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  1. For what it's worth - the only games that properly load Pokey @ $4000 are non-Supergame 32k games. Any combination of supergame and pokey and rom at $4000 or $450 fails to load pokey. Except Commando. It is a supergame, and pokey audio plays... weird.
  2. I get the exact same results as you, except the menu doesn't freeze, but I do get loading stops somewhere between 20-70% every so often when pokey is installed. No loading issues at att without pokey, but same game in compatibilitys as mentioned earlier (basketbrawl, alien brigade, latest version of B*nQ)
  3. i tried this again, last night. Results were roughly the same as with .91
  4. One note about that last rom of DKXM posted - although pokey sound still doesn't work on concerto, one thing is fixed, namely that the "How High Can You Get?" Screen displays correctly now. On all previous roms, that screen would display dotted lines , almost like graphing points all across the screen background where there weren't graphics. Now the background is black as intended.
  5. commando loads and plays pokey sound, but I get the same results as you for all the others.
  6. No go on both. BBCQ game plays, but still no sound. DKXM just goes to white screen, nothing.
  7. Despite the fact that you're using a CRT, games specific to necessary CRT usage, like light gun games, and Sega 3D Glasses games won't work. also - the screen resolution and color palette might be a bit wonky compared to the original console's output depending on how accurate the emulator in question is. In many cases, for the same money you'd spend on a RetroPi and a/v output setup, you could likely buy the original console and an SD multicart, and get a much better experience. I have nothing against emulation, and use it myself frequently. but you're not gaining anything by running an emulator on a CRT, except radiation.
  8. This doesn't really make a lot of sense. It's not like someone is going to put a 32" LCD on their patio and play in the back yard, or strap one to their dashboard and play in the car.
  9. So after using this, it appears both of the latest public posted roms of BBCQ and DKXM have their headers set to [email protected] Supergame [email protected] Which seems like a mistake - can it really have pokey & rom at 4000 on real hardware?
  10. So, some more concerto info for batari to work on... It appears in 2600 mode, concerto has problems processing difficulty A/B switch position. When playing Barnstorming last night (Christmas tradition, one of the first Atari games I ever played on my Coleco Gemini I got for Christmas Day in 1983) concerto ignores difficulty switch position and always puts the game in "A" or more difficult mode. Playing the same rom on my Harmony, and from the actual Barnstorming cart - difficulty switch position is played correctly in "B" mode.
  11. Also - I discovered that some of the older WIP/RC versions of B*nQ that exist in the thread for it's progress DO work on Concerto, just not the final release demo. Which is fine, as I fully support people buying the final release version instead, anyway.
  12. the reliability of the concerto with POKEY installed is scattered, at best. Smaller games 32k and 16k, seem to load fine, but most of the Supergame carts experienced a range of problems: Ninja Golf would have major graphical corruption on the title screen, and be unplayable, in-game. Motor Psycho, Fatal Run, Mean 18 all were unplayable and would either not load, or crash after the title screen. One-On-One would crash after the title screen. Double Dragon would crash after the title screen. Rampage was hit or miss. Most of the time it would crash/be corrupted on the title screen. Beef Drop would show a skewed gameplay screen, and be unplayable. Pac-MAn Collection pokey would have a skewed board and be unplayable. Most other games would play ok most of the time, but startup/menu crashes and crashes after selecting the games was every other try. All of those games work 100% without pokey installed.
  13. I understand people who ask others to be patient, and wait to see what happens to a point, it's not like most people here can affect the outcome simply by complaining or supporting. But I'll admit, it REALLY bugs me when someone tells everyone who contributed actual money to this (or any project like it) that they should just write off their hard earned money as an "acceptable loss" given the amount of time that has passed. That's some straight up bullshit. Atariage projects don't have some statute of limitations we're held to. Don't tell others what they should feel about their money.
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