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  1. Put me on the list too, definitely interested in getting this.
  2. What do you do when you have 40 of them? Any suggestions for what I can do with them. I'd keep 2.
  3. I found this when cleaning a storage area. There are two boxes with 2 ten packs in each. I got this many years ago but can't find anything to identify the hardware. I lost what details I had about them.
  4. I'll take one please, how do we forward payment?
  5. Any chance this gets released on cartridge?
  6. I'm just glad we have a legitimate competent skilled group bringing us the first real Colecovision replacement. Let's leave talk of the Chameleon behind as that has been pretty talked out.
  7. I'm glad you are feeling better and feel up to resuming with the project. We really appreciate the update. Looking forward to hearing how the samples test out.
  8. I hope CIB style, the only one's worth owning. Never got into the digital only.
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