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  1. Based on what we know of the "new" Atari VCS (Indiegogo), is there any chance to have Altirra running on it? I also have various Raspberry Pie 2 & 3 (soon a 4) but running Altirra on the Atari VCS would be so cool and elegant
  2. Thank you SO MUCH for this new version, and for all these efforts during all these years. I'm very grateful. I know I cannot express my gratitude with a donation, but any other idea is welcome.
  3. I have a "net etiquette" and technical problem. Quite often, I find fantastic original Atari documents scanned and posted on archive.org. Sadly, some of them are sometimes difficult to read because the ink has faded to very pale or the document was xeroxed too many time (not straight, binder holes, lots of black dots everywhere, etc). So, patiently, I extract all the pages with Adobe Acrobat (or other online tools). Then I try to "clean up" all the pages, one by one, with the assistance of GIMP and Paint.NET. I give them a new life with clear white background and new darker ink. Finally, I recreate a clean .PDF. The trouble is, I don't know how to contact the original publishers on archive.org to offer my "cleaner" version for him/her to publish. I don't want to publish these documents myself: that would be really disrespectful to the original publisher. I'm very grateful for all these documents, and I don't want to offend anyone, but some of these documents are really easier to read when "reworked" a little bit. Any idea or suggestion? Thank you. To illustrate my point: Original document "Atari 600XL 1983-07-01 Product Status Meeting Handout" --> https://archive.org/details/AtariA600XLProductStatusMeetingHandout A great document I really enjoyed reading ! Enclosed: My "reworked" version as well as other documents, that I also "reworked". Atari-600XL-1983-07-01-Product-Status-Meeting-Handout-(darker, easier to read).pdf Atari 810 Disk Peripheral Device Description (darker, easier to read).pdf Atari Disk Data Structures Tutorial (darker, easier to read).pdf Atari LOGO A proposed plan (Nov 10, 1982) (darker, easier to read).pdf Atari Disk File Manager Functional Description (darker, easier to read).pdf Atari Speech Handler External Reference Specification (darker, easier to read).pdf John Starkweather about PILOT (Date 23 Nov 1981) (darker, easier to read).pdf Atari Colleen-Candy RAM Memory Map (Date 07-03-1979, Rev. A) (darker, easier to read).pdf
  4. Source: Mapping the Atari (online version: https://www.atariarchives.org/mapping/memorymap.php) See Memory Map of address 623 This little BASIC program will find out (CTIA vs. GTIA) and display the result on screen: 10 POKE 66,1:GRAPHICS 8:POKE 709,0:POKE 710,0:POKE 66,0:POKE 623,64:POKE 53248,42:POKE 5326l,3:PUT #6,1 20 POKE 53278,0:FOR K=1 TO 300:NEXT K :GRAPHICS 18:POKE 53248,0:POSITION 8,5:? #6;CHR$(71-PEEK(53252));"TIA" 30 POKE 708,PEEK(20):GOTO 30 You can download it here: https://www.atariarchives.org/mapping/software/CTIAGTIA.BAS
  5. Thank you very much for this! I imagine the effort.
  6. I'm very, very enthusiastic about this emulator, that I've been using for years now. I'm a great fan. I'm delighted to get another new version. Did I mention the technical document, which is a real treat too? Only trouble is: how can I express my gratitude to you, Phaeron? Such an effort, all these long long hours to create something FREE for the community, this deserves a proper "thank you". I'd like to send some money via PayPal, for instance, a little something. How can I thank you for all these wonderful hours playing Boulder Dash, "just like the old days", on my 800XL? I'm 13yo again
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