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  1. I'm back... and I brought a crazy dude trying to get revenge on a gorilla with me! Ep 609: Congo Bongo (Atari 8-bit)
  2. Checking out the Back To The Future II Time Machine Diecast by Jada!
  3. I covered the 2600 port in Ep 600. Now it's time to see how the Atari 8-bit port stacks up! Ep 605: Frogger II: Threedeep!
  4. Atari 8-bit Month continues with this port of an arcade classic Ep 604: Frogger
  5. I was this close to reviewing Quest for the Rings, but ran out of time when I got sick. I definitely what to cover it and maybe another board game when I get back to the 02.
  6. Did you know Atari made a second E.T. game? I open Atari 8-bit month by checking it out. Ep 603: E.T. Phone Home
  7. My Patreon Supporters Have Spoken! February will be Atari 8-bit Month! Look for several Atari 8-bit game reviews throughout the month.
  8. I concluded Odyssey 2 month with a hidden gem. Ep 602: Killer Bees!
  9. Last week I reviewed two Odyssey 2 games. Here's the first. Ep 601: Blockout! Breakdown!
  10. Last week I hit episode 600. To celebrate, I reviewed another game containing a shark. Ep 600: Frogger II: Threedeep (Atari 2600)
  11. I was actually thinking of making a how to beat Ghostbusters video. I haven't done many, but I did make walkthrough videos for Pitfall 2600 & Midnight Mutants 7800. I was aware of one unreleased, hombrew shark game, but I don't have it. What 02 games have sharks in them? I really enjoyed giving the 02 a month of focus and look forward to returning to it in the future.
  12. Odyssey 2 Month continues with my first review of a "Voice Enhanced" game. Ep 599: Attack of the Timelord!
  13. Here's my review of the just released Spy Hunter mini arcade by Basic Fun.
  14. Here are some of my recent pickups, including a nice surprise from Arcade USA & a rare 2600 title.
  15. He-Man: Masters of the Universe Theme & Transformation on the Atari 2600
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