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  1. Very, very wise... They might have changed their minds or just vanished too. I had not thought about that. Thanks!
  2. @Mclaneinc Indeed! Very complicated to organise. It should be done when you're still there to supervise the operation. Otherwise, when you're gone, it gets tricky. @Sugarland mentioned "labelling" and it seems vital to tell things apart. You have to be an Atari fan to understand the difference (and value) between a stock PAL Atari 800 and the 2 different versions of the PERITEL/SCART Atari 800 (both based on the PAL model) sold in France. The only visible difference between a stock PAL & a PERITEL/SCART is an additional DIN connector on the left side... The price is absolutely not the same... even the price of the 2 different PERITEL/SCART versions is not the same... You have to be an Atari fan to understand the difference between a 800 leaflet and the two "slightly different" 815 leaflets. It's just a piece of paper, alright. Finally, some US items may seem common... but they are less common here in Europe, especially when you add shipping, import, customs, VAT, etc. An example: how much does it cost, today, to buy a 1200XL in working condition in Europe (you know of course that it was never sold/imported here). The list goes on and on. It is even more twisted when the appraiser you make an appointment with and the buyer are the same person. He/she may spot something interesting and not mention it, on purpose. That's human nature. I don't have a 1450XLD or 1090 but I have valuable items. BTW, that might sound "wishful thinking" and unreasonable but I would still love to buy a 1450XLD I know, I know... I also don't believe this tread is morbid (it was definitely not my intend). Just responsible people thinking about how to organise things instead of putting the weight on somebody's else shoulders... and saving loved Atari "stuff" from the trash. I'll explore the museum options. Thank you ALL for your input and feedback and suggestions.
  3. Dear Atari 8-bit fellows, I don't want to ruin the mood, but I have a very serious question: do you have anything in your will regarding your Atari collection? Let me explain. I was 13 when I got my Atari 800XL in 1984. So, I just turned 50. "Time flies". Family members, close friends and acquaintances get sick and leave us. It will happen to me one day too. The covid crisis has made things even worse and more complicated. I have no children and no Atari fans in my inner circle. What to do with these computers, floppy drives, cassette players, printers, software, cartridges, boxes, kits, books, magazines, user manuals, cubic metres of Atari? To whom should I leave all this? I beg you, please, please, no "send me all this!". I'm talking very seriously (and you too I hope). This passion for Atari 8-bit computers literally saved me from a very dull & gloomy childhood, by allowing me to escape into a new universe. It developed my creativity. It also helped and motivated me enormously in learning English. The discovery, step by step, of programming changed my way of seeing things, by organising, structuring, and breaking down problems into smaller, more easily solved chunks. It clearly guided my university studies, leading to degrees in IT that made me what I am today. This is anything but trivial. Today I can afford to splurge a bit, but I often think of the teenager who bought floppy disks by the piece. It can't all end up in the garbage dump. For me, it's not just a question of money, it's much more than that and much more important than that. Even today, reading a magazine I didn't know about, or an Atari technical document found about a prototype for example, fills me with happiness. The older I get, the more I admire the marvellous design of the Atari 8-bit computers. What will happen if I don't do anything, if I don't plan anything? Vague cousins, distant relatives, people who don't know me will inherit it all. They know nothing of the time spent patiently assembling this collection. They don't know about the little and big joys that this collection has given me and still gives me. They will bring in a "Nintendo expert" with one question, "How much is this stuff worth?" In a nutshell, I'm looking for a museum, an organisation, a structure in Europe (continental) that will appreciate it and show it off. I have some very dear contacts and friends in the USA but I let you imagine the shipping costs, the taxes, the customs duties, the legal and administrative complications, and all the paperwork, monstrous. The UK has left the EU so everything is more expensive and complicated, and the full consequences of the Brexit are only just beginning to emerge. So, I'm looking for a structure - not necessarily dedicated to Atari, too good to be true - but I'd like to avoid two trestles at the back of a room in a museum dedicated to the glory of the Commodore 64. I'm fine. I'm not sad, I'm not sick, I'm not depressed, I'm just thinking ahead. And it is precisely when you are not in a hurry that you can think calmly. Does anyone have an idea, an approach to explore, a suggestion to make? And what about you, how are you going to manage and bequeath your collection? Thank you for your thoughtful answers.
  4. Did you all notice the blue background (instead of green) in the "Memory test" & "Keyboard test" of the 1400XL? Is it the same in the 1450XLD?
  5. And I am sincerely grateful for all the nice and friendly responses I have read here. I have discovered games that I didn't know at all. Having a .7z file with thousands of games is nice, but it's useless if nobody tells you what to try first. I'm not a C64 expert, so any expertise and recommendations shared are much appreciated. Thanks to all.
  6. Hello Sijmen ( @mr-atari ) Can I ask if your 1450XLD is now fully functional? Is there a 1450XLD-special self-test including additional tests? Sorry to rehash this conversation from the past but the 1450XLD is a dream out of reach for me. So I'm full of questions for the lucky owners of a prototype. Thanks for your understanding and indulgence.
