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  1. GTIA bell (keyboard click) is not making it through the sound circuit, POKEY isn't getting the SIO cassette audio data/fails the POKE tests, and I already snipped off the pin 5 RF leg eliminating the RF modulator from the equation, I also probed the POKEY a couple months back but it was in spec. It's probably just that c19 capacitor which is on the SIO audio line. I have one shipping to me now. https://archive.org/details/Atari130XE_Schematics/
  2. So I have an update, I finally got around to doing this 4 months later and I figured out all the resistors in the sound circuit are good and it wasn't a rf modulator short circuit. I measured all the capacitors resistance and found C19 (4u7) going to infinity. That should honestly be why the sound is not working because everything else in that circuit is correct. I'll keep this updated when I get around to replacing the capacitor.
  3. Hi guys its been a while since i posted on the forums however, My sound (monitor output sound, don't have rf box) is not working. I did a couple measurements with the multimeter on the POKEY and it seems that it does have voltage output at pin 37 (read that on forum where someone had the same audio problem with their 130xe) Personally, I have a hunch that it's not the POKEY chip itself rather it's a capacitor or resistor in the sound circuit since I'm pretty sure POKEY handles I/O and keyboard scanning (both of which work tested the disk drive with emulation with aspeQt/SIO2PC, however cassette playback does not work.) So I guess my question is should I just skip trying to get a donor POKEY and attempt to troubleshoot the sound circuit (potentially just shotgunning the entire circuit and replacing it all until it works)? I would gladly accept any advice from anyone! Thank you! I have the schematic of all the resistor/capacitor values here http://www.jsobola.atari8.info/derelit/xefsm.pdf
  4. It's the TIA chip. Try resoddering it again and if that doesn't work just get a new atari unless you can manage to find a TIA chip somewhere online.
  5. I just picked up a 1010 today and after setting it up it didn't play atari tapes. I thought the belt was broken until i played a music cassette with POKE 54018,52. So than I started fiddling with it and I noticed whenever you press the advance button it gets stuck and the 1010 produces a stuck hum like sound. Any suggestions? -EDIT- fixed. Was bad gear.
  6. these are caps: http://bushytails.net/~randyg/badcaps-choyo.jpg You said the wire is loose. How loose is it? If its really loose (like about to fall out loose) than just tighten the wire going around it the end of the wire. If that doesn't solve anything than it's most likely your TIA chip.
  7. Relooking at the photos I don't think its a problem with the wire. Infact, your caps look fine also. I really can't see anything wrong with the board at all. Is there any sounds from the games when the tv has static?
  8. if it's loose try tighetening it. That may be the problem.
  9. Well, Lets try to problem solve. Did you try any other channels (2,3,4). If that doesn't work take a picture of your atari motherboard and post it on forums. I want to check if there's any visual problems. Also, atleast the power regulator is fixed Also Also, currently there could be a couple problems if the channels don't work. It could be bad caps, Could be a bad wire, or worst case scenario... TIA chip is dead. In other words, if the TIA chip is dead it usually means it's over just get another atari So cross your fingers if it's just a bad cap because caps are replacable and are low costing.
  10. I see that 3d printers are going down in price. Hopefully by next year we can get some consumer printers that are around 300-500 dollars. And the future begins: http://www.peachyprinter.com/#!methods/cjg9 Also if you're bad at modeling in blender you are able to scan whatever you're trying to replace. So if a atari controller is broke you just put it in and scan it. Really fascinating I might buy one myself! -EDIT- This is also a cool 3d printer https://www.phoenix3dprinter.com/ cheap and works very well.
  11. Nice. I thought so. 7805 can be purchased at: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062599 http://www.parts-express.com/7805--5v-voltage-regulator-to-220--7805?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=pla Glad you found a fix I reccomend you get the radio shack one since you're going to need to buy soldering iron, desolder bulb, sodder
  12. I just need to make sure a few things: Did you open the console and measure the voltage from the power supply? Was it measured while a cartridge was in or with no cartridge. If there was no cartridge put a cartridge and and test voltage again. Let me know what the results are from this. Also, TBH, you're better off just buying a new atari jr http://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-2600-Jr-Black-Console-NTSC-console-only-/191337973263?pt=Video_Games&hash=item2c8ca1c60f I understand if you wouldn't want to attempt to spend extra money to fix this or, you just want to do this as a hobby project or something. But if you want to attempt to fix this I am more than glad to help you
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