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  1. I was too. I was sure they sold for over $100 in the past, but since it's been so long, and since they haven't been available in 6+ months, ebay no longer has records of any sales. However they both got bids, so they it looks like they'll sell. Last call for anyone interested. Both auctions end today.
  2. Time for some polygonal racing in my latest Sega Genesis review. Ep 723: Hard Drivin'
  3. Back to the Evercade with a look at one of the early releases. Ep 722: Interplay Collection 1
  4. I decided to treat myself to a Video Games Monthly subscription for my birthday month, and I'm glad I did.
  5. Did not sell, so I relisted them as an auction, starting $20 cheaper. I've had two separate offers for $50 each. If they don't sell this time, I will relist them one final time with a starting bid of $50 each.
  6. New Giveaway & High Score Challenge on my Discord Server.
  7. Checking out the Dirt Track Go Karting Tiger LCD Handheld game from 1992.
  8. Getting funky with my latest Patreon Pick Review. Ep 721: Toe Jam & Earl (Genesis)
  9. Looking at one of the first Tomy Pocket Games ever made: Lucky Ball!
  10. What better way to enjoy the weekend then by playing 1988 The Real Ghostbusters LCD Handheld game? (actually there are several)
  11. I return to the Evercade, reviewing on of the newest releases. Ep 720: Piko Collection 2
  12. Today I check out the "Definitely NOT Centipede" Tomy Pocket Game.
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