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  1. It's been awhile since I've reviewed a plug n play, so how about a Street Fighter II Sega Genesis one? Ep 560: Street Fighter II: Special Championship Edition PnP
  2. Check out this awesome $4 bag of toys I bought from my Goodwill. It has some of the BEST Happy Meal toys of all the time!
  3. Thanks to everyone who showed up to my impromptu live stream Saturday night. I played some Chuck Rock and talked pinball. You can see the replay here:
  4. Check out this extremely cool package I got from Arcade USA!
  5. New Month, New Giveaway! Make Your Own Prize Pak! Watch the video for details, including how to enter.
  6. I had an absolute blast playing Battleship with my friend Willie from Arcade USA Check it out!
  7. Remember that time a UFO invaded Sesame Street? Ep 557: Elmo's 123s (Game Boy Color)
  8. Here's another video I forgot to share last week. Ep 554: Spy Hunter & Super Sprint (GBA)
  9. Checking out this Space Battle wind up game by Blue Box
  10. Celebrating Atari Day with this arcade port! Ep 556: Millipede (Atari 2600)
  11. Guess I forgot to post this one earlier. Ep 553: Hangman
  12. Did he? Cool. Ever once and a while, I'll see a fellow YouTuber cover the same thing as me, or post something I'm about to cover. It's weird sometimes, but not totally uncommon. When I was I kid, I remember seeing an Atari 2600 set up in a store with bunch of games on cables, so you could swap them out. I wanted to play a different game, so I pulled out the game in the system, but I didn't turn it off first. When the screen reacted to the game being taken out, I thought I broke it, lol. I got out of there pretty fast...
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