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  1. Stargate (Defender II), Yar's Revenge, Atlantis, Solaris, Quadrun, Solar Fox, Reactor, Dodge 'Em, Frogs & Flies. I know they were played a few seasons ago, but I really enjoyed Fast Eddie and Fast Food. That was the first time I played them. Activision: Stampede, Keystone Capers, Fishing Derby, Laser Blast, H.E.R.O., Robot Tank Paddle: Circus Atari, Star Wars: Jedi Arena, Steeple Chase, Canyon Bomber Homebrew: Pac-Man 4K, Ladybug, Super Cobra, Space Rocks, Halo, Strat-O-Gems, Stay Frosty, Scramble, Star Fire
  2. Would an OTG adapter with multiple ports work with the new firmware? So I could have 2 sets of paddles hooked up for 4-player Warlords? Would the D9 adaptor also work?
  3. I would very much like to purchase a copy of Galf, either the cart or a proper rom to play on my NT Mini. I wasn't aware of it until the posts in this thread. Unfortunately, it was published by Limited Run Games. The time frame to purchase their stuff is usually very short. I understand they are in business to make money and their name is "Limited Run," but I am not a fan of their business model. If you don't pre-order or repeatedly hit refresh at the moment of release, you lose out. Hey Sidebar Games......I've got money for you! I am sure there is more out there too!
  4. As much as I want to see a cheaper, revised NT Mini, I'm not getting my hopes up. Look at this from a business perspective, especially for a relatively small boutique company like Analogue who can't really afford to miss. First, it costs money in R&D to change the design of the original NT Mini. I also think it is likely Analogue has some original NT Mini parts warehoused and ready for manufacture. Second, it will cost additional money to pay for retooling, which can be significant. Third, the market for NES clones is already super saturated. Along with the people who have a NT Mini, there has been and still is a really nice sub $200 FPGA NES -- The AVS by RetroUSB. I just don't see Analogue putting any significant amount of time and money into making a cheaper, revised NT Mini. They already have the tooling and R&D done for the original NT Mini. I am willing to bet if we see anything, it will be another run or two of the original NT Mini. I think the cost/benefit analysis and market research would say no to a revised NT Mini. I'd like to be wrong on this one.
  5. I couldn't find my rythm in Worm War 1. I did well during the regular season too. I didn't even bother with Tunnel Runner. Not my game. Well played Keilbaca. I'll be playing Season 8, so I hope to see you posting some scores too. I'll look at this as a start to a fun rivalry. Cheers!
  6. I'm hoping to find some more time this weekend too.
  7. Worm War 1. Sorry about the double post. Had a hard time with my phone.
  8. I finally had a few minutes to sit down for a game session. I'll start us off. Worm War 1: 17875
  9. You didn't play River Raid 2 much during the regular season, but you started out with a solid score here in the bronze medal round. I thought for sure you were going to pick away at it like you did with Battlezone. Not enough time to play and practice perhaps?
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