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    I like to buy and sell video games. I run an ebay store with my wife.
  1. Sweet, thanks for the quick reply. I updated my signature and my post. Thanks again.
  2. Hi I have a problem with the BBCode tags. I can link to my store: eBay Store: Kristens-Video-Games-and-More but how do I link to one of my categories. I sell many different games for all kinds of system and I would like to link directly to my "Atari" category to make it easy for people so that they don't have to navigate through all the other stuff. I can't figure out what BBCode to use to get people to http://stores.ebay.com/Kristens-Video-Games-and-More/Atari-/_i.html?_fsub=4558427012 I want to be able to take people directly to my Atari Products Category and also provide AtariAge with some revenue. Any help would be great.
  3. I just uploaded 25 new Atari 400/800/XL/XE Floppy Titles to my eBay Store: Kristens-Video-Games-and-More. Some of them come with manuals. 25 Newly Listed Floppy Titles: Abuse Andromeda Aztec Challenge Battle Trek BC's Quest for Tires Block Buster Boulder Dash Construction Kit Championship Load Runner Crossfire Crush, Crumble and Chomp David's Midnight Magic Four-In-One Sampler Infocom Sampler Jeepers Creepers Lode Runner Lode Runner's Rescue O'Riley's Mine Pathfinder Pathfinder by Softsmith Pensate Snooper Troops Case 1 Granite Point Ghost Snooper Troops Case 2 Disappearing Dolphin Spy vs Spy 1 & 2 Star Raiders 2 Stratos The Datestones of Ryn Upper Reaches of Apshai
  4. I resell for a living and I specialize in video games. I know some people that consider that distastfull, especialy some of the hardcore collectors. But the way I see it, is that I too am a collector, except that I am willing to let go of my collection faster than most . If I didn't buy and sell, I would not have half the knowlege of video games that I do now and that would be sad . As far as losing your collection, I trully am sorry. But as long as you're not 6 feet under then you have everthing, even the possiblility of having a better collection.
  5. Awesome!!! Any really good floppies or cassettes?
  6. Thats for the fast reply. Is that the price that the website is trying to sell it or how much they paid for it? Its hard to make sense of that website.
  7. Does anyone know the value of the this disk? I've tryed looking it up but the only thing I get is a PDF at AtariMania. Included The Archiver/Editor Program. Thanks,
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