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  1. Does anyone know of a photo of the Interconnect Board on an Adam "Delta" system board? Here's a picture of mine, but I need a "good" reference for fixing some torn-up traces.
  2. I just saw an auction for a colecovision, and the pictured power supply was clearly for a TI-99. Are they compatible? I'm asking because you look to be the power supply expert.
  3. I finally got around to trying this system, four years after buying it. One of the setup questions seems a bit too personal, I wonder if any of you know of what use this blood-type information could be to a game?
  4. I'd love for this to be back on topic, though again, I am "will" to look for quality answers from the royal "we" but am unable. Not everyone can take the stairs like you. The fact that a new product apparently evolved from the "lazy" question escapes you? Someday you hope we can all be like you.
  5. For some, English is not their first language. For me, dyslexia makes it difficult to read large blocks of text. Someday, we might all be the same. Just joshing you, please don't take offense.
  6. People act as though the internet is some sort of Rosetta Stone of knowledge and that someone should read 35 pages of documents before daring to ask a simple question. Like, now I'm afraid to ask if there's a PS2 converter for the original keyboard so I can adapt a newly designed housing for an old keyboard? I could Google it and spend an hour going down rabbit holes, or I could just ask here if anyone knows an offhand and immediate answer.
  7. A couple of questions as I approach build-out. Can I use the clock crystal from my donor motherboard? What do I need to do to not use a second Pokey (initially)? Jameco didn’t have a 61512a sram, where do you order these? How does one not use an S2 synth module (never heard of it)?
  8. Jag...uar...c...d... (<faint>)
  9. Is anyone selling pre-programmed microcontrollers? Even if I manage to build the 16F1847 joy-port programmer I'd still need to figure out the 12F1572. It seems sort of wasteful to buy and build a bunch of kit just to program three IC's.
  10. I think the "brightness" is actually a contrast thnixy, the backlight remains constant. When I replaced the caps in my Lynx II the screen worked again, but it is still so primitive (in relation to the state-of-the-art at the time it was made) that it's almost unwatchable. Console 5 has a cap kit, although I would just buy a box o'caps from Amazon. From what I hear you should consider Console 5's voltage regulator kit as the OEM one kills the console, from what I've read. And yes, "thnixy" is an actual suggested spelling on MacOS.
  11. So where it says "drive select A on the motherboard" it's just wherever pin 20 was going before I bend it up and out of the socket?
  12. This may solve my issue. Can you let us know where you sourced the floppy chip? The only vendor I see on eBay is in Prague, so that might be a bit of a journey in these trying times. It seems the 177x series of floppy controllers have the same pinouts, with the 1772 differing in the use of a motor-on signal on pin 20. If the Gotek isn't even using the MO signal, can (I wonder) a more readily sourced 1773 IC be used instead?
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