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  1. I am looking for awesome GB, N64,DS,SEGA, MAME and other emulator games. Do you have any to recommend? Thank you in advance.
  2. So many sites here. I only play emulator games on my handheld JXD S7800B. lol I'll try these.
  3. I've downloaded it to my JXD s7800b.
  4. GB: pokemon JXD S7800B: all retro emulator games
  5. Emulators will disappear in the future? I hope not.
  6. I wanna know that if you have bought some game consoles because of a certain game? I've got my GB for Pokemon and N64 for The Legend of Zelda. But then, i thought it was too expensive for me to do this. So, i got one device(JXD S7800B) for all the retro emulator games. This is my story. What about you? Have u bought an emulator only for one game on that system?
  7. What's(are) the game(s) you've played most times and what's the reason? It's your favorite game? It's very challenging? It's very difficult to move on? Or any other reasons? I play FF1 the most times 'cause i love the gameplay. Though there are many successive series, i still love the very first one. What about you? lol
  8. I have no idea. But i do wanna a 7800.
  9. Yep, its a classic game and i'll never tied of it.
  10. sorry, i don't know why it can not be seen on my post.
  11. How about with some pics or videoes? I will first here, this is what im dealing with now. What's yours?
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