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  1. Bonus: Celestial Body - Rising Sun in Crash Dive
  2. I wish I put more time aside to play during the week. It's tax season, so I gotta make that money while I can. I've never played this until tonight. 6853 after a few runs. This is a really good game. It has a Defender vibe to it. I never had it when I was a kid. It really holds up and I do like it a lot. I think I'll hunt down a cart if it isn't too expensive.
  3. Millipede 66459 There is no doubt Millipede is a great 2600 game. I vaguely remember playing is as a kid. Today I played it for the first time since the 80's. And I realized at this point in my life, I don't have the reaction time for it's frantic nature. At least to try and compete for the crazy high scores all of you are getting. And the hit detection.....No doubt was intentionally designed to induce the loss of patience. I'll take this game in small doses, but no way I'll be competitive. For sure a good game for HSC.
  4. Berzerk 5490. I've had enough frustration. Venture 800. I got the first key. Never played it before. I have no patience for this kind of suck.
  5. I am using an Analogue NT Mini Noir - a FPGA system with the Intellivision core. I have it hooked up via component video to my late model CRT. I can get most games to work on the system, but I need to get a SNES or NES data pad controller with the number key pad. I think that is the only way I can have full functionality of the Intv library. Right now I am using a standard Nintendo SNES pad.
  6. First time playing the Intellivision version of Beamrider and first time playing in HSC. Like this version a lot.
  7. I've never played in the NES HSC, but I'm glad I found it. I play in the A2600 every so often when I can fit it in. The NES is underrated when it comes to arcade ports. There are quite a few of them. I figured I'd give this Ms. Pac-Man game variation a shot. I'll keep an eye on the NES HSC and play when I can. You guys are already in Round 11. Better late than never. Oh well. 22860 to start out with
  8. I haven't played much the last few years either, so take my suggestions with a grain of salt. Quadrun, Beamrider, Fast Eddie, Fast Food, Worm War I, Reactor, Tac Scan (Paddle), Super Breakout (Paddle), Night Driver (Paddle), Wizard of Wor, Stargate, He-Man, Juno First (Homebrew), Sea Wolf (Homebrew), Pac-Man 4k (Homebrew), Lead 16k (Homebrew), Atlantis, Dig Dug, River Raid 2, Jungle Hunt, Battlezone, Frogs N Flies, Entombed, Lasercade
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