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  1. How would I go about doing this? I'd appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks!
  2. Okay, we cleaned out the console of the 5200 and our tv screen is still orange. This machine did work on my parents old Curtis Mathis tv before it was stored in their basement, of course the tvs I've tried it on are both from the '90. Could the problem be our tvs? I have a brand new rf switch that I bought off ebay(the old one appears to have went out on the curb with the old tv). I've tried another old game system(Tele-Games) and it works. I'd appreciate any suggestions because I'd really would like to use my old 4-port 5200. Thanks!
  3. Thanks we'll give it a try. We've opened up the 5200 and it was very dusty so hopefully the cleaning will do the trick!
  4. I tried to used my 4 port 5200 after many years of being stored in the basement. When I turned on the power switch the tv screen turned orange. Any suggestions...I'm really hoping that this machine is still useable.
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