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  1. The guy with a SEALED Arcadia collection tells me he only has Football to spare on Channel F. Come on. This is ridiculous.
  2. Looks like I will probably only be getting a Channel F console, not APF or Astrocade. So if you could just let me know what Channel F games you're willing to part with.
  3. Thanks for letting me know. Didn't realize just how tough to find these are.
  4. Do you have it? I would imagine it must be quite expensive huh?
  5. Looks like the only cart for Channel F is Hangman? I'm mostly interested in shooters and Dodge It. #1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 13, 14, 16, 20. 23. 26 are ones I'm most interested in.
  6. If anyone has any Fairchild Channel F original games, homebrews, or multicart for sale or trade please let me know, thanks. Also interested in APF MP1000/M1000 or Bally Astrocade consoles with games.
  7. I'm looking for a working or mostly working APF M1000/MP1000 console with games. Loose or boxed is fine. Looking to buy or trade or do a combo. Have some cool items like Sundance homebrew for Vectrex which is worth over $100, Diner for Intellivision, Tempest 3000 for Nuon, etc.
  8. I came across one of these at a Doc's used game store like 7 years ago for maybe $120 or $130 and the owner told me about some cool games where you could squares that are rotating in circles and somehow made it seem very interesting. I spent the last week or so going through Youtube videos on all manner of retro consoles like Channel F, Astrocade, Arcadia 2001, Coleco Telstar, Coleco Gemini, etc. I thought APF sounded familiar when I saw that on Wikipedia but was only led to APF TV Fun which didn't have that game. Finally came across John Hancock's video on APF MP1000 and found it from there. Anyway, who wants to sell or trade or do a combination for one? I have a Vectrex homebrew called Sundance that is worth over $100, Diner for Intellivision, bunch of boxed Intellivision commons, Tempest 3000 for Nuon, and some other cool stuff.
  9. I've been playing X-fles for ps1, which is cheap (I found it for 5 bucks at Game Force) and worth checking out. It's a 4 disc FMV adventure game with full movement through pictures and video. You talk with fellow agents, witnesses, etc and at certain points you're asked a question by a person and get to answer in one of three ways i.e.: 1) Mean 2) Funny 3) Paranoid.I think how you answer is supposed to matter later on but I haven't gotten that far yet. The movement feels pretty constricted though which prevents it from being really interesting.
  10. Can you shoot each other? Space Duel was always a great 2-player Asteroids type game but I hated that we would always kill each other accidentally. -Adam
  11. You just proved TO fun to ignore. Like watching the "special kid" on the playground that has a kid leash on him because he gets TO hyper and mommy needs to keep him close. I bet you have the white shirt with "Adam" spelled out in big spaced out letters to go with it. At least I know which "too" to use. -Adam
  12. That's real nice and all, BigO, but the real loss here are the games; where on earth are AA members ever going to find an extra copy of E.T., Combat, and Asteroids for the poor guy? Better start digging in that landfill.
  13. So much for "/ignore on.", eh, Marty? Didn't take very long. I'm sure your word is as good as gold anyhow, though.
  14. LOL, yes you have it, that's it. It couldn't be that I just lost interest in the thread and hadn't checked it in a while only to find craphead statements like the above. Yup, and I haven't been engaged in contracts remaking several properties and updating them for Atari over the past year, nope. I just know how NOT to make a follow-up. Oh, and how NOT to care about following up on any more to lame pubescent displays of bravado on the AA forums such as this. Ta-ta, /ignore on. Well if you've proven one thing, it's that you're the biggest douchebag on the AA forums by a long-shot. I'll be looking forward to the remakes you claim to have a hand in; either they'll be little more than the originals with updated graphics, or just as bad as all the games discussed in this thread. -Adam
  15. Thrash Rally, but I wouldn't really recommend buying this game; I own it, and it's just decent as far as racing games go. Also, joysticks weren't meant for racers, so the controls aren't too great on an actual arcade machine. -Adam
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