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  1. Any make Voodoo 2, 12 or 8mb.
  2. Just picked one up in a lot of computers. Missing a joystick and the cartridge though.
  3. Inky what did the final high score end up being? Was fun to watch people compete as I passed by at various times and watched the high scores climb.
  4. Very interested also! I ripped a bunch off of YouTube and let them play in the background while Im working on stuff. Even doing it that way took forever to get the volume levels right and the quality not to suck so I can just imagine the effort to do it from VHS tapes. Hopefully these materialize.
  5. Odd coincidence, I just bought the exact same thing for my CDX. Ill let you know if it blows anything.
  6. Xbox vs Gamecube was never a thing. It was Xbox vs PS2 and Gamecube vs PS2 and they both lost.
  7. Hopefully hes just showing pictures of the garbage items in his collection, and not the good stuff. Otherwise I feel bad for him. He has a mentality that Ive seen on a few flea market vendors.
  8. That's the wall to screen ratio I like to see! Looks great.
  9. Played just fine with 3 extensions, and I can be a snob when it comes to lag in SMB 1.
  10. I was at a cemetery over the weekend for Memorial Day and was sitting on a gravestone bench thinking about stuff you think about in a cemetery when I spotted this. It really put a smile on my face. I told my Wife I wanted a tombstone shaped like a video game cartridge but I don't think she liked the idea. I'll probably just end up with my name on a nondescript rock like everyone else. Oh well. What do you want on your tombstone?
  11. I was at a thrift store a few years ago and they got a bunch of ps1 games that day and even a few sealed games. I looked over them and for some reason had the impression that ps1 games weren't worth anything so I left. When I got home I checked prices online... holy shit I have never got in my car and drove so fast the 30 minutes back to the thrift store. For $15 each got Valkery Profile and Strider 2 CIBs, and sealed MGS, Tales of Destiny II, Mega Man x4?, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Parasite Eve II and some others. There's no greater sin in the collecting world then not recognizing a great deal. Got lucky I didn't lose it or I would of kicked myself for the rest of my days.
  12. Trust me, after sitting through a packed panel listening to Jeremy Parrish interview those numbnuts you would rather have it be in the landfill too.
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