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  1. All I can say is to wait for the bubble to pop. It's done it before in the mid 2010s, it will happen again.
  2. Does anyone know of a list of 2600 games that do/don't work for the various 2600 revisions? I've been searching the forums and found bits and pieces of the info but nothing centralized.

  3. Whazzap? Been a while.

  4. Found an early light-sixer that can't play Kool-Aid Man... Seriously?

    1. save2600


      There's a timing issue with some sixer's... need to clip a component to make it more compatible with games like that, River Raid II and a few others. There's a detailed thread here somewhere about that. Shows exactly what to do. Think it came about when they found Stay Frosty 2 was giving some consoles a tough time...

    2. save2600
  5. If you went back in time and gave an atari programmer a Harmony cart, he would jump over chairs to grab it.
  6. If you didn't see this coming from a mile away, Lenscrafters is half off with free eye exams this month. Jeez Louise, How many of these scamstarters does it take? When something like this falls apart because someone actually does a journalism and investigates this stuff for more than 30 seconds, you'd think no one would try this garbage again. I guess I was wrong! So many suckers.
  7. Welp, I tested River Raid II and... it worked! However every single Released Epyx game for 2600 doesn't work on this machine. They all use standard F6 Bankswitching, which I know Dig Dug uses, and Dig Dug works, so I guess I can throw that idea out. It's not a huge loss, but it was shocking to see a common game not work on my Heavy when she plays pretty much everything else I have. I assume they share similar "bootstrap" code. i mean it it would make sense to me at least.
  8. The FCC was so draconian over this stuff yet they never cared about existing equipment being used to cause RF chaos, or at least they didn't in my area. A bunch of punks got away with rigging their CB transmitters to bleed over every single channel for months and months It's even worse now! I bought an RF adaptor recently for a Sega Genesis console, and if that thing passed FCC regulations, I'm the flippin' Pope. I didn't even have to plug it into the TV, and the TV in the kitchen picked up the signal, as well as the TV in the living room. And to think people were worried that modding their VCS would get the FCC to knock on their door. Pff!
  9. That is strangely fascinating. I know my Sears passes all the "Stella" tests, so I had assumed my board was fine. However I never tried River Raid II, so I'll test that and see if it's playable.
  10. Okay this is a very weird thing and I searched for a topic like this, and came up with a thread about activision games not working. It turned out to be a physical cartridge issue. But the problem I have is much , much different. I have a Sears Tele-Games (Heavy Sixer) that refuses to play California Games. Every other game I have works just fine. Thinking it was the cartridge I had, I loaded up my Harmony (and Encore) with California Games, and... nothing. Convinced I had a bad ROM, I went to my light sixer atari and... it worked. Flawlessly. What the heck? So I know about Kool-Aid Man not working on some later 4-switch woodys , vaders and Jrs, so what exactly is going on here? Is this a CPU bug that only California Games has found? Is there a list of problematic games around?
  11. Holy smokes. This sounds *very* promising.
  12. I can't imagine how it would feel to know your life's work is in everything from phones to thermostats. Back on the game though, is there a way to get a "ballpark figure" of a typical game frame in terms of CPU logic, time spent drawing, etc? I bet it has been a tight fit!
  13. The more I see homebrew like this the more I believe that Jay Miner was a genius and deserves the video game equivalent of sainthood. You could have told me this was an ATARI 7800 game, and I would have believed you without giving it a gram of thought. It's just that good.
  14. The irony of all this is that Dragster is now more popular than it ever was because of all this. Expect a lot of people who are going to try to get that "5.51", data be damned.
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