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  1. If you thought their prices were high, their shipping/handling costs will take your breath away. Those games you're looking for are very common and can be found on Ebay dirt cheap.
  2. Opcode, Please, please, please don't spend time porting common games easily available on other systems or re-making CV games we've already played to death. Good versions of Moon Patrol, Joust and Dig Dug are already available on CV. Make more CV exclusive games. Some vector games that never came out on home systems would've been cool. my quick list: Scramble Wizard of Wor/Gorf Vanguard Crazy Climber Monster Bash Timber Demolition Derby Domino Man Wacko Two Tigers Sarge Future Spy Top Secret
  3. So since you were using no sprites, just shapes, what are the limits to the number of onscreen objects you can have? Is it possible using this technique to have 40 shapes onscreen and then add another 32 sprites onscreen? Have you documented how to do this SIC shapes technique anywhere?
  4. WICO released one for the O2 but it's very rare. There are pics of one on one of the O2 fan pages.
  5. I got the impression from looking at those catalogs before that all that old stock was supplied to them by Telegames. They DID advertise the late release Jag CD and cart releases that were put out by Telegames, that's sort of a clue. IIRC, they also prominently advertised in the catalog the Jaguar w/Jag CD and Iron Soldier 2 CD combo deal that Telegames used to advertise on their website. Telegames is also HQ'ed in Texas. I bet all those games are still sitting in Telegames warehouse.
  6. Unmodified systems would be great if you're just going to leave them in the box on a shelf or in a glass display case for your video game museum. It can suck if you actually planned on using them. CV's are 20+ years old and the elctrical components can and do dry out and drift out of their original values. What are you supposed to do if you find a CV that has an RF modulator that now only outputs a fuzzy black and white mess? Throw it in the garbage or convert it to S-video output and get another 20+ years of good use out of it? The CV's RF output was never very good when it was new. A lot of other older systems/computers have the same kind of problems now. What are you supposed to do, keep searching for a pristine looking system that also still works flawlessly and junk all the rest? Times have changed and people are going to want to hook up their systems to their newer TV's and HDTV's? Will all HDTV's even come with an input for old style RF in the future? If not what will those people do if they have no way to hook them up to their TV's? Buy a new TV to play their old system or just throw the system away? I think modding systems, if done correctly and cleanly, is a great thing because it makes these older systems a pleasure to use, makes people use them more frequently and adds value.
  7. Yeah, it's rare but that doesn't mean it'll always be expensive. I see rare CV titles go for pretty cheap on Ebay. Even highly sought after CV rares like Mr. Do's Castle/Qberts Qubes only seem to fetch $35-$45 in auctions. Compared to the 2600 scene, these are steals. Have patience. I passed on a boxed Jungle Hunt for $10 years ago in an auction. I assumed it would get a ton of bids and skyrocket in price but it didn't. As long as it isn't boxed w/instr, and Atarisoft boxes are nothing special, it shouldn't be expensive.
  8. I am a Jag fan. Any Jag fan who has finished AvP will understand.
  9. I nominate the ending of pretty much every Jaguar game.
  10. Nobody bought the SEGA ones because they were like $70 back then and were small in memory size compared to the 3rd party ones. Since no one bought SEGA's overpriced mem cart, they didn't continue to make many more. The SEGA brand one is the only on AFAIK that games will recognize and save to in-game. This isn't ever a problem except for one RPG(?) put out by Working Designs, because the initial game save in the game where you created all your characters/stats was too large for the internal memory. With 3rd party ones you'll have to save to internal and then use the memory manager to move it to your memory card. It's not that big a hassle at all IMO. I have a couple of those 4 in 1 memory cards made by EMS? IIRC and I've never had a problem with them losing saves. Maybe his Saturn cart slot is dirty or damaged.
  11. Can you - um - pass the crack pipe? I do find it funny when Xbox fanatics start claiming that Microsoft has "left Nintendo in the dust". Two consoles fighting it out for a very, very, very, very distant second spot behind the PS2 does not equal "selling a lot". Both are sitting in Sony's dust. Neither is selling a lot compared to the PS2. But both have decent size bases and decent sized libraries so it depends on how you look at it ... is the glass half-full or half empty? As you note, GameBoy is where Nintendo making the real money. But if you want to play that game, Windows and MS Office are keeping the XBox business (losses now at nearly 2 billion) afloat. I'm not an Xbox fanatic. Just because MS haven't sold as many as the PS2 doesn't mean it's not a lot of consoles, it's several million. Sure, MS lost money in their game division, but they have many other income streams. MS started with 0% market share and $0 dollars in sales from videogames/consoles just a few years ago. They have nowhere to go but up. When Nintendo loses money it's much more of a problem for them since all they make are games/systems, that's it. When a report comes out stating Nintendo's profits are down 51%, following other reports in recent years of declining market share and real losses, it doesn't sound like good news to me. Of course Nintendo fans will try and label you a doomsayer just for posting a factual news story.
  12. It takes a certain type of individual to contradict himself in successive sentences. Where is the profit MS has made on the Xobx? We're still waiting... I see what you're saying now. I already stated in a follow-up post that MS can and does easily absorb the losses. This isn't the first bad financial report for Nintendo. If Nintendo, MS and maybe Sony are all losing money on their consoles, who do you think can afford to stay in the race the longest?
  13. I don't know, where is the MS's Xbox profit. Where did I claim MS were making a profit on the Xbox? They're just selling a lot of them. No contradiction at all. I don't know why you're on a witch hunt though. If you don't agree with the way I worded it, I'm ok with that.
  14. Eh.... I just posted the news, don't shoot the messenger. If you don't like it that's ok but don't try to drag me into some system war now. I'm not in glee over Nintendo's situation. It just is what it is.
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