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  1. Saw Mikas RGB modulator and I could not say which one is better RGB with proper RGB-monitor or OSSC with YPrPb-cable in my TV. I also found that my Dell U2410f can show TI-99/4A:s YPrPb-signal. Quality was pretty good, but I only made quick test. So I can not say yet anything about delays with scaling etc.
  2. I tested yesterday PAL TI99 connected with self made YPrPb-cable to OSSC (firmware 0.82). It works fine with my TV (lg). OSSC show that TI outputs something like 15.x kHz and 50.y Hz. I do not remember rest of the information, but can check later. First I thought what was wrong with the colors, but then I realized that automatic input selector chose RGB instead of YPrPb. This is not really problem. It is possible change manually or even save YPrPb as default input to profile. Picture was excellent, the best I have seen with TI. ...and without any adjustments TI invaders worked great.
  3. Thanks. I'll try make some test with sprites.
  4. I'm wondering what would be the best way to do (tile-based) scrolling with Lynx? For example something like in Ninja Gaiden 3. I believe that NG3 is tile-based, at least background looks like it is. Are there any Lynx related tricks ...or should I just copy whole screen at every frame? Copying at every frame sounds crazy so it probably is not option.
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