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  1. However, third party keyboard support under 8.0.2 whilst also improved is still buggy and unreliable, even in stock apps. (2/2) /cc @fleksy

  2. RT @MiriamElder: Grindr has begun issuing warnings to users in Egypt http://t.co/uDKU6LKVwN http://t.co/6ud2PcT9BB

  3. Ars reviews the new iPhones. If there's one review to read, this'll be it: http://t.co/9wnP9GaGk3 /by @arstechnica

    1. Flojomojo


      So big! I honestly don't know if I'm going to want one of those when my 5S contract is up next year.

    2. MAC-42


      I'm going from a 4 (yup, a crusty old ancient 4) to a 6. I won't use a phone as big as a 6+, ever. And I'm not in love with the size of the 6, to be honest, but I'll soldier on. For the moment.

  4. RT @IamFane: Ok, fair enough @canadapostcorp that’s a decent reason to not drop the package off at my door. http://t.co/ykAldpWpEP

  5. RT @ivortossell: Cabs are the worst form of teleportation.

  6. Has anyone figured out yet if Beri-UQAM was designed by monkeys or sadists? #fb

  7. RT @HenriLeChatNoir: to make a haiku / you have to plan carefully / or you'll run out of

  8. San Francisco Rent vs. the Rest of the U.S. Told with Food - http://t.co/9mbAABVoqT

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