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  1. 165 installed and recapped. 25 more to add in the vga port.
  2. This is the McWill lcd board. Currently have both versions of lynx In stock and out of game gear.
  3. I'm back and now full time. Mail in or drop off around Los Angeles. feel free to contact me any time.
  4. I most definitely am but working through a backlog. Should start taking on more system in the next 2 week's
  5. Yes sir any one from your game folders should reboot to dc dash
  6. Well 99% can come quick and 1% twice as long. I've had my fair share of projects over time and know not everyone works 19hr days like me.
  7. Yahoo placed a order can't wait to get a few lynx mods under my belt.
  8. Correct for now just try and start a .bin it will default to dc dash for vmu. Hope he will make vmu to usb like 3do. All but 11 games should work and no cdi Yet
  9. the drive quoted in email has been great for all sofar. send me a pm if your not getting our mail some have bounced back from isp
  10. i use GSP and its safe sofar and everyone is happy. offing first class is an option also but not many know how to use it and worry losing out on the full mount of money since tracking only works untill exit usa
  11. Also sent a Pm to fallow up on prior conversations he might be out enjoying the nice weather.
  12. sorry missed your post. the usb device could be slowing things down. if the format tool passed in email is not letting you pick 64k allocation then your drive could work as 32 but the data bus will be slow.
  13. All usb-gdrom sold out. Taking preorder reservation like last order. Thank you all atari age clients who acquired from last pre-sale
  14. it has been reported working. Pre order list is full. Back up list should pre orders fail to pay is also full. All current paid USB-Gdrom have been packed and shipped. Please contact me if your not getting usps.com updates
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