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  1. Add me to the list, CIB, I hope?
  2. I look forward to the Mystery Man series. I too am waiting for shipments from Germany, waiting a long time.
  3. I found it, it had to adjust my email. I sent reply just now.
  4. Waiting for my confirm email
  5. I too want a copy of Dragons and Swords for the next run, and is it too soon to put my name down for copies of Cat Attack!!! and Star Mercenary? Never hurts to get an early jump on future releases
  6. I’m so looking forward to this.
  7. Id like to preorder, please add me to the list, for a burgundy Dragonfly with Pokey and YM2151, and converter cable.
  8. Yes, is there a way to get on a waiting list?
  9. Add me to the list, I too want to commit to a copy.
  10. I would like a copy please, what Is the best way to prepay? I already ordered the 3 Kai games. There is an option for adding the manual/boxes only. Can we still get a copy of LTO Flash? The EBay prices are significant.
  11. Any chance of a 2nd run of Badlands and Commando?
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