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  1. I see. I do have an SIO2PC USB, but that wont work. I wondered if it were possible because almost all of my network equipment can be controlled via RS-232 (I even have a dumb terminal I have hooked up to various devices, such as my cisco router.) and I have this strange obsession with RS-232 at the moment.
  2. I've been wondering if it were possible for the Atari 800XL to act as a serial terminal. Ive seen some folks connect one to their linux box and use it as a terminal that way, but iirc that was telnet. Has anyone attempted this?
  3. What happened to our chat?

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  4. The fact he instructed you not to show the back of the unit should have at least made you inquire as to why. Why would he say that? You didn't inspect the unit yourself? So you have employed this guy, and he was dishonest once. With only his word, you decided to go ahead with the Kickstater? Sean scams you twice, cannot offer an explanation for the second scam, and you continue to hire him anyway. The more I consider it, the more this seems ridiculous. Side note: OH NO, NOT CRYSTAL CASTLES! So this guy wanted $4,000 to start with, and you didn't even bother to google this guy, much less do a background check? Criminal Records are public information. Say I believe you and accept that you were unfortunately a victim of a scam, that still doesn't excuse you from the fact that the Chameleon was your project and your product. As such, the conduct of those you employ is your ultimately your responsibility and the buck ultimately stops with you.
  5. Oh believe me, I love my colecovision. It also serves as my Atari 2600 right now. Fake prototypes to fast track funding is still sketchy.
  6. At the risk of having my head bitten off, now that this is all said and done, I'll put in my two cents. The Coleco Chameleon had all the hallmarks of a scam. 1. The Retro VGS Let's be honest. $300 for a system that is essentially a Retron system in a Jaguar case? The Retron 5 cost around $150, has HD, plays loads of games, and uses an emulator. (Similar to the FPGA/ARM ideas the prototypes talked about.) 2. Indiegogo Goal Sure, making hardware isn't cheap, but $2,000,000? Without a working prototype? That's a larger budget for most TV shows, and considering that the system is already using existing tech, this is excessive. 3. Constantly changing hardware FPGA to ARM to emulation, to various other methods. This is usually a sign that the developer has very little engineering knowledge. You can't just go out and build a game console like a jigsaw puzzle. 4. The name change Getting the rights the slap the Coleco brand on it was a red flag, considering the previous history of the project. RetroVGS was fine, and a much more apt name. Putting a nostalgic name on a modern console, that really is just a fancy emulator box, is just nostalgia bait designed to make the project seem official, and get you to part with your cash. 5. Fake Prototypes Not one, but two fake prototypes, the second of which was meant to renew consumer faith in a project already doomed. Retro collectors are sharp eyed, dedicated, and immensely faithful to their favorite systems and games. If you get caught in a lie, trying to lie to these kinds of people again is incredibly foolish and short sighted, unless you have something to hide.
  7. So I plugged my RAP 4 Kai (PS3,PS4) into my PC today, and to my surprise, it downloaded drivers for it. It's properly recognized by windows, and works with most of my games. The strange part is, there is no mention of this feature in the manual, on the box, or even the official website. What's up with that? Hidden feature, leftover debug, or just something they forgot to mention?
  8. Yes, but those require bootdisks, or cog swaps. The exploit used here only works on FAT PS2s, as it was patched later.
