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  1. I know the coleco has an adapter to play atari cartridges but the problem is my coleco isnt working. i have several working Atari's and a bunch of coleco games id love to be playing. is there any way to do this? a 3rd party adapter or some kind of home creation just curious, i have a feeling there probably isnt though
  2. Me amd my brother still play Madden 92 all the time. we always play co=op as crappy teams and play against the All Madden team
  3. Holy moly, thank you so much. i was guna include that i believe the first level ir grops looked like orange bricks. i played the crap out of this game. i remember getting really good at the game and getting to levels no one got to before in the class
  4. it wasnt an amazing game but it was the kind of logic puzzle game that i like and i know id enjot. But i mainly want to know the name of it
  5. ill try and describe it best i can. I used to play this game at a computer camp i went to during the summer when i was a kid. the game probably came out around 87-90' somewhere. It was a game similar to "Box It" where you have to push an object (box) to a specific spot on the screen. The premise was you had to push a Blue Ball(light powder blueish) to a Blue spot on the level. you could only push from behind it, so if you pushed it against a wall you were stuck and had to start over or die. there were a some enemies and i believe you could crush with the ball. The ball always dropped. you always started at the top of the level and the blue area was always at the bottom somewhere, so you had to make sure you pushed the ball the right way so u didnt get stuck. it was a pretty simple game but really fun. it was the first time i could remember actually planning out my moves so i didnt get the ball stuck or trapped in a corner any help would be appreciated. ive tried looking it up but have had no luck not exactly sure what computer system it was actually for, i was like 7-8 years old
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