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  1. Panasonic and Matsushita are one and the same, Matsushita is the parent company. The 3DO company sold the intellectual property for the M2 to Matsushita. Remember, the 3DO company didn't make the systems, they just licensed the tech to other companies to make them.
  2. Sorry for the delay but I hope this helps: https://www.smspower.org/forums/12093-ListOfIncompatibilitiesAmongSMSGamesHardware
  3. Maybe see if Terraonion of Mega SD fame can sell you a cartridge case because the Mega SD uses the same cart as Virtua Racing.
  4. With the bigger Brazilian carts, they won't work on a regular Master System. However, they will work on a Power Base converter (you may need to hit the reset button on the Genesis console to get it to work). I had similar issues with Street Fighter 2 for the Brazilian Master System. And of course, as you experienced, it will work on a Game Gear with the adapter.
  5. Been a while but I rejoined just to chime in. Yep, same name from the usenet groups just to say hello. I hope everybody is doing well! Mojo
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