  7. I am very intrigued by the 1450XLD, its self-test and boot options. It is a fantastic piece and yet (almost) totally inaccessible to a collector. For me, the faster built-in floppy drive is the real game-changer. But I wonder how it is supposed to be used. Let me explain. When you want to boot with an (external) floppy drive, in theory, you should: 1. Remove any floppy disk currently in the drive 2. Turn on the floppy drive 3. After a short initialization, insert the diskette and close the latch 4. Turn on the computer (with or without the BASIC cartridge or the "Option" key) If you want to boot without a floppy disk drive, just don't turn it on. Turn on the computer (with or without the BASIC cartridge or the "Option" key) I may have seen incorrectly, but I have the impression that there is only one power switch on the 1450XLD. So, you turn on the computer and its built-in floppy drive at the same time. This is why the OS is modified to not display "BOOT ERROR" right away and wait for a floppy disk to be inserted. The "Introduction to DOS 3" manual seems to indicate that you only have to close the latch to start the boot process. But I seem to remember screenshots that show a message prompting the user to press "RETURN" to start the boot. Which of these is true? I also wonder: can you boot without the floppy drive, by disabling it? What happens if you press "RETURN" or close the flap without a floppy? "BOOT ERROR" or something else? By the way, does the floppy drive stay on all the time? Similarly, if I imagine the case where an external floppy drive is set to D1: and plugged into a 1450XLD. At boot time, the OS will first look for D1: on the parallel bus before looking on the SIO bus, right? A recent video of a 1400XL allows you to hear the Votrax during the self-test launch and to see this re-worked version with a blue background in some tests. My point: Is there somewhere a video of a 1450XLD (*) booting and/or in the self-test? Is there something extra for the 1450XLD? A test of the drive? (*) Not a re-creation of the 1450XLD, but the real, original one... I'd like to see it loading software on floppy (5x faster, right?), going in the self-test or going into BASIC...
  8. You have to forgive me: I'm a total newbie when it comes to C64 & C128 I found this "Kung Fu Flash" for a reasonable price, and I thought it would be really convenient for a debutant, to explore a few games. It does the job for me.
  9. You might be interested by the "Kung Fu Flash cartridge". It's quite handy to store .PRG (== .EXE, .XEX) or .D64 (== .ATR) or .CRT (== .ROM, .BIN).
  10. A huge thank you to all those who made proposals. I really appreciate you taking the time to share the list of names. Now I will explore with great pleasure.
  11. I am a very loyal Atari 8-bit fan with cubic meters of hardware, kits, boxes and software. However, out of curiosity, I also have a TI99/4A, Apple IIe (& platinum), CBS ColecoVision (& all the add-ons), very old MS-DOS laptops, and ... since very recently, I got cheaply 2x C64, 1x C128, a 1541 drive. I bought a Kung Fu Flash cartridge (very handy) I know the Atari 8-bit games very well, I've been playing with my 800XL since I was 13, in 1984. And I still play today thanks to my FujiNet to Boulder Dash, Montezuma's revenge, The Goonies, Burger Time, Mr TNT, Drop zone, Bruce Lee, Galaxian, The Great American Cross-Country Road Race, etc, etc. But the C64 is brand new to me. I don't know where to start the exploration. I'm just looking for some advice: if you are familiar with Atari 8-bit and C64 games, which C64 games do I really need to play? Good C64 games that don't exist on the Atari 8-bit... Good C64 games that are really better made than their Atari 8-bit counterpart... (the opposite also exists, I know some)... Do you have any suggestions for me? After this escapade, I promise, the Commodore hardware will be back in the basement.
  12. And the latest version of the FAQ (June 28, 2021) is here: .TXT format https://mcurrent.name/atari-8-bit/faq.txt (from Michael's site, author of the FAQ) .PDF A4 & US Letter format http://www.atari800xl.eu/faq/atari-8bit-faq.html (from my site)
  13. Dear Atari 8-bit fellows, I have long assumed that, in order to ensure that their game or software could be used by any buyer, the Atari 8-bit software publishers all offered floppy disks that could be read by a standard 810 drive. In other words, single sided, single density, or 90 KiB. But apparently this is not true. Some software required a higher capacity drive. Apart from drive-specific DOS, does anyone know of any software that requires a 1050 or XF551 drive? As a bonus, does anyone know where I can find a list of some "specific" Atari 815 software? Atari Word processor (version 815) Atari Accountant series (General Accounting System; Accounts Receivable System; Inventory Control System) Anything else? Thank you for your help!
  14. @burnthesehills First of all, congratulations for this "sample". Only a very small number of them have survived today, that's for sure. So this computer is a fantastic piece in a collection. Then, is it just me exaggerating or is the metal "Atari 800XL" badge/label different from the production models? 800XL is definitely "bolder" on this one.
  15. The Atari BASIC listing: 10 FOR AF=0 TO 195:READ A:POKE 1536+AF,A:NEXT AF:POKE 1791,255:POKE 756,192 20 X=USR(1536) 1000 DATA 169,0,141,240,6,141,243,6 1010 DATA 169,122,141,242,6,169,9,141 1020 DATA 244,6,169,0,133,12,169,6 1030 DATA 133,13,169,1,133,9,169,33 1040 DATA 141,47,2,169,131,141,48,2 1050 DATA 169,6,141,49,2,169,4,141 1060 DATA 4,212,173,11,212,208,251,174 1070 DATA 240,6,169,7,232,141,10,212 1080 DATA 142,26,208,173,11,212,201,63 1090 DATA 208,242,174,242,6,202,141,10 1100 DATA 212,142,26,208,173,11,212,201 1110 DATA 150,208,242,238,240,6,238,242 1120 DATA 6,238,243,6,173,243,6,201 1130 DATA 2,208,199,169,0,141,243,6 1140 DATA 173,244,6,24,105,16,141,244 1150 DATA 6,201,16,144,243,141,198,2 1160 DATA 76,50,6,112,112,112,112,112 1170 DATA 112,112,112,112,112,112,112,96 1180 DATA 87,151,6,7,65,131,6,0 1190 DATA 0,0,161,164,175,172,176,168 1200 DATA 179,175,174,141,166,161,172,171 1210 DATA 0,0,0,188,182,165,178,0 1220 DATA 180,169,164,0,175,163,168,0 1230 DATA 178,181,173,0,0,0,0,0 1240 DATA 0,0,0,0
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