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    My Collection:

    *Arcade - Sega Zaxxon
    *My Converted NES Pro-Play Home Arcade to play M.A.M.E

    Ti-99/4a with PE Box, Speach and 2 MBX Expansion units.
    Model 1,2,3 Coco units.

    Video Games
    2 light Atari VCS 6 switch, Coleco Gemni, Intelivison (stupid sold the original Computer not the one I have now the ECS), speech unit, 4 Bally Astrocade units 1 very early unit with multi cart. Fairchild Channel F system II with Multi-cart, Coleco Vision with SD multi-cart and all expansion units, Atari 5200 with SD multi-cart and all aftermarket joystics, Atari 7800, Atari Jaguar, Original Magnavox run 1 Odyssey also 2 Odyssey 2 units with the Voice, 2 Vextrex units with Multi-cart, Laster Active with Sega unit, Sega 3-d Master system, Sega Gen version 1 with version 1 Sega CD and 32X, Sega Saturn ver1, Sega Dreamcast, VirualBoy, Gameboy, Sega Nomad, Sega GG, Goldstar 3DO, Playstaion 1, 2 and PS1, Atari Lynx I and II, Nintendo Game and watch Fire Fire and toss up. R.O.B NES entertainment system, SNES, Game Cube, Wii, Wii U, NUON with almost all games, TurboG-16 with CD add on, Atari Flashback 1 though 5, Coleco and Intl Flashbacks. Just about all the other Plug n Play units.. a few 80's game watches, GNC Space-Encounter / Calculator unit. and more I am sure I am forgetting..

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  1. Me too I want an original one my friend. I know my pre-order is hiding in there some where Respectfully Glen's Retro Show
  2. I'm trying for ages to actually get one, I just decided to make my own Entex Adventure vision clone of sorts. Video link below. Respectfully, Glen Planamento Glen's Retro Show on YouTube https://youtu.be/MgLfk77CCw0
  3. Looks good saint. Glen Planamento Glen's Retro Show on YouTube
  4. I am super interested in this for my Fairchild v2 unit Respectfully Glen's Retro Show on YouTube
  5. I am in more shock thst it's the stock sound chip.......
  6. Next on Glen's Retro Show on YouTube...
  7. Thanks again for the update. Respectfully Glen Planamento Glen's Retro Show on YouTube
  8. Thank you and trust me building things myself I know how things look like they should be going smoothly and then you run into huge bottlenecks... I appreciate your vigilance on this. respectfully glen planamento Glen's retro show on YouTube
  9. Thanks for the update .. #85 here so I really thank you Respectfully, Glen Planamento Glen's Retro Show on YouTube
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