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  1. I have a handful of these, I own a retro game store in MA and have quite a few intellivision titles in. please pm me and I'd be happy to help you out =D
  2. Bazaargametrading


    I own a retro video game store in MA and I have a good chunk of colecovision titles available, send me a direct message and I'd be happy to accomodate you!
  3. Hey there! Send me a pm, I own a retro game store and we have some cool CIB dreamcast stuff in, like a handful of mint cib controllers and tons of titles. =D
  4. Yea in fact! We have some neat ti-99 stuff left, I could go over it for you anytime =]
  5. Okay so, I have still after months had NO luck finding a single image of the cover of this game for Atari 8 Bit computers. Copter Chase specifically. The other seemingly non-existant one is Hazard, an Atari 400/800 8 bit cassette from the company "Artworx" both of which are CIB, Copter Chase is in fact Sealed. Does anyone else have ANY INFORMATION on rarity or value at all? So the two are Hazard - Atari 8 bit Cassette Tape by "Artworx" (CIB/NIB) and Copter Chase - Atari 8 Bit Disk Sealed
  6. Hey guys, so a big bump here. Although a lot of that flickr stuff is gone, i have much more new stuff! Let me know if you'd like to see pictures in a PM! Tons of CIB Atari 8 bit consoles, accessories, i.e. touch tablet 1050 1010 800xl 400's "the entertainer" sets and more!
  7. Oh man do you still have this available? Thank you! PM Me call text or email 781-552-0308 [email protected]
  8. No problem man =D Good luck! Still open to orders btw everyone! NES, SNES, Sega Genesis Master System Sega CD + More =D
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