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  1. Watch this and see if it helps 😉 Didn't realise someone already referenced my video 🛹
  2. Let's release endangered species stamps, that'll fix the problem. Polish stamp is the better stamp, highlights the situation more accurately. I eat meat too but more recently I've been trying a lot of plant based foods. Just because we've always done something because of culture or tradition doesn't necessarily mean we should continue to do that.
  3. Everything that's wrong with the human race in one sentence. The sooner Covid kills us all the better for the rest of the planet 🥲
  4. So if Lynx tastes just like chicken why not just east chicken? 🤨
  5. Did the seller say it was included in the sale? Seems odd they'd sell you the cart but no SD card.
  6. 😳 ^^^??? It's a game I'd like to try before I buy on real Lynx. Normally I'll try two or three games out and then stick them on my Birthday /Christmas list. I usually order from Telegames UK as shipping from Songbird is expensive. Bad ROM, not convinced, worked on Handy.
  7. In answer to your question, no, I don't own T-tris. The ROM is being hosted freely on the Internet and I wanted to try it. It doesn't work so I can't play it on real hardware. No loss I've deleted it. Fortunately I do have this. So to answer my original question is there a list of games that do or don't work on El Cheapo SD?
  8. Hi all, I can't seem to get T-Tris running using El Cheapo SD. It works perfectly fine on Handy. Is there a list of games which do and don't work? Rgds BadPricey
  9. I need Electrocop, Ninja Gaiden, Rygar & Shanghai. Rgds Mark
  10. Hi Nop, I suspect this isn't limited to just the Lynx community but this could be the reason people aren't donating? Is there a way you can provide the demo for free but for the full release you have to pay? I use Beatport and they operate in this way. At least then you'll be getting paid for your efforts. BadPriceys.
  11. This is a tricky one. Everyone loves a physical release but not the £50 price tag that seems the norm for Lynx boxed releases. You've also offered the rom for free. Maybe you could add a donate button or limit the physical release to a set number of copies, so it becomes 'collectable'.
  12. Absolutely brilliant. If only you could copy the explosion effect from R-Type. Great work 👍
  13. Looks cool. Minor niggle but I can't help it. Cancelled with two L's, sorry 😉
  14. I bought Championship Rally from Telegames in the UK and when it arrived it was on a cart like this. At first I was gutted because it's also available on a curved lip version but now i know this version is a little more unique I'm well pleased with it 😁
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