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  1. Hi, I have for sale police quest 1 and 2. £40 each or near offer. Paypal accepted. Items are posted from the UK.
  2. Please close. item sold else where
  3. Thank you Ian. Enjoy your games
  4. I did try it. I also played gex, , killing time , PO'ed, space hulk, and some fighting games. The only game I did enjoy (which felt like a predecessor to Alien: Isolation) was space hulk. But one game is not enough to justify the money I paid for this system.
  5. Hi, I have for sale 5 taiwanese v shaped cartridges for sale. Asking price : 6$ each
  6. It does work. But let me check if I still have it. I promise I will update this thread soon. Also I'm not sure if this system is NTSC or PAL. And sorry for the late reply.
  7. Bump. Will update what's left soon.
  8. I've known Carlo for quite sometime now and I know he's being selling retro video games for over 14 years now so I'm pretty sure that the guy is not trying to scam anyone.The only reason why he's not here to defend him self is because he's unable to reply to this thread for some reason. I would also like to point out that carlo is the owner of games station retro which is a physical shop located here in beirut ,the shop has also around 20 arcade machines, he also has some feedback on amibay.com and on nintendo age
  9. games added and pix will be added soon
  10. S.Baz expressed interest in the red famiclone and will be reserved for him. Please declare interest before PM
  11. Dave is an awesome guy and it's always a pleasure to deal with him
  12. Up for sale are some asian consoles and games : Systems (I don't know their names so I will refer to them by their colors): -Red famiclone with built in games, 2 controllers and 4 games @ 35 $ -Green Famiclone with built in games 2 controllers and 4 games @ 35 $ Games : Famiclones @ 3$ (unless stated) : -B-wings -Captain Majed (Arabic name for Captain Tsubasu) Japanese language -Snowboarding Trick Eliminator boat duel -Super Tank-H (Battle city) -89 in1 @5$ includes :Adventure island , Galaxian , Battle city , Tetris -4 in [email protected]$ includes : Galga , Tetris , Mickey mouse ,Ninja 3. SEGA games @ 3$ : -Earth worm Jim 2 -King Salamon -Theme park -Block out -Urban strike -Boogerman X2 -Columns 3 -Rambo 3 -Bare knuckles 1 @ 5$ -Awesome possum 2 @ 5$ -Aladin -Alien [email protected] 5$ -Doom troopers @ 5$ -Rock and roll racing @ 5$ -the super shinobi -Quack shot @ 4$ -Tiny toons -sea quest -Bram stocker's dracula -world heroes -streets of rage 3 -dune 2:battle for arrakis -batman and robin @ 5 Famiclone computer software: -16 in 1 @ 5$ NES clones: NES clone (very rare) can play both NES and Famicom games.Bundle includes 2 NOS in box turbo controllers.Check pics. below.Asking price 50 $ Accessories : -controller extension cables for sega megadrive/genesis and snes @ 10 $ each -Vintron game converter @ 20 $ -Gameboy color car adapter @ 10 $ each -NES turbo controllers @ 20 $ (box contains 2 controllers) -XBOX 360 controller recharger NOS @ 10 $/piece -ps2 to wii controller converter NOS @ 10 $ -Megakey converter (megadrive to genesis game converter) @ 20 $
  13. Added another bunch of games ,will post pix when I'm sober
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