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  1. polarity don't matter, Nintendo brand is AC output.
  2. Don't tease us or I just may have to build one for myself. I doubt Tempest can be done easily as it'd require CPU, ROM, and RAM for everything. Pong didn't need CPU.
  3. $695 and not even a full day yet Any taker on how high this would end up?
  4. One of the many VB games never released in USA and one of the holy grail of VB world. I want those but could never justify the nearly $500 they usually go for. I have mpg of the game in action somewhere (2D though)
  5. Mars probably wouldn't work with SMS adapter. The adapter never worked on 32X system anyway.
  6. Here's an idea. All of us who wants this will get together and get over to 70's house with a choice of weapon(s). Last one still standing gets to keep the unit.
  7. Never saw this one before: The link actually goes to http://gtman.co.kr/signin.ebay.com/ws/eBay...d=SignInWelcome and when I tried to log in with fake name and password (to fill it with bad info and such), it wouldn't let me in so I guess that phisher site does check with eBay for login info. Already forwarded to [email protected]
  8. I wonder if XBox is included with that Gameboy. Description only stated TV sold separately
  9. In a live auction, highest bid still wins. It's a matter of how long since the last bid amount before it wins. Doing away with sniping would help increase the seller's bottom line a bit and may help some buyers who don't have 24/7 access to eBay and don't want to use sniping service. It can hurt the frequent snipers who usually tries to get the best deal so it's hard to tell if sniping if good or bad.
  10. Hack in a small color TV and have a portasble NES/Famicom system. Unlike emulator, the Famicom clone will work with just about every NES and FC carts ever made.
  11. I'm not sure about your model but you might want to check out http://www.willem.org/ for some specs. I have an older model Willem burner and while it does support 16/32 EPROM, it needs an adapter.
  12. Rev. 11 of the toaster box has a slight change to the lockout system that prevented some unlicensed games from working at all. Rev 11 NES usually can be identified by red foil sticker on the bottom and under the cart flap. The first 10 are mostly minor changes for cheaper pricing and other improvements.
  13. Any chance of Compoment or RGB output on the modern 2600's? The original TIA design makes anything better than S-Video impossible.
  14. In Jaguar's case the AV cable costs an arm and a leg on eBay and not everyone can hack their own cable. If there was a source of connector for the AV port I could probably make a few AV cable for less than ePay-through-your-nose prices.
  15. I have Swoop but it's in bad shape with broken wings. I'd love to have a replacement and I'm missing the 5th dinobot: Snarl (Stegosaurus) and to replace Slag (triceratops) that's missing the head.
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