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  1. I bought a SegaRGB-to-hdmi cable for $30 on Amazon. It came with a converter (32X-to-OG Genesis) so I sacrificed half of that converter to connect to the Crayon King's RGB board, and let it pigtail out the back of the Intellivision.
  2. I threw a couple of RCA jacks onto the system changer.
  3. Successfully installed a Crayon King RGB board in this Intellivision. Before I start tearing the 2600 module apart, I just wanted to find out if it is known to not be working with RGB? It could just be corrosion.
  4. Uhmmmm... I couldn't find a TV with a tuner that wasn't fubar. I tried an old GameGear TV tuner, but it couldn't even sync with known good RF signals, and flatscreens seem to fly right by the Aquarius modulator signal when "auto tuning". I ordered some parts from Mouser to build a composite amp so I will know better how it faired when that arrives. I have an Oscope standing by to troubleshoot if necessary. My main concern is running the 7805 so very hot, so I ordered a buck-convertor from Amazon.
  5. Not certain how to program an atf22v10, so I ordered a Sean Harrington board, which is "just" a composite amp, although it will hopefully get me to the point of verifying that the system works... the only RF tuner capable TV that I have is a 40" CRT that weighs 200lbs and hasn't left my garage floor for twenty years.
  6. It's a trap! Or a link back to this thread. There's a 1061 transistor that's on the far opposite side of the board from AC in. The surrounding resistor components match the numbers around the "1041" to be the culprit. I think the schematic's just wrong. I removed the -19V supply line, and the +6.6V incoming, and bypassed the +16v input, leaving only a +12V wall wart input.
  7. Perhaps, though a web search has zero results and subs in "D1047" as a result suggestion. The pinout of a 1047 seems to be correct.
  8. Is the schematic wrong here? I doesn't seem to be what's in my Aquarius, and I can't find a pinout of a 1041 Transistor.
  9. Assuming you want the Commodore Indus because your avatar is the only available clue, Also assuming you live in Louisiana based on context. If these are incorrect assumptions, please clarify.
  10. After an hour of xacto scribing and heat-gun softening, I'm finally in. All I found was a cold solder joint, which after some remelting, gives us -22V, which I assume is close enough? Should I change these caps?
  11. Checking schema, it's not the RAM, sorry. But if -12 is only for serial, I could live without that and use an internal 5v regulator, so that I might only feed her +12v?
  12. I'm trying to crack this open to see if there is a fuse or obvious fault, but if you know that the 12 and -12 are only for ram, I'll just replace the systems memory with +5V only chips.
  13. Following John Guidry's instructions... everything works but "MP", the Memo Processor. All other programs seem fine. Is there something I'm doing wrong, like not adding the diode on The G04Retro board, or doing something with the bottom pads labeled P25.2 and P25.3?
  14. I recently installed one. Even though it was essentially NOS, the keyboard Mylar "card edge" (for lack of a better phrase) still needed a compression clamp added to work.
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