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  1. Is the source code available for CoolCV, I am willing to compile it myself...?
  2. Hi I was wondering if you could compile CoolCV Emulator for armhf SDL and no Pi specifics please...?
  3. I was thinking of getting this to work on my THEVIC20, I have already got Atari800 and Atari++ emulators working on it, there run from the USB Stick(in PCUAE) they use SDL, it has 256 memory and Linux Buildroot..? Dose this have the RPI version in it already and built...?
  4. Any luck with this, I know its a old post now, but you never know someone might of tried to do it...?
  5. Yeah never thought of that, I wonder if you could plug a MD Control pad into it and if it would work.
  6. I have Sega Mega CD games on my MD FB 2018 and with 3D box art if you want them, I can shear them too, I do have some in chd format the the Genesis Plus GX will play, but the MD FB 2018 only plays Sega CD games cause PAL games run with a sound out of sync with FMV games.
  7. OK thanks, I noticed the Nexus files are scattered a cross the thread, Would you mind me uploading them to my One Drive in a folder where you can download it in one place, That how I shear PCUAE(Project Carousel USB Anniversary Edition)...? You be able to upload updates for Nexus there too..? https://1drv.ms/u/s!AsiWKsjhQ2jejLw9lBHnnGOb9t_K3g?e=PCMDHL I think I got everything... It still uploading.
  8. Does NEUXS 5.1 work on the AFB9 or will I need to change stuff in it to get it to work..? I notice this bit in the start.sh file code... else #This is an AFB9 with an SD card. dev=/media/usbhd-mmcblk0p1 menu=${dev}/emulator/retromenu.run.afb9 a800cfg=${dev}/emulator/atari800.cfg.afb9 fi Oh THEC64 use a Android Kernel too.
  9. Found Nexus 5.1... I might be able to get it to work on my MD FB 2018, they all have the same SoC RK3066 in them, they are really all the same machine, based on the MD FB 2018, just have a different case the Atari FB X is the first that has RK3066 on it SoC not Monkey King 3.66(3066), they are like a Marsboard. The AFB9 board is identical to the MDFB 2018 board, only difference is it don't have a cart port, AtGames consoles are like THEC64 machines, THEC64 Maxi and THEVIC20 are the same as THEC64 Mini, I know I hack them with PCUAE, PCUAE works on all 3 machines cause they work the same as each other... Nice work BTW..
  10. I was wondering, can this use different cores, I managed to change the core on the Genesis FB 2018 by over mounting the file with mount blind and getting it to read the one on the sd card so I could change the core without having to flash it every time, if I wanted to change cores, all I do now is change the main_core.so file on the SD card instead so I put the SD card into my PC and then I make a copy of the 1_genesis_plus_gx_libretro.so or 2_picodrive_libretro.so cores and then rename it to main_core.so that in the emulator_core folder on the SD card and copying over the one already to change it, works fine.
  11. Just unpack it with C:\Users\span1\OneDrive\Desktop\Documents\AA MD Flashback 2018\imgRePackerRK>imgRePackerRK.exe sega_update_pico.img
  12. I have a copy of the dumps of my Mega Drive Flashback 2018.. so just need to work out how to use imgRePackerRK and unpack its sega_update.img then change it then repack it with it then put it in to Linux and then squash it with mksquashfs and that should be it, I think.
  13. How did you repacking Brad's AFBXD CFW 0.1.5 atari_update.img file on Windows ...?
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