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  1. Any one know if there are any cheap Gotek drives I could get so I can flash HxC on it to work with Atari/Amiga. There are ones on ebay but too expense,there are ones from China on there but do know if they are ok to flash with HxC..? here is one its £12.85. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SFR1M44-U100K-USB-Floppy-Drive-Emulator-for-Electronic-Organ-V4F2/282655385674? what the think ..? This might help other people too,I have flash my Gotek before with HxC firmware.So I know how to do it,just need the right drive.
  2. Just got mine working with Atari ST 520 Fm (what does Fm stand for..?,Anyone) but for some reason I had to turn the disk cable round,it wouldn't boot otherwise. This work fine,just tested it.. > USB HxCFloppyEmulator Manager (for Atari ST,Amstrad CPC and Amiga) its for gotek but named SDCard_HxC... for some reason, I have renamed mine to Gotek_HxC_Floppy_Emulator_Manager Got to get another Gotek now for my Amiga 500..
  3. There more info here look under ... USB Stick STM32 HxC Floppy Emulator (beta): http://hxc2001.free.fr/floppy_drive_emulator/ Software : For Gotek > USB STM32 HxCFloppyEmulator firmware upgrade v3.0.8.2a + Alpha (HFE + HFEv3 + ADF + ST + IMG + (E)DSK file format support) I have one on my Amiga but going to use it on my Atari ST520fm I just got working,It needed a new Power supply..
  4. Spanner

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    This is some of the Retro stuff I have
  5. Thanks.. is there a way of powering it with a PC PSU,anyone know the pinout to the power connector from from the PSU board to the Atart ST motherboard,I would like to see if the motherboard is ok..?
  6. This is mine one well the same.. These pics have come from this thread... http://atariage.com/forums/topic/105170-600800xl-keyboard-variants/
  7. I have the old keyboard with proper keys not a membrane,and I was listening to the sound they make and the keyboard sounds exactly the same as the Acorn Electron keyboard so can I use keys for that,here they are on eBay,they have none for the 800XL..? Acorn Electron Key Switches.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ACORN-BBC-MASTER-ELECTRON-REPLACEMENT-KEYSWITCH-FUTABA-LOW-PROFILE-LINEAR/253225606877?epid=863862209&hash=item3af56c1edd:g:SuMAAOSw-7RVHDUS Atari 800XL key Switches..
  8. I'm cool,ever thought of making a customised themed Atari Linux OS..? Like Commodore OS..?
  9. There was a OS like this on the Raspberry Pi for the C64 it would boot into the c64 but was very slow and it was a simulator I think not a emulator.
  10. OK got the fuses today and the power supply is working fine now,thanks. Tested it with my drive on for half an hour and the psu is not even getting hot so thats good,,, Oh thanks for all the help this community is brill ...
  11. Why would anyone buy a emulator anyway when they are free on Windows,Its like me making Commodore OS and selling it,no way. (Well I did make Commodore OS.. ) Now If someone was making a Linux OS that was a Atari themed OS then I would download it but not for money.
  12. I was thinking about this yesterday,why its not added,I know SIO2SD is a drive emulator but it connects to the SIO port so it could be added to the firmware like how it loads XEX files,why not cas files,I guess it would have to load at a slower speed like at 600 like the Tape emulator on AspeQt, SIO2SD works the same way as the Tapuino for c64, but the Tapuino converts the tap files to a sound and plays them but it looks the same. SIO2SD must send a sound to the sio port cos thats how a serial works,thats how you can use your PC as a emulator and load the images (Games) to your Atari by sound,even the disk drive makes sound just faster and can store more than a tape can.
  13. One thing I did notice about the display,it not scrolling,so you can't see the whole name of the atr file,on the Tapuino for the c64,it does,so was wondering,can it be added to the firmware or is there a option to turn it on..??
  14. Thanks I like the case that fits mine (Retrofun) but it in the US and cost £10 for postage..wow. Thats just killed it. And a import charge too £6.42.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3D-Printed-Case-for-SIO2SD-RetroFun-Atari-800XL-style/173046805306?hash=item284a64b33a:g:~WoAAOSw~kJaT8bS I have mine in a black box at the moment,and cut a letterbox for the screen. I have a Tapuino for my C64,and it very similar but theTapuino loads tap files,Cassette files. I have as well a UK1541 for it too. The Tapuino I made myself and put into a C64 Datasstte. I was thinking of doing that with this but It a disk drive emulator not a Tape emulator so it don't suet been in it.It would look better in a 1050 disk drive. (Playing games like Star Raider II reminds me of school,We had a Atari 800XL in the games room on a black and white TV,we would have to take turns to play it for 5 or 10 minutes.yep the good old 1980s,Couldn't stop playing Pole position.. )
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