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  1. Dear fellow Atari 8-bit fans, I was reading this document: Atari 835 Direct Connect Modem Field Service Manual - FD100268 Rev.1 March 1983 (https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1245202/Atari-835.html?page=35#manual) When I noticed something I never paid attention to before: Page 5-1, Parts list CO60557 FCC Phone cord CO60558 TAP (Canadian) Phone cord Questions to you guys: - Where the two cords included in the box? - Was there one box sold in the USA with the CO60557 FCC Phone cord, and a different variation sold in Canada with the CO60558 TAP (Canadian) Phone cord? - What is a TAP phone cord anyway? - Why do these two part numbers not appear in the engineering parts list of Jan 13, 1984? Bonus question: Does anyone have seen the original "Atari 835 Test Diskette" mentioned on page 3-1? Does it have a reference? (https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1245202/Atari-835.html?page=17#manual) Thank you for your expertise and advice... Kind regards, Laurent
  2. @Eyvind Bernhardsen Can I ask where I can find this software that generate this "Atari control picture" & "Even / Odd artifacting"? It looks great and should be very useful to test various configurations. Thanks in advance.
  3. Again, "Big" (1988) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094737/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 I did focus on Tom HANKS but another character seems to be using Atari BASIC in his office I took this screenshot from the 2:10 extended edition. I wonder if this scene appears in the classic edition, that would explain why I dit not remember it immediately.
  4. This is Whiz Kids/Les petits génies - S01E09 - Red star rising/Brouillage The team go to the schools/library, and use the Atari 1200XL (well, not really but let's pretend they do)
  5. And these are two screenshots from "Big" (1988) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094737/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1
  6. There is "Big" (1988) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094737/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 as the "kid in an adult body" character, played by Tom HANKS, has an Atari 800XL in his office at "MacMillan toys" I can find it and make a screenshot if you wish. Other wise, I've recently watched "Sneakers" (1992) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0105435/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0 Robert REDFORD "uses" an Atari 830 to remotely connect. If there is an "official" database somewhere, I'll be happy to add new records.
  7. "Whiz Kids" has been released on DVD and I'm so happy to have it! (Knows in France as "Les petits génies" https://www.fnac.com/a9978716/Petits-genies-Integrale-DVD-Matthew-Laborteaux-DVD-Zone-2) I have a fond memory of this series, broadcast in France on Antenne 2. Never missed an episode. "Ma madeleine de Proust" There is an Atari 1200XL in the library/computer lab. You can see it anytime the team meets there.
  8. I'll be happy to help if it's a simple operation to perform... I'm not an electronic circuitry expert, I don't know how to dump a chip.
  9. Hello ! When questionned about the fact that my drive didn't have the switch depicted on the site (front panel, above the drive), Zaxon, the vendor wrote to me: Hi, the switch was for Normal ROM/Hyper in my first drives. But, Unfortunately, WD1772 is difficult and very expensive to buy, so I started installing WD1770. They don't work with Hyper. Only with normal ROM. So I cancel also switch. Hyper is still in ROM, but is disabled. To upgrade drive, you must instal WD1772 controller and add switch to J3 inside drive. The thing is, does anybody know how to cable/how to use the J2 jumpers and J6 connectors? Please find enclosed a new picture, with flat ribbon cable removed, so that you can see more.
  10. Dear all, I've indulged myself with a great new 3"1/2 disk drive that I bought from "Sell My Retro". Until I can find and afford a true XF351 prototype, I'm truly happy with this disk drive. It's a hand-made clone of the XF551, with a 3"1/2 mechanism. I got it with a bootable DOS II+ disk (Stefan Dorndorf). It works fine. I tried to operate the drive with the SpartaDOS X cartridge, and formatted a 720kb disk, fine! Now, I'd like to get your expertise: SpartaDOS X allows me to format the diskette but not to make it bootable with a copy of the DOS... For a 3"1/2 disk drive, what do you think would be the best DOS, to create "bootable", 720kb formatted 3"1/2 diskettes? I would also like to get any documentation about this motherboard, to figure out what this J6 section (S1/S2/SIDE/STEP/DIR/TR00/VCC) is useful for. Thank you! Laurent (I've got more pictures of the drive and its motherboard if anyone is interested)
  11. I do, but the trouble is, most if not all of these books are almost impossible to scan: Their bindings do not allow you to scan a single page without damaging/destroying the binding, thus the book. I love the series "Compute!'s 1st/2nd/3rd book of Atari" because their spiral bindings allows you to read them, lying flat on a table, and scan them. That's how every computer book should be designed! In the French-language books, the worst is surely the French DOS 3 manual (Atari FR - 19xx - No Ref - Systeme Atari d'exploitation de disquette DOS 3 - Manuel de reference) Just opening it too wide makes the pages detach themselves from the binding, and you get loose pages. Arrrgh! Last but not least, I don't have enough space and storage to have them here with me.
  12. Here is a .ZIP file of the dump I had created years ago. It includes the ROM & BASIC of my own Arabic 65XE http://www.atari800xl.eu/hardware/computers/star-arabic-atari-65xe.html my OS and BASIC dumps.zip
  13. Michael CURRENT is the author of the "Atari 8-bit FAQ". I host a copy of the FAQ (with Michael's blessing) on my web site: http://www.atari800xl.eu/faq/atari-8bit-faq.html I've just uploaded the brand new version From the RAW .txt version, I create (with Michael's blessing) a .PDF version (in both A4 & US Letter), with some nice formatting, ideal to print It takes hours and evenings and week-ends to reformat it all. I'm getting nearer completion. I need to finish reformatting chap 6 (one section) & chap 7 (all content). It should be nice when completed.
  14. Thank you so much for this .ROM cartridge version! Keep up the good work!
  15. I dumped the ROMs of my Arabic 65XE thanks to the software provided by a dutch fan. I can repost them here if someone is interested. My books and manuals are not here, I store them safely but I don't have access to them, at least not easily. My collection is stored is boxes and shelves, and not "on display". I know, I know, I also want a gigantic apartment with a "Atari collection" devoted room. ---------------------- J'ai extrait les ROMs de mon Atari 65XE arabe grâce à un logiciel fourni par un fan hollandais. Je peux les déposer ici si quelqu'un est intéressé. Mes livres et manuels ne sont pas ici. Je les stocke en sécurité mais je n'y ai pas accès, du moins pas facilement. Ma collection est stockée dans des boites et des étagères, mais pas vraiment "visible". Je sais, je sais, je veux un appartement gigantesque avec une pièce dédiée à ma "collection Atari".
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