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  1. The Lynx community will be happy for any new games on the system. 8 is just a number. Congrats on the game 👍
  2. Is the first picture the Lynx version? It certainly looks very nice. Stick with London 1888. 😉
  3. I voted for Zarlor Mercenary. May not be the best game but certainly my favourite 👍
  4. Love the graphics, very Gauntlet-esque!
  5. My Zarlor Mercenary has the French sticker stuck to the box inside the blister pack. I have absolutely no intention of opening it. I have rarer games but this is my favourite one of them all. Hope this helps. Rgds BadPricey
  6. I don't normally post in this forum but this is more relevant here than in the Lynx forum I follow. Zavvi currently have Art of Atari book and t-shirt for £15. https://m.zavvi.com/clothing/atari-t-shirt-book-bundle/12052814.html Rgds BadPricey
  7. No matter how many times I click those links and search for pictures and videos I find nothing? I must be doing something wrong....
  8. 6th post down some screenshots. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/260379-ls-upcoming-releases-2017/page-4 @necrocia can you post a link?
  9. Any chance of some screenshots for Space Battle, or even a video?
  10. Unfortunately there's a bigger problem here. Hopefully we'll still see the release of the game, but when someone in the group is trying to make a few bob from it it can be disheartening 😥
  11. Thanks for the link. This was great 😉
  12. Lovely graphics. Be good if this becomes a full game 😉 Merry Christmas.
  13. If you're in the UK Telegames usually have it , currently it's on pre-order. If you buy it and don't like it you'll easily sell it for what you paid.
  14. There's a proper Lynx SD cart now. Superceded the re-writable cart.Saint has a thread on it. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/250637-lynx-multi-card-preorders/
  15. My Championship Rally arrived from Telegames UK today. Curved lip version 😉
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