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  1. I noticed the local Hastings has a handful of SNES games. I saw a baseball game (no box or manual) for $6. Of course by the time I'd pay s/h on ePrey, I'd probably spend just as much.
  2. An aside, I just now realized I have H.E.R.O. The sad thing is I'm not sure I've played it or where I even got it from. Now do I keep it and play it or do I sell it since I could really use the $$$? Lol!!!
  3. I've managed a couple of times to roll the score on Pac-Man and I could handily do it again if my hands would cooperate. There's just something about the hands not working as well at 41 as they did at 11! Once or twice I apparently frustrated the ghosts so much that they went to the escape hatch and wouldn't come it!
  4. I did it!!!! I made it through 83 pages and it only took 4 days!!!
  5. Slightly off topic, but since it was mentioned about the younger generation being interested in the Atari, I thought I'd share something. I'm a returning college student at the age of 41. I decided about 1 1/2 years ago that it was time to finish my education. Obviously a lot of my classmates are late teens and early 20's. One classmate mentioned his love for video games, so I mentioned I still had my Atari. Instead of the weird looks that I expected, this kid was practically on his hands and knees begging me to give him my Atari!!!! Lol!!!!
  6. The nod goes to Activision: River Raid, Pitfall, Megamania Honorable mention to Imagic for Dragonfire and Demom Attack
  7. I'm not trying to argue, but yes, it IS something to do with the cart. I've saw it for the 30+ years I've been playing it, almost the same screen shots he posted. You take the cart out, blow in it or clean it, and it disappears. It is nothing at all to do with interference.
  8. I bought a copy of Frostbite at a flea market years ago, and it does stuff like that all the time. I've cleaned it dozens of times over probably, but still the same thing. If I fiddle with it enough, it will play.
  9. On top of that, none of the links work to navigate the site. The last copyright date is 2005, so I bet they're no longer in business.
  10. Though it's with the joystick, Towering Inferno does the same thing.
  11. I never got rid of my Atari stuff, and still own all of my original games except for Math Gran Prix and Demon Attack. I traded those to my cousin for Popeye back in the day. I've managed to find them again, so no sweat.
  12. Welcome aboard, Justin! I'm kinda new here myself, but not new to the Atari. I'm really enjoying my time here, and I hope you will, too!
  13. And those are valid points. Most of my 2600 "life" was spent playing on a 19" Magnavox in my bedroom. I played it some as an adult after marrying and having kids, but obviously not as much. Now that my kids are getting close to grown (and divorced now), I'm savoring playing again. Perhaps it's something to do with all those years of staring at a 19" screen. Funny though, because there are some TV shows that are broadcast in SD, and I see how crappy they look on an HD TV. I don't remember seeing them looking like that, but obviously the TV brings out things that were limited on an old TV. Perhaps if I played the Atari on an old TV again, I couldn't go back.
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