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  1. i do have a *sealed* copy, apparently i dont really know its value or if i should open it or not tbh if your interested send me an offer, in the meantime i'll try and get photo of it for you :)/
  2. Did this end up selling? I have a non working unit and was curious about value as i have been thinking of passing it on to someone with more interest in intellivision units. Let me know, R
  3. i have a intellivision component keyboard that powers on but does not display anything except a single line. I think im finally interested in seeing if anyone is interested in buying it. I can provide more pictures to anybody who has a serious offer. Thanks, RB
  4. sadly i will never know what the free cartridge would have been, i imagine it was something like astroids or combat though :/
  5. Not sure where it comes from but it has a atari 2600 console in side and three cib silk sticks and a console cover !
  6. i mean i would consider selling for the right price but mostly interested on info about the hardware its rarity and possible value. I will have to respectively decline your offer even though it was very generous @save2600
  7. ya finding info on this particular unit does seem very very limited also :\
  8. they don't generally but this has Cat Trax on it
  9. good question, i would love to able to know what to look for actually
  10. http://imgur.com/a/nykRRhere's another imgur link with shots of cat trax working and the board inside the unit i tried to take good enough pics, kinda didnt want tot take it apart any more then i did
  11. i will upload what i can about the board inside and a pic of it running (i have tested it and can confirm it works) as soon as i can! PS thanks for uploading the pics better i'm not very tech savvy cheers
  12. oky here's an imgur link with pics it should work! https://imgur.com/a/wqoE6
  13. i can't seem to load my images of this on the forum so i'm providing a Nintendoage link where i also posted this item http://nintendoage.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=29&threadid=155065 (you will have to copy and paste this link for it to work i believe) Thanks muchly on any info anyone can provide
  14. any info about this is muchly appreciated!
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