Votes Are In! It's time to reveal what November's theme will be...
  3. It's been over a year, and I encountered a lot of trouble getting going as well as a mute mic at the beginning, but last Saturday I did my first live stream in over a year!!! I played Demon Attack for the Atari I/O High Score Squad and rambled about Tim Conway & Sesame Street aliens. Thanks to all who joined!
  4. I may have found the longest & most depressing ending of an Atari 2600 game...just in time for 2020!
  5. Taking a look at a Plug n Play from 2005. EP 659: Disney Friends
  6. Intro & Ending of Batman: Revenge of the Joker for the Sega Genesis.
  7. INTV Month continues with a trip to Ray's Diner for an obscure Intellivision Burgertime sequel with an interesting history.
  8. I was pretty excited to find this Gold Hot Wheels Batmobile at my local Walgreens.
  9. Here's a cool little Easter Egg for Tron: Solar Sailer (Intellivision)
  10. Did you know that Batman Returns for the Sega Genesis contains two endings?
  11. INTV Month begins with a cold start. Ep 657: Thin Ice
  12. Yesterday I ended Sega Genesis Superhero Games Month TMNT style! Ep 656: TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist
  13. Checking out one of the first Tomy Pocket Games. Speedway
  14. In today's episode, I cover the first pack-in game for the Intellivision. Ep 655: Las Vegas Blackjack & Poker
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