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  1. vectrex


    it's one of those it might be tomorrow it might be 5 years from now deals at this point. Nothing anyone can do about it, just wait.
  2. it never had an overlay, I bought it new on release in Nov 2004 from vectrexcarts.com (Mark Shaker) and it was just a generic videogame case with color cover, cart/pcb/label and small booklet.
  3. I am not doing another run but if someone else would like to contact W.B. Jones Spring Co in Wilder, KY you can send them a sample spring to work from or I think these specs will get you the same spring: T.335 x .022 x 1.37sc, RH
  4. it's not 404, it's still there the page some times is unreachable (no http code for that) try again, a few times if need be.
  5. I've seen the sound code, it's kinda remarkable how little it takes to generate the sounds, looking forward to getting the actual game.
  6. I got a chance to play Moon Patrol arcade at Free Play arcade in Providence, RI and it indeed does accelerate faster than Vector Patrol, but um so what Maybe it's a difficulty setting on the arcade board too, I do no know.
  7. more like Ben Hack, amirite?
  8. er, he is known for not replying to emails at this point, especially if it's a "when can I expect my stuff?" email.
  9. yes Helmut, it's a joke. there is a at the end.
  10. here it is https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2868602
  11. i was pretty sure the files to print these with any 3d printing services are out there. i dunno have a 3d printer so i don't know to much about it. i did take the files to print the Shell for the controller and it cost like $100 from the site i checked...
  12. that guy is obviously just jealous, I'd like to see him do better?
  13. https://archive.org/details/vectrex-vectorvaders
  14. you can download protector/yasi free from Alex Herbert's site still, and Vector Vaders is $20 on cart from packrat. I think you can find the rom out there too.
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