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  1. I hate these questions because they're SO hard. I did a fair amount of programming in XB, and used it (as apparently did others) to load practically everything else. But beyond that, it would be a toss up between Donkey Kong and Popeye if we're talking third party, which were both great ports. If we're talking TI only, it's still a tie - between Parsec and TOD.
  2. A blast from the past I just stumbled upon.
  3. ZeroZap sucked in that the patterns were largely predictable (Xs made the arrow go one way, Diamonds sent it another) and all you did was launch the arrow. But I really enjoyed making my own fields with the editor and saving them to cassette. Someone mentioned the music in BurgerTime, and yeah, that's annoying as hell. Other than that and the sprites disappearing, it was a decent port. The Attack was pretty boring and slow, though if you upped the difficulty level to 3 or 4, you at least got some panic-inducing moments. Alpiner had a decent premise, but at times it was just impossible to avoid "falling objects" and being able to see right through your climber's head was disconcerting. But I think a fair number of BASIC games were pretty horrible. Camelot had decent graphics, but it was also slow and basically just a computerized game of rock paper scissors.
  4. I know it's been a year since anything got posted to this thread, but does anyone have First Draft and LinEditor? Those are really the only two Asgard packages I want but don't have. I checked whtech and Googled for them...nada.
  5. Pretty safe bet that I know what my Saturday morning gaming will entail. What is Psyborg? I'm not familiar with it?
  6. I downloaded the Lima library from whtech and was browsing the catalog. There's a disk listed I want, but it's not on the site. The disk # is 133 and it includes these TOD games. I'd love to get my hands on these games. Dune, Comp/Nit, Dark/Twr, Garfield, Gnom/Rng, Star/Trk Any leads?
  7. Haha! I loved seeing the non-MunchMan sprites. I definitely saw Chisholm Trail, A-Maze-Ing, and Microsurgeon in the mix.
  8. I had some path issues, so on a lark I moved everything to the same directory as TI99sim. I use the script below. The cartridge starts properly, but the disk is apparently not "inserted." XB goes straight to the prompt, and OLD DSK1.LOAD gives me I/O error 0 #!/bin/bash cd /opt/retropie/emulators/ti99sim ./ti99sim-sdl --dsk1=BestGames.dsk ExtendedBASIC.ctg Is there something different about the required disk format vs other emulators? The disk image works in MAME.
  9. Dad bought ours from JC Penny, I believe. At lest THEY'RE still around...for now.
  10. Somehow, while skimming the User's Reference Guide as a second grader, I thought you did OLD CS1 and SAVE CS2. So when my sister finished typing in a long program, she asked me how to save it and I told her. Of course, it errored out, wiping the program from memory in the process. She wasn't too thrilled about that.
  11. I admit to skipping around on this thread so sorry if I'm repeating something, but didn't CADD scan/recreate all of the original TI manuals as part of its PC99 efforts? I seem to recall that with the purchase of a module ROM, you got a PDF of a recreated/enhanced manual.
  12. I don't know what I was expecting when I grabbed the demo the other day. I hadn't seen any video clips before I ran it for myself. I certainly wasn't expecting such clear sound, dithering so finely tuned that everything was perfectly watchable, or animation that was so smooth. This is an incredible accomplishment.
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