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  1. Be warned PiTrex is still very much an alpha/beta project and if you think you are just going to pop it in and play arcade games you will be VERY disappointed. If you have no other multicart and want to play the original GCE games and a few Malban homebrews it's fine. If you want to tinker with it and have the programming skills to do stuff, it's there. It's priced fairly enough so anyone can afford one if they are already a vectrex owner.
  2. as a kid the one Easter egg, if it could be called that, I found was the road off the edge of the screen. You could jump, land at on a small invisible road off screen and drive the whole level on it with no obstacles, but you'd have to time the end of the level and jump back onto the normal road or your car would crash when the CPU took over control and centers your car onscreen.
  3. vectrex


    it's one of those it might be tomorrow it might be 5 years from now deals at this point. Nothing anyone can do about it, just wait.
  4. it never had an overlay, I bought it new on release in Nov 2004 from vectrexcarts.com (Mark Shaker) and it was just a generic videogame case with color cover, cart/pcb/label and small booklet.
  5. I am not doing another run but if someone else would like to contact W.B. Jones Spring Co in Wilder, KY you can send them a sample spring to work from or I think these specs will get you the same spring: T.335 x .022 x 1.37sc, RH
  6. it's not 404, it's still there the page some times is unreachable (no http code for that) try again, a few times if need be.
  7. I've seen the sound code, it's kinda remarkable how little it takes to generate the sounds, looking forward to getting the actual game.
  8. I got a chance to play Moon Patrol arcade at Free Play arcade in Providence, RI and it indeed does accelerate faster than Vector Patrol, but um so what Maybe it's a difficulty setting on the arcade board too, I do no know.
  9. more like Ben Hack, amirite?
  10. er, he is known for not replying to emails at this point, especially if it's a "when can I expect my stuff?" email.
  11. yes Helmut, it's a joke. there is a at the end.
  12. here it is https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2868602
  13. i was pretty sure the files to print these with any 3d printing services are out there. i dunno have a 3d printer so i don't know to much about it. i did take the files to print the Shell for the controller and it cost like $100 from the site i checked...
  14. that guy is obviously just jealous, I'd like to see him do better?
  15. https://archive.org/details/vectrex-vectorvaders
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