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  1. Как там дела на Украине сейчас?
  2. I have the Packrat 233-in 1 multi-cart and like it.
  3. I also don't think he like the fact that I complained about the template not printing to actual size from the file they provide on the website. I ended up having to measure as best I could without calipers, the actual size of the back section on the front loader NES and then resize the template you download to those new measures. Then it printed accurately but since I did an entire resize of the image this would have caused the opening spots to enlarge as well.
  4. I like it... So, that MultiCade idea I have above, have that have HDMI and GoogleCast output!
  5. It looks like I completely missed this thread
  6. The issues with the RGB picture quality on the Super 8 that I thought were issues were instead caused by the Powerpak. The composite PPU from a NES is very sensitive to timing (clock signal and data), but the RGB PPU is not.
  7. I'm from Minsk. Anyone was in Minsk?
  8. I really, really wanted to order DC/NOX but just don't have the extra funds right now.
  9. I also picked up the Neo Geo bundle, which I wouldn't have known about without this thread.
  10. Tim's RGB board and Super 8 PCB would be awesome!
  11. If the software on the linker/programmer improves then this might be one of the cheapest dumpers around. But some of the bankswitching shemes are really pretty complex.
  12. Вы говорите по-русски?
  13. Atari is better in the colour area because of a much larger palette and some great hardware modes. C64 is better at handling sprites
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