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  1. 165 installed and recapped. 25 more to add in the vga port.
  2. This is the McWill lcd board. Currently have both versions of lynx In stock and out of game gear.
  3. I'm back and now full time. Mail in or drop off around Los Angeles. feel free to contact me any time.
  4. I most definitely am but working through a backlog. Should start taking on more system in the next 2 week's
  5. Yes sir any one from your game folders should reboot to dc dash
  6. Well 99% can come quick and 1% twice as long. I've had my fair share of projects over time and know not everyone works 19hr days like me.
  7. Yahoo placed a order can't wait to get a few lynx mods under my belt.
  8. Correct for now just try and start a .bin it will default to dc dash for vmu. Hope he will make vmu to usb like 3do. All but 11 games should work and no cdi Yet
  9. the drive quoted in email has been great for all sofar. send me a pm if your not getting our mail some have bounced back from isp
  10. i use GSP and its safe sofar and everyone is happy. offing first class is an option also but not many know how to use it and worry losing out on the full mount of money since tracking only works untill exit usa
  11. Also sent a Pm to fallow up on prior conversations he might be out enjoying the nice weather.
  12. sorry missed your post. the usb device could be slowing things down. if the format tool passed in email is not letting you pick 64k allocation then your drive could work as 32 but the data bus will be slow.
  13. All usb-gdrom sold out. Taking preorder reservation like last order. Thank you all atari age clients who acquired from last pre-sale
  14. it has been reported working. Pre order list is full. Back up list should pre orders fail to pay is also full. All current paid USB-Gdrom have been packed and shipped. Please contact me if your not getting usps.com updates
  15. D2 request swap with system remains on. The second game is not really a game. Disk one is full game live swap is The Pop'n Music Append disc Resistor will be simple jam in 12v and ground slot. Use supplied tape to keep in place
  16. for the lid switch its no complicated to desolder and swap from original board. i do it on all the usb hdd internal mods since i have the boards with me at that time. It is wired on the usb gdrom but not required or implemented in functions currently for the two known games that require live swap. Mnemo has said he has a d2 multi working but has not pushed it public fw. why not idk. Heat issues- the gdemu sd solution issue has pointed at the users sd card ,img,gdemu as the issue not the heat. I will be including a resistor in all boars i offer. it will require one to place on the 12v rail and ground to keep it from spiking when in use. Currently 300ohm is what we are determining
  17. broken set no.... i have seen you have this listed for some time. shame i never got enough $$ to spend on all those great games. i own many but not that many.
  18. @Greg2600 Yes still not shipping yet and im hitting tracking many times a day. **The Heat problem** Resent findings from AG with the sd solution gdemu now points its the users sdcard or the gdemu or img not his system. dreamshell can now auto launch via hacked bios for ide or a micro chip sdcard and ide. @icemanxp300 Wow what did i set off? Im not making any one buy it the price sucks i would agree. the first preorder i did was for a select group of users many who own the full dreamcast library. in the mind of a cheap solution lets total up your cost should you own the full library. #1 ide mod (that XP tower sitting on the corner has a ide cable and drive)- has issues but works Cd-r $0.26 works better then the sdcard on serial port #2 cd backup with content down sampled,region patched Cd-r$0.26 x 324 =$84.24 (your laser is going to die from junk media! if your finding taiyo yuden archival at this price hook me up) works 1-1 like original but will kill your dieing laser if the spindle motor dont die first. #3 sd card on port $11-23 depending on what one you buy Cd-r $0.26 SD cards to hold your games $8 for 8gb quality card x 57 cards = $456 many issues on most games #4 gdemu $120usd SD cards to hold your games $8 for 8gb quality card x 57 cards = $456 or one 500gb sdcard $599.00 (alpha testing but functions*) great solution and still wip #5 USB-GDROM $200 500gb usb hdd $59 OR 2tb usb hdd $89 great solution and still wip
  19. Correct and that has brought the spike down at board level 2 degrees . Not a drastic improvement but would definitely help prolong the life. If you watched the video you'll see I leave the drive in place
  20. for the current member of ag with his issue it's a common issue that pops up in time even on stock system. To many factors come into play but the added heat of his resent modification could have just pushed it over the top.
  21. Correct Un used 12v will cause a spike. Same with most wall warts with its core system not in use. "It worked yesterday!" We have decided to include a resistor to jam in 12v and ground. It's been discussed with others on the fb group that have asked about the issue. The value I'm still testing and seems the temperature difference between leaving the disk drive and removing drastically. Airflow is another factor contributing higher temperature that reach the main pcb. My thermocouple reading without disk drive shows a lager increase vs with the drive. With the internal mod I preform the drive is removed but airflow and temperature seem to stay the same level as if original drive is in place. Internal mod I reuse the top of drive cover and seal up all air gaps to the top she'll other then the hole for the two usb plugs.
  22. Perfect greg. Is hard for me to tell who's a member of what fourms if any. I have each client noted with main point of contact. Fb, aa, na, ag, ect.. once every one gets there orders I'll send a fallow up and see if they are members of gaming forums.
  23. @ Bratwurst. I have gone with ceramic for many factors. First is im getting express systems that have been recapped prior and still have failed after with caps that are rated for 1k-10k hrs. Not sure if owners just liked leaving them running 24/7 or in a oven but many caps had dried up. Second reworking the board more then once has alot of traces ripping off and with ceramic is one and done. (Traces still lift from old cap damage ) Third Ceramics life span under load 24/7 is 150+ years. i know the cost of ceramic 10%caps vs electrolytic 20% caps is more then what most guys are willing to toss in a $45-75 Service charge but if im going to work on a system customer satisfaction and the quality of my work are priority #1 not a quick buck.
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