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  1. I'm in the same boat, did you try reading and writing a regular floppy before installing the Gotek? I think a different FDC might not solve the issue.
  2. Please help me. I have this much 1088 finished thus far. There are three microcontrollers required, where does one find the code to put on these? If I were to use a Sophia, would the VGATE MCU be needed? If I don't see a need for a mouse, is the MOUSE MCU required for the board to function?
  3. My hypothesis is, since Atari is at this point a division of Warner Brothers, the same Wrecking Crew-stye band that they used for music might have been involved. Who did the music for Vega$?
  4. Needs an stm32 just to increment the address and read the data? Well, I gather they are inexpensive.
  5. I've fitted a 5" 16:9 screen, which in 4:3 mode precisely fit the display opening. I must again express amazement that one year after GameBoy and Lynx there was a battery powered portable that could play soundtrack-enhanced versions of Amiga games.
  6. Well, I'll be.. that did the trick, thank you! DiscJuggler kinda failed, but rather than dig into the absurd amount of settings, I just tried it in ImgBurn, burned Zelda at the full drive speed, and it worked.
  7. That's oddly precisely what it says it can't fathom...
  8. Update: DiscJuggler and ImgBurn running on Windows under Parallels would not acknowledge the Phillips disc format. macOS Disk Utility has removed the image writing function.
  9. I should have specified "on a modern Mojave Mac". I was using Toast, but that app recently died of 32-bitness. BTW, this darn Sony thing is fully portable (uses a camcorder battery,) color, and pretty advanced for something that came out within a year of the original GameBoy.
  10. A recapping nightmare, with perhaps three dozen surface mounted barrel caps, some having only a millimeter or two clearance, i resorted to adding about three millimeters to each boss, so that the lowest circuit board could breathe a little. I need to source a better screen, as the oem one has gone the way of the washed-out nineties screens, since there is already a composite output i can probably find a back-up camera screen. Any link to a CDi burning guide would be appreciated. I tried making a Hotel Mario disc, but although it is recognized and starts, it quits to a “dirty disk” message soon after.
  11. I've been told that I can use our corporate shipping rate, so maybe it won't be too bad, at least to someone in the Southwestern US.
  12. Not on eBay yet... I think I need to sell my PEB, as it has seen little use of late. But it is heavier than an IBM 5150 or a small yacht anchor. Is it even worth selling if it cannot be shipped with reasonable assurance of survival?
  13. I should get around to offering up some trades. I have an Atari 1200XL that needs a new home, etc. I'm just finding out that the Indus itself may be capable of running CP/M. Not loading it... it runs on the drive's internal Z80 CPU, apparently. (It may only work on the Atari version, I'm not certain.)
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