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  1. So I just tried to redo all the soldering for the TIA chip and... ... nothing. Looks like it's off to eBay to replace it! Thanks for all the help!
  2. So I have had some progress today... I tightened the wires as you suggested, but to no avail. I did, however, re-solder the TIA chip and get rid of any cracks, which seemed to work! For around 10-15 mins, I was playing Pac-Man, although the picture quality was fairly dodgy (http://imgur.com/vb1aIJR) with rolling lines going up the screen... Now, however, it's going back to its original state of not working at all and no signal being sent to the TV at all. Resoldering does not seem tomake a difference... Whilst I hope this doesn't mean this, is this the end of the TIA chip?
  3. Whilst I sometimes think I may hear Atari sounds in the static, I can't be too sure. It may just be the me hearing things in the sounds of the static, but not linked to the atari whatsoever. The TV just seems to not pick up the Atari signal whatsoever, even though I know it is on and working due to the LED shining on the console... Also, for future reference (and so I can learn a little more from this), what kind of things did you look at on the motherboard to check any problems? I.e. what are the "caps" you looked at? Thanks!
  4. This may be a dumb question, but what do you mean by "tighten" it? The loose connection is on the console side. I have tried multiple cables and they all seem loose, but I can't see a way of tightening the connection on the motherboard (I have pushed the outer prongs on the cable itself inwards to tighten it somewhat, but it didn't make a difference). Was there any problems you could see from looking at the motherboard? Thanks!
  5. Just played around with the console (looking at solder joints etc) and I noticed that the RF cable used to connect the TV to the console seems loose. When I plug it into the Atari itself, it can be pulled out with such little force (sometimes with just a gentle nudge it can fall out on its own). It seems especially loose when compared to my Sega Master System connection. If this is the problem, this would explain why the image isn't showing on the TV at all, and why I have gotten it to work just once when I initially booted it up (just lucky with the connection?) Is this a common problem with the Atari 2600 Jrs? Or is it supposed to feel this loose when plugged into the console? Most importantly, would it be easy to fix if this is the problem?
  6. Yeah, I tried every channel on the analogue TV, and manual search on the HDTV, but nothing Here are the photos of the motherboard: http://imgur.com/a/vedI0 (I uploaded them to imgur as they were rediculously massive when posted directly into this post) stardust4ever - the console was bought second hand in the UK, so I would assume its a PAL version... Is there any way to check for certain?
  7. So I have added the 5v regulator, and also added in some extra solder to fill in the cracked old stuff... But to no avail I have checked the regulator works with a multimeter, and it's inputting 12v, outputting 5v as it should. I can't help but think that the showing of only static is the problem (in the video I posted above, when turned on the Atari showed a black screen, I get nothing as if the TV is not even registering the console's existence). I have tried on both a HD and analogue TV, same result... Any more hints or tips on how to diagnose this problem would help greatly! Thanks!
  8. This is why I hate living in the UK - no RadioShack That shop seems to have everything! I'll check Maplin, if not, I'll check online... Thanks for the help! Much appreciated! (I'll post a follow-up post commenting how it goes).
  9. So, after some playing around with the multimeter, and using this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9W7CSjIgkVc) I have the following results: 1) The power chord itself (the male "headphone"-like adapter) outputs at ~12v 2) When plugged in, the voltage from the power adapter goes to ~4.8v 3) The input voltage for the 5volt regulator is ~4.8v 4) The output for the 5volt regulator is ~0.7v This implies that: 1) Once plugged in, the not enough power is being sent around the motherboard 2) the 7805 regulator isn't working correctly, so this needs to be replaced. Is the case, or can you correct me if necessary?
  10. *facepalm* That was testing the power adapter itself (plug it in, place the prongs of the multimeter on the headphone-like plug, one above and one below the black line) I'm not sure where to place the prongs of the multimeter to test it when plugged in, so I looked below the circuitboard and placed the prongs on the soldered part of the power connector (poor description I know, sorry). This measured 4 volts with a cartridge. I'm fully aware im testing the wrong part, so any help appreciated (I couldn't find anything helpful after googling). This is my first time atari fixing (heck, looking into repairing any motherboard, in fact), so this is my lack of knowledge showing up Repairing a console seems much more interesting than just buying a new one. Hence, I'm saving replacing it for when I give up But thanks for the help - it's much appreciated and I've always wanted to learn how to repair consoles
  11. So I've managed to buy the supplies and just finished testing, here are the results: 1) I cleaned the cartridges and cartridge slot with isopropyl alcohol, but I still get no image 2) I have tested the power supply with a multimeter, and it tested around 12-13v every time (although this was my first time using a multimeter, human error may have played a part). Even still, this doesn't seem correct at all... From what I have read, this shows the power isn't converting correctly? SpiceWare - I don't currently have an analogue TV, although I will try to pick one up tomorrow. Thanks for the tip!
  12. So I found out today I own neither 91% alcohol or a multimeter, so I'll buy them tomorrow. Anything else you would recomment picking up for console repairs? Any essentials? I'll post my results tomorrow once I have everything completed...
  13. Hi coppertj, Thanks for the reply! At the moment, I have only tried using compressed air to clean the cartridges and cartridge slot. I will be able to get some 91% alcohol tomorrow if necessary, and will comeback with the results. However, when I turn on the atari with no cartrige in, I get the same as before - just static (on channels 2-3, as well as after manual tuning). (Just a thought, would a picture of the circuit board help?)
  14. Hey all! I'm new here and this is my first post - please be gentle! I bought an Atari 2600 Jr. from a bootsale for £15 (~$25) including some games, with the promise that it worked. I got it home, plugged it in, and it did... sort of. The image was what I expected from an old Atari, but it had blurred lines rolling up and down the screen intermittantly. However, once I tried to turn it on and play a couple of days later, nothing... No image at all. I know the concole itself is working (as the red LED light is shining), but no image is being sent to the TV itself. I have bought a new lead to connect to my TV, but still the same result. It is also worth noting that my console has no switch to change between channels 2-3 (I opened it up, but there looks like there was never space for the switch anyway), and so I have tried manually tuning the console to the TV, with the above results. So far, I have tried the following: 1) New coax lead 2) Opening and removing dust 3) Different TVs 4) Different games 5) Manual tuning Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! (I am fairly new to Atari fixing, so baby-language would be appreciated!) Frenzii
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