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  1. Eva. Orange nails. Red hair. Sweetest smile. Drinkin' Indiana Amber. Having a complimentary evening hooter. 'Bout to play a game. What game should I play?

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    2. Papa


      I just drank and went to bed. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I feel so loved and welcome here. If you asked what game to play I would sure have no problem making a suggestion to any of you. RT you really could use a joint, but first you could use a f*cking blow job.


    3. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      I thought it was called oral socks? No wonder no one wants to go in my sock drawer.

    4. GoldLeader


      I didn't even notice this update!,...Usually I like to give game recs...Sorry brother! Seaweed Assault! The back of the box says Smoke That Weed! Or Dungeon Stalker ...Because...

  2. That definitely killed something.
  3. Smell that burning smell. It's your chakras.
  4. Woke up to find that my Linux (LieNucks) desktop was gone and only my 'Menu' bar and my storage icons were left and, of course, some ROX file stuff telling me to save 'something' for the love of pete. I realized that I really LOVE my empty desktop and had considered clean wiping it for some time. HOUSEKEEPING?

    1. carlsson


      You should be glad your menu bar is still there. Once when I updated my Debian, it found that the window manager I had used up to then no longer conformed to the license so it got removed, leaving me with a text prompt. Since then, I touch Linux with a long stick when it comes to using it as a desktop system.

  5. LEAD is AWESOME! Birthday Buttons is trying it for HSC on AA!!

  6. New Poem for Eva (inspired by Lilith Nyx Branwen) BEFORE (By Jay Caraway) I'm so old I'm from the age of Gold Before Silver turned the seasons four and the winds cold I'm so lost by the Black sea tossed When my wings sagged weakly and my swept crossed I'm so blind now from an endless time The mere smell of Eva's hair resurrects Sublime I'm so far I'm like the faintest falling star That never shined next to Gods of Iron, Clay, and Tar

  7. If the masses destroy the governments, it is not the weak servents rebelling against their masters. It is the master killing the wicked servents who refuse to serve!

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    2. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      "The masses" is something the unwashed masses would say.

    3. Bryan


      There are doctors who specialize in removing unwanted masses.

    4. Flojomojo


      How bout dem asses

  8. Instead of fighting they should fall in love by becoming the word "Hi".
  9. Psychic butt witness: When you see someone looking at someones butt who then reactes like something suddenly touched their butt and then look around, possibly making eye contact with or finding them intentionally looking around to avoid being butt psychic busted!!

    1. Flojomojo
    2. Papa


      He looks very pleased in that photo.

    3. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Reminds me of the book "The Sense of Being Stared At: And Other Aspects of the Extended Mind."

  10. Maybe not an 'upgrade' so to speak, but a 'grab' to then 'rip' into 'compact disks' to then have 'decruchable' games with awesome menus! AUTOMATION I use simple programs to convert the disk files back into 3.5 disks to be played on the real hardware! I don't know how much good a smoking fast processor would help with games, and it may not help in that the games would be too fast or wrong. I know that Amiga computers have this problem. You get a 2500 for the 030 and the processing speed for whatever you would use one for, but then all the games are too fast so you take out the 'upgrade' card (reverse mutating it into an 'merican made 2000) and get to use a virgin 68000 that plays the games at the perfect speed all the time and never got used due to the cheapness of industry. My 1040Ste is a CIA buyout with a rare serial number and it plays GRRRRREAT! I wouldn't upgrade it because it's so easy to work with as it is. I can back up and remake games using a PC so upgrading it really never seemed necessary and I know it's already special. GO ATARI!! (Also, AUTOMATION has some really excellent menu art that makes it all worth it!)
  11. How would an angel fall into the lap of a Buddha?

  12. Eighteen years married today (20 together) to my old lady Buttons (mother of our six delicious children...and more!)! Shout out to the most beautiful woman that could ever tolerate me and survive (if you could call living with me 'surviving'). I don't deserve you and you could easily do better, but I guess you're stuck washing me, petting me, feeding me, walking me, hanging out with me until I die or you find somebody better! I LOVE YOU!!\

  13. Papa


    Sounds like either a great way to remember lot's of cool information or a great way to expose yourself to that information and then forget it while sleeping all day!? The first thing that popped into mind (oh no), was one of my favorite syncretists (Samael himself on video) Santos Bonacci, saying (about Apple Cider Vinegar) "...you should rub it all over your body and lay in the sun for hours...". http://universaltruthschool.com/ Then I thought of this beautiful girl laying on a blanket in the sun (pretty sure she was buff but on her belly and looking down at the camera) in an internet video I saw about clearing calcification from ones pineal gland. She said to eat a whole lemon, seeds and all (not the skin), every morning or so.
  14. I wonder if fan pages are the new free anti-advertisement or derailment method. FORUM was the ancient way and judgement was quick (unless there happens to be a festival around)! Like the Dwayne Johnson ads about his imprisonment over importing a muscle building formula that... ...YOU CAN BUY RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE!! (I came up with the Benny Hill thing, too, but nobody likes me.) *arms crossed
  15. I've just been thinking about how WWW is 666 and how the 'mark of the beast, or the number of his name' seems a lot like this. I'm not throwing this out there for crazy christian reasons, just the obvious correlation between the two things. It says "None may buy or sell or trade who does not have the mark of the beast or the number of his name". SO. If, all of the sudden, you can't seem to buy, sell, or trade you may have lost the mark somehow!? I mean that all of our information is through one giant, readily observable and harvestable pipeline... THE INTERNET! I can't really rely on a phone, letter, catalogs, or EVEN STORES! YES I WAS GETTING SOMEWHERE WITH THIS... All STORES must GO! People are probably realizing this as cutting out the greasy middle man would seem to be the biggest benefit of said INTERNET. It's not really to help you talk to each other, or watch ho's, or meet a statistically possible mate, or mate. IT'S TO CORRAL YOU so that if you piss even the slightest ball hair of one of them off they can make it like you don't exist. You can't just get a new phone number, move away, change some little detail here or there. ALL STORES will be RADIO SHACK unless it's a FOOD STORE, and you will need GAS and a CAR to reach one of those, while little drone's that watch and hear everything all the time constantly drop off little boxes of pizza, beer, packages from Amazon rats (by now being slowly replaced by robot 'rats'). I loved Radio Shack. I didn't care that it was grossly inflated pricing as I didn't have to seek things out online to find any reasonable prices like now. It makes me want to live in a cave with a naked woman and drink water from a stream and bath down stream and fork mash and eat grains, fruits, vegetables. Flip off weird metal god birds that shit frozen cubes into the ocean. Video games would be tickling her feet to see the different miniscule facial twitches and nose flares.
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