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  1. OOPS! I've been using a 5V adapter on mine for, I guess decades... and it still works fine, (battery still works as well, I wonder if the undervolt condition helped preserve the battery?)
  2. That might negatively impact the pad-printing, haze the plastic... inflammable stuff is not that gentle. You might test it on an interior plastic surface to make sure you don't create an 8-bit Guy Osborne situation.
  3. Paint might help it hold together a little longer, it's probably worth a try since you'd dispose of it in any case (no pun.) Perhaps avoid garish colors.
  4. It's 49152. I guess this is moot now, because I ordered a "Saturn Rocket 128K" card out of frustration. The strange thing, though is that I had been using the CFFA3000 without issue before adding the language card, and now that I have removed the language card the CFFA will not boot anymore, flashing "Requires 64K". UPDATE: all of the stored settings in the CFFA went away for some reason, it works now.
  5. Yes, it cleverly accesses address and data lines by hijacking one of the mobo ram chips. I will search around for a diagnostic program. I used a mini-pro to verify that all of the 74 logic is working properly, but I don't know for certain that the eight 8118 chips are all OK. Is there a simple way to print the memory size in Basic?
  6. Wanting to use the "greatest HD image ever" recently posted here, I found that I need to run ProDos to use HD images with a CFFA3000. No Problem, I thought, I'll add this Microsoft 16K "language card", however ProDos still complains that it wants 64K. Is this the wrong way to upgrade an A2+?
  7. Ah, so you didn't actually click on the link. 'nuff said.
  8. But you didn't link to a binary package. "Again: There is still some "building" to do, no full, ready to burn, binary will be provided by me, but I've tried to make it as easy as possible for you to create one." (..except leaving it unclear how to build these.)
  9. Typically, lacking dimensioned plans for the ports, we'd 3D scan the INTV internals, then use a parametric modeling program to build a new housing design around the scan data. Here be one example of the process I've been tweaking of late.
  10. I have a projector decommissioned from a fun park, and a Pangolin PCI card. Can I potentially use your software with such a configuration?
  11. Cheaper than buying new 1200xl function key covers, these (the seller has more than one) NOS Atari keyboards still have the gummy protector film in place. You will still need a new mylar, or do the compression trick, because the glue delamination issue isn't a function of usage. https://www.ebay.com/itm/153578991216
  12. Not sure if this is widely known, spankin' new 1200xl keyboard was $30 on eBay, though "Atari" and "1200xl" were nowhere in the description, Radio Shack catalog #277-1018.
  13. I hate to be one to auto-blame the caps, but this case it probably is due to an AC line noise filtering cap.
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