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  1. Well guys I put a new laser in my Wii, I don't remember when, maybe last year. But the console still does not work. The console acts similarly, but seems even less functional with this new laser in it. I wonder if I bought a defective laser, or if I broke it while installing it, or if the problem isn't even the laser. But if it wasn't the laser, why would the two act a bit differently, make different sounds? I read that laser diodes are very sensitive to static electricity, so I wonder if I fried the new one while installing it. What do you guys think? What do I need to invest in to protect electronic devices from static electricity? Is one of those wristband thingy all I need?
  2. I know this is a long shot. But my Wii now has trouble reading many games, especially Gamecube games it seems. Maybe because they are more worn-out. The only "out-of-the-ordinary" thing I did with it was leave it constantly on with Super Mario Galaxy 2 inside for almost an entire year. But to be honest I don't see how that could've damaged it in a way that it is now extremely picky about which games will work. I don't know anything about how optical drives work. Does the laser become weaker with use? What I am asking is what is wrong with my Wii (and why) and how can it be fixed?
  3. Of course, why do you ask? Yes they all appear pitch-black to me if that's what you were trying to get at.
  4. Well the cartridge I found was very clearly brown, not a hint of black. So it was an Arcadia 2001 cartridge. However I wonder if its true mystery will ever be solved...
  5. W-what d-do you mean they're all brown? Is my monitor or are my eyes defective? The only Arcadia 2001 cartridges I can find are black!
  6. So you are saying that there were brown Arcadia 2001 cartridges made? Uhmmm yes I am pretty sure that it was a yellow label on the back.
  7. Bonjour. A few years ago I went to the flea market and I found a really really strange cartridge. It was extremely big and brown in color. It had a label on the front with a title in rainbow colors and it had a picture of a car (not a real picture of course, a drawing). On the back there was another label (I think it was yellow in color?) and it appeared to be a list of things... Games maybe? So yeah unfortunately I did not grab the cart, which I really regret... Thinking about it I think it might've been an Arcadia 2001 multicart. Some Arcadia 2001 cartridges are the same size as the cartridge I saw and they also all have this identical rainbow text as the title. And the label on the back with a list looked like it could've been a list of the games on the cart. Strange thing is I have never seen a brown Arcadia 2001 cartridge online... Sooo what do you guys think? Has anyone ever seen something like this before or know what it was?
  8. Hello. I am looking for a NIB or complete Star Raiders for the Atari 2600. I've looked on eBay and saw that they aren't even worth anything but the shipping from the US gets problematic. I am hoping someone from Canada here has what I'm looking for. Like I've said it doesn't have to be NIB still factory sealed but I want it to have everything it would come with if it was new.
  9. Yes, the Wico is a simple joystick with a DE9 connector that will work on a 2600 console. My idea was to remove the cable from a busted PointMaster joystick (but even if it's busted all of its buttons still work) and put it on the Wico... I'd use the ohmmeter on the PointMaster joystick to determine what wire goes to what pin, and what it does, to then be able to know where to put it in the Wico joystick...
  10. Uhmmm an ohmmeter huh... I do have one of those. Where do I put the two probes to test each buttons?
  11. Hello. The problem with using the cable from an old controller or from an extension cable is that there's no way to know what wire goes to what pin...
  12. Hello. I have a Wico Command Control joystick with a broken cable. I thought I fixed it by replacing almost the entire cable with new wires but it broke again after a few minutes of use directly where the connector starts. So I was wondering if it was possible to buy replacement cables for them online. Hopefully it is, 'cause it was the best joystick I had ever used...
  13. Yeah that's what I plan to do. I already have some NexXtech contact cleaner. The stuff was really hard to get, as Amazon won't ship any contact cleaner to Canada. It seems like the only place you can find contact cleaner here is at The Source....
  14. You don't understand. I have two Journey Escape cartridges. One is glitched, the other isn't. I can play the glitched one just fine, but it behaves weird when turned on and when I push reset to start a game. I'm not intentionally frying it, it already is. Why did I bring this up? Because Ranthulfr said that if the game boots up and runs it shouldn't be defective... So I brought up an example of a game that boots up and runs but is defective. Whatever. Turns out my right difficulty switch is very finicky and it likes to "switch back" to the A position after a while even if it appears to be set to B (which is why it appeared to be working in Astroblast, as I didn't play it for long. Only played it to test the switches)... So if you didn't come here, misunderstood me, and wasted your time writing a whole bunch of nothingness then I would've probably bought another Venture strongly thinking that my old one was broken... Life can be weird sometimes eh?
  15. Uhmmm this is weird because both of my difficulty switches are working... I think my cartridge might be defective. Yes the game runs but that doesn't mean it's in perfect working order. I have a Journey Escape cartridge that boots up and runs but has a glitch where if you hold down the reset switch you can get the game to start with 100000$ instead of 50000, 1:10 time instead of 1:00, and you can even start as a glitched character... My other cart doesn't have that glitch. So this tells me that a cartridge can be defective even if it's working... I guess I'll buy another one.
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