  9. Nothing. Its pmuch the same. Although I don't reccomend HD Loader, since OPL has much better compatibility.
  10. Who here has a PS2? Want to expand it's functionality? You can install custom firmware on your ps2 with no hardware mods using FreeMcboot, and a few tools. DISCLAIMER: This guide is for playing games that you legally own. I do not condone, or will help you with pirating games. What you will need: A "FAT" PS2. SCPH-300xx, SCPH-500xx. (The method I'll be using here DOES NOT WORK on PS2 Slimline models. SCPH-700xx, SCPH-900xx) A Gameshark 2 (Any Gameshark 2 will work) An 8mb PS2 Memory Card A PlayStation game A USB Memory Stick (FAT16) FreeMcBoot V1.8b Noobie Package: http://sksapps.com/exploit/freevast/Noobie_Package.rar PS2 Exploit Utility: http://sksapps.com/exploit/PS2_Exploit_Utility_5.0.zip PS2 Save Builder: http://bootleg.sksapps.com/tutorials/fmcb/gameshark/PS2SaveBuilder08x.zip Optional: A PS2 HDD and Broadband Adapter (SCPH-10350) An IDE Hard drive (Western Digital drives do not Fit the PS2 HDD Adapter) First up we need to create the exploit. Open up PS2 Exploit Utility. (Run as administrator) Once open, you will see this screen: Next, click on the Title.DB tab. Now take a look at your PS1 game. On the front there should be a number like SLUS-XXXXX. The code will be slightly different depending on your region. SLES, SCES - PAL SLUS, SCUS - NTSC US SLPM, SCPM, SLPS, SCPS - NTSC JP I'm using a US Copy of Vigilante 8, so my code is SLUS-00510. We need to add it to our title.db, so in the box labeled "Current ID" type "SLUS_005.10" DO NOT WRITE IT AS IT APPEARS ON THE CASE! Now, click "Add to Title.DB" We are finished in this tab. Next click the Region tab. Make sure your region is selected. Mine is NTSC. Now we need to finish creating the exploit. Click the "Create Exploit" tab, and select the "Memory Card Format (XPS)" option. Click "Create Exploit" Ignore the warning that we dont have any ELF's installed, as we are just installing FreeMcBoot at this time. When finished close the PS2 Exploit Utility. Next, open ps2 save builder. (Run as administrator) Click File>Open Then navigate to where you saved your exploit. (In this case C:\IsCentral Open IsCentral.xps You will now see this: Don't worry about any of the files here, simply go to File>Save As and save as "your systemconfiguration.md" Close PS2 Save Builder. Next, we need to rename the file extension of "your systemconfiguration.md" to "your systemconfiguration.ps2" Once finished, copy "your systemconfiguration.ps2" to the root of your usb stick, along with the "Noobie_Package" folder. Now. Over to the PS2. (I don't have any photos for this step right now) Turn on your PS2, and put in your Gameshark 2 disc. (Dont plug in the USB stick just yet.) Wait for the gameshark to reach the main menu. Plug in your usb stick. Select "Memory Manager and Gamesaves" When asked if you wish to load gamesaves from CD-ROM, Select "No." There are two boxes, one on the left, and one on the right. The box on the left should be your USB stick, it will show "your systemconfiguration.ps2" and Noobie_Package." On the right, is your memory card. Press "L2" to move to the box on the left. Highlight "your systemconfiguration.ps2" and press "X," press "O" and then "copy to target." Restart your PS2, and remove the gameshark. Now put in the PS1 game we used earlier to create the exploit. The game will begin to boot, but instead, we get: uLaunch.elf! Click the "O" button to open the file browser. Now, select MASS:/ with the "O" button, highlight "Noobie_Package" press "R1" then select "copy." Now back out to the root with "Triangle" button and select "MC0:/" and then select "BADATA-SYSTEM/" and then press "R1" and then "Paste." Now, open "Noobie_Package" and select "FREE_MCBOOT.ELF" It will run the FreeMcBoot Loader. Select "Normal Install with the "X" button and follow the on screen instructions. Once finished, select "Launch FMCB." The system will reboot, and FreeMcBoot will be installed.
  11. The 2600 and PlayStation will, most likely. The 2600 has a bad TIA or RIOT chip, and the the PlayStation has a bad laser. The virtual boy has bad ribbon cables connected to the screens. Fixable, but beyond my skill level.
  12. I have a bit more, but this is most of it. Sadly, the 2600, PlayStation, and Virtual Boy are malfunctioning, and need to be repaired.
  13. I plan to order a new TIA, RIOT, and MOS as soon as I have the time and cash to replace them.
  14. I find USB adapters are a better bet. Usually cheaper. Also, I find reprodutcion controllers dont quite have the same feel. I don't have an adapter for my 2600 contoller (yet) but I have one for my NES controllers, and I love it. Got it for like 4 bucks at a retro store here in town.
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