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  1. Bonus: Celestial Body - Rising Sun in Crash Dive
  2. I wish I put more time aside to play during the week. It's tax season, so I gotta make that money while I can. I've never played this until tonight. 6853 after a few runs. This is a really good game. It has a Defender vibe to it. I never had it when I was a kid. It really holds up and I do like it a lot. I think I'll hunt down a cart if it isn't too expensive.
  3. Millipede 66459 There is no doubt Millipede is a great 2600 game. I vaguely remember playing is as a kid. Today I played it for the first time since the 80's. And I realized at this point in my life, I don't have the reaction time for it's frantic nature. At least to try and compete for the crazy high scores all of you are getting. And the hit detection.....No doubt was intentionally designed to induce the loss of patience. I'll take this game in small doses, but no way I'll be competitive. For sure a good game for HSC.
  4. Berzerk 5490. I've had enough frustration. Venture 800. I got the first key. Never played it before. I have no patience for this kind of suck.
  5. I am using an Analogue NT Mini Noir - a FPGA system with the Intellivision core. I have it hooked up via component video to my late model CRT. I can get most games to work on the system, but I need to get a SNES or NES data pad controller with the number key pad. I think that is the only way I can have full functionality of the Intv library. Right now I am using a standard Nintendo SNES pad.
  6. First time playing the Intellivision version of Beamrider and first time playing in HSC. Like this version a lot.
  7. I've never played in the NES HSC, but I'm glad I found it. I play in the A2600 every so often when I can fit it in. The NES is underrated when it comes to arcade ports. There are quite a few of them. I figured I'd give this Ms. Pac-Man game variation a shot. I'll keep an eye on the NES HSC and play when I can. You guys are already in Round 11. Better late than never. Oh well. 22860 to start out with
  8. I haven't played much the last few years either, so take my suggestions with a grain of salt. Quadrun, Beamrider, Fast Eddie, Fast Food, Worm War I, Reactor, Tac Scan (Paddle), Super Breakout (Paddle), Night Driver (Paddle), Wizard of Wor, Stargate, He-Man, Juno First (Homebrew), Sea Wolf (Homebrew), Pac-Man 4k (Homebrew), Lead 16k (Homebrew), Atlantis, Dig Dug, River Raid 2, Jungle Hunt, Battlezone, Frogs N Flies, Entombed, Lasercade
  9. Split the hair if you want. Just because he put "lol" doesn't mean it isn't true. I already provided information as to why it is. Care to make a case that this thread isn't a shell of it's former self full of complaining? I'd like to hear it.
  10. Too literally? Maybe you aren't taking it seriously enough? I highly advise joining the Classic Gaming Discord and checking out the Analogue channels. That is where you will gain perspective for comparison and understand. That is where the informative nuggets are by Kevtris and many other major announcements in the hobby. Plus all of the other channels have many relevant retro gaming developers contributing. Check out the pinned messages too. Full of great information and FAQs. I'm not a Twitter user, but there is a lot of information there too. This thread is full of tumble weeds and has significantly degenerated over the last few years. Its nothing like it was in its prime. Like Kevtris said, its full of complaining. That is hard to disagree with.
  11. This can be said for every single television or electronic device ever made. A year's support seems normal. Are you holding Analogue to a higher standard? If so, why? The bugs and issues that people are now complaining about with Analogue's systems are mostly minor glitches and edge cases that 99.9 percent of people will never notice. Nothing major or game breaking. Always going to have that, no matter the device. The major stuff has been fixed. People are acting like Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Castlevainia, Sonic, Gunstar Heroes, etc don't work. Also, a surprising number of bugs/glitches are native to the original games/consoles and are now just being discovered due to high scrutiny and Kevtris' accurate FPGA coding. The good far outweighs the bad. At some point, a business needs to draw a reasonable line and move on from support/updates for mature products. What bugs/glitches affect the games you want to play? Analogue's consoles are the best clones on the market. They offer a high quality solution to play retro games on modern televisions or CRTs. I haven't come across any bugs/glitches playing games on Analogue consoles, yet alone anything that breaks a game. And I own the NT Mini, SNT and Mega SG. If their are superior products on the market, I'd like to know. Right now, Analogue is the gold standard. Constructive criticism is good and major bugs should be fixed, but I think a lot of people are far down in the weeds with unrealistic expectations regarding firmware updates.
  12. Unfortunately part of your conclusion is based on stale information. Kevtris posts regularly on Discord and has not in this thread for some time. He has advised that he has help on his end. He is not the only one. Regardless if Kevtris was the only engineer, I don't know how it would relate to sustainability. Internally, Kevtris and Analogue may have an idea but the general public does not. Analogue has a great track record and has delivered on every system they have announced. I don't see anything Analogue is doing to indicate otherwise. Not sure what your point is other than to regurgitate complaints and negatively speculate. And that is exactly why he doesn't post in here anymore.
  13. I'm not sure you are getting it. The closed source firmware IS Analogue's ecosystem. Its proprietary and what they sell to make money. Its likely never going to be open and free for others to contribute. Apple and Google may be able to make money off of open source, but they are huge companies. Those same concepts really don't scale to such small businesses in niche markets, like Analogue's. You can't have it both ways. Only a handful of people have the expertise to do what Kevtris provides to Analogue. And I don't think it is clear that Analogue is struggling on the software side. To the contrary, I think the opposite is true. Kevtris and Analogue are servicing a previously untapped market. The demand for and quality of their systems is indicative of this. Their clone systems are the best in the business. As with any device requiring firmware, there are always going to be edge cases. Nothing is going to be perfect. Be realistic about it.
  14. You want Kevtris and Analogue to give away for free everything they have worked for? You obviously don't understand this part of their business model, which is a closed ecosystem. Their implemented ideas, IP and code are protected specifically so they can make money. An open source retro gaming FPGA model already exists - Mister. There is no centralized company making money off of this concept. It has all sorts of people contributing to it. As consumers we have choices, like we do with computer/phone operating systems. You will never see Microsoft or Apple open everything up to let others make improvements. They make money by selling their proprietary products. If you don't like Microsoft and Apple, there are various open source alternatives with linux.
  15. Hidefnes is an overly mature product and its support life came to an end a while ago. I remember that being mentioned in this thread several years ago. The Hidefnes was the proof of skill and concept that allowed Kevtris to move forward with Analogue.
  16. From the man himself on Discord Today: kevtris Today at 6:31 PM I don't even look at my thread on atariage any more. lol it's just complaining He's not wrong.
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