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  1. I have an Atari 800xl (have the original 1050 drive and 410 Program Recorder <- repaired it and it works again) Anyhow, I'd like a drive emulator. Since there are a few different drive emulators for Atari 8bit. Today, 2019, what would you folks recommend? I was leaning towards an S-Drive MAX because of the screen. But I'd value your opinion. Additionally, I live in the USA where we have 60Hz voltage. Is that a problem since most of these drives are coming from Europe where they have 50Hz voltages? Thanks.
  2. Does a working dump exist of BBSB the atari 5200 version that actually works for Emulation? Everyone seems to not load, or if it loads, can't start. Or one that seems to load and start but has NO sound.
  3. Is there a consensus good set of disk images or rom images for the Atari 8bit computers? I'm not sure how to word my question. For instance, for other systems I notice there are a set of images such as the "nointro" set. Is there anything like that for the Atari 8bit computer? I'd like a personal backup in case the internet ever fails. I see certain repositories that contain tons of 8bit images, but alot of the stuff on there is what I would consider junk, or inferior, stuff that I would not even want. Does this question make any sense? Any recommendations?
  4. I've got a weird question. I've got a plug that will fit (transformer has different voltage) So I'm going to cut the plug and put it onto a 9V DC ~300ma power adapter. But.... These 9V power adapter put out like 13 volts when tested with a multimeter (with no load attached). Should I just try to power this with a 9V battery instead?
  5. So it definately will not work? I have an 800XL. I dont want to go down to storage and bring my stuff home, unbox it all, only to find out it wont work. I purchased this with the seller saying its for the 600XL/800XL
  6. Thank You re-atari, I was doubtful I would get any responce. I'm a goof for missing the L7805CV one line below. I had a feeling the power supply would be ~9v, because searching google, I found a similar parallel printer interface with a 9-volt batter adapter hanging outside the case. Do you know if I need any drivers or programs to use this or can I just hook it up to my Atari and a parallel printer? I have a few old epson dot matrix printers to play around with. Hoping to use this with an Atari 800XL and AtariWriter cartridge. I peeled back the sticker a bit, confirm it is an SGS m2716 Crystal is 7.3728 Diode is 1N914
  7. Does anyone know the power supply requirements (volts and Milliamps) for the APE FACE XLP parallel printer interface, manufactured by Digital Device Corporation? Power Supply input is connected directly to a transistor p/n: 8305S But I cannot find any data sheet for an 8305S transistor. I suppose I could try power supplies from 3V all the way to 12V, using low mA. But I'd prefer to know the exact. OR does anyone know the specs for the 8305S transistor? Attached are pictures of the APE FACE XLP
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