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  1. The Colecovision core on the MegaSG seems to be a bit more refined and updated than the NT Mini's. As to be expected since it was release a few years later. The MSG CV core does support Super Game Module games and more homebrew releases. The NT Mini CV core is still great though and I never had any problems with the retail releases I played.
  2. Holy Shit! The last 2 dumpster fire pages summed up. If its not the original, its a clone by definition (one that appears to be a copy of an original form : Duplicate)! It doesn't matter if it is good or bad marketing or what the connotations of the word "clone" are.
  3. Don't get too far down in the weeds or split too many hairs. NT Mini is the best NES clone console made to date Super NT is the best SNES clone console made to date Mega SG is the best Megadrive/Genesis clone console made to date
  4. Haven't heard a peep about a new MegaSG firmware. Best guess is Kevtris is buried in development for the Pocket. He has been radio silent for a while now.
  5. Not sure exactly what I am looking for or what cram dots are. I have my MegaSG hooked up to a CRT via the Analogue DAC. In the menu, go to Settings > DAC > Extra Features > *There is a check box to Enable/Disable Cram Dots.* This may help. Seems a bit innocuous to me. Most people would never notice unless it was specifically pointed out. I am not sure how to get to this feature when the MegaSG is hooked up to a flat panel via hdmi. The settings/options are different when it is hooked up via hdmi as opposed to the DAC. I would guess it is in there somewhere as an option when hooked up via hdmi.
  6. I never really used IRC back in the day, but Discord seems to have replaced it. It is updated regularly and functions as is should, at least on Windows 10. How it works under the hood is beyond me. No matter. I don't think Discord completely replaced message boards/forums. Both have their places and offer advantages over the other. Unfortunately if you want access to your favorite retro developers and other hobbyist brethren, Discord seems to be a necessary evil
  7. This thread was at its best when Kevtris was participating and setting the record straight about the consoles he worked on. Mainly the NT Mini and Super NT. A lot of people, including Kevtris essentially migrated to the Classic Gaming Discord Server, around the time of the Mega SG launch. Discord essentially serves the purpose of this thread and then some, with access to the devs of other great retro products too. I highly recommend it. I still check on this thread every so often, but it ran its course a while ago. For as much good information is in here, there is just as much off topic nonsense, false information, and internet flame wars stuff. When something gets this big, I guess that is inevitable. It is there on Discord too, but it can be filtered out.
  8. 500 units? Source and link please. Pretty sure I didn't read the number of units of the NT Mini v2 being limited to 500, or any number for that matter. Pocket also says "Limited" and pre-orders aren't even available yet. It is an ambiguous and relative marketing term.
  9. Nobody outside of Analogue knows what the NT Mini v1 or v2 sales numbers actually are. Everyone else is just speculating. Also, Analogue knows the limitation of their resources so I would guess they cut off NT Mini v2 pre-orders so they could still deliver what they are saying and still make the maximum amount of money. And what does "limited" really mean? None of it really matters. Analogue put a fork in the Analogue 8 trademark. They moved on. So should we. The Pocket is a much more interesting system with a ton of potential.
  10. I'm still going to guess that the Analogue 8 is vaporware at this point. They let the trademark expire on purpose, and for a calculated reason. Someone didn't forget to do the paperwork. They moved on, at least name wise. The name probably implied too narrow of a scope for their next project after the Pocket. The NES is old hat for Analogue. The NT Mini v2 will be their 3rd iteration of the NES, and I don't see them revisiting it anytime soon. With the dock, I can see the Pocket being just as good of a console as it would be a handheld. With the open source element, it is feasible the Pocket gets a legitimate NES core. That would be the solution for a less expensive Analogue NES. They would simply sell more Pockets instead of R&Ding another NES system. Better business sense. Analogue will continue to progress and do something new after the Pocket. That's how they roll.
  11. I would guess Analogue abandoned the Analogue 8 trademark because there is a lot of work for them to do with the NT Mini v2 and the Pocket. And the situation in China? Seems like Analogue had a longer term project that may have changed or got put on the back burner, for whatever reasons. I am much more interested in what the Pocket is offering and its potential with open source. Open source stuff on the Pocket (with dock) could potentially cannibalize some of what the Analogue 8 was theoretically intended to be. Maybe they want to see how the Pocket does and where it goes before committing to another system beyond that?
  12. Eventually Analogue is going to hit the wall doing individual console releases. There are only so many that will fit on an affordable FPGA that will scale to the masses at reasonable prices. I think we will eventually see an all in one system, like Kev's original idea with the Zimba 3000. We aren't getting updated JB firmware adding functionality for their older consoles. Also, I wouldn't rule out Analogue legitimately licensing IP, like arcade games. For sure I'd buy an Analogue system/cabinet that had online capability with a core store and/or the ability to purchase licensed FPGA'd versions of arcade games - Similar to what Atgames is doing with their latest arcade cabinet.
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