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  1. Available to preorder now £40 here. https://www.bitmapsoft.co.uk/product/doc-cosmos-gbc/
  2. Just a friendly re post to see if there is anyone out there with a game worth publishing?
  3. Great job guys, as a co-owner of Bitmap Soft where we published the C64 version of this with Carleton. Really excited to see this development, well done guys.
  4. This has been downloaded over 200 times, not much to some games but to us thats unreal, thanks all.
  5. Friendly bump, please enter if you fancy a challenge.
  6. Just wanted to revisit this and see if we can get anyone interested.
  7. Ok this was such a long time ago that I honestly can not remember what happen but regardless of what email that was used, I and I suspect Darren did not have any access to this PAYPAL account, the download if I remember was also sent via you KH when you has a purchase email, again this is all very vague but the main issue is I had not control over that PAYPAL account and so we never really knew how many was sold and any money you gave me paid for the web hosting which was about £20 if I remember correctly, either way it was peanuts to the so called 200 and the rest that got sold. You mentioned we are stealing peoples IP, well firstly both ourselves and the coder of this game did not think anyone would own the Horace name rights now, seeing how old the game character was and is, that was foolish maybe but innocent in anycase. Soon after we announced the game we had an email from Paul at the same time others had Horace issues, these issues were clearly started by some individual telling the IP owner Paul, now some may or may not like Paul for what happened but the guy allowed us to continue to publish the game if we donate any profits to the UK MS Charity which we have done. I hope that puts you right about a few things.
  8. Thank you, I notice you guys have some games?
  9. We are running a dev comp to create a Beat 'em up game for any 8 bit computer, special consideration will be given to the lesser popular computers. To join and read the rules see here. https://itch.io/jam/8-bit-beat-em-upfighter-dev-comp/community
  10. So... Is there any games you guys would like to see us look at releasing or is there any dev peeps on here you can point me to who may consider a cassette tape release for their game?
  11. We get the tape spin to the length of the data, that way it keeps costs down. Thanks for the positive feedback about tapes, I know they are not for everyone and to be honest we will offer other versions of games soon, just branching in to the disks at the moment. Having said that there is something neat about tape versions of games.
  12. Thanks, would be good to see someone making games for these wonderful computers in the West.
  13. Well, we are not planning on publishing a load of games but I would like to publish at least one from each computer within the 8-Bit era so finding a decent Atari 8-bit game is essential.
  14. Hi all, I am looking for a couple of games that would be worthy of a physical tape release? I have spoke to Albert about this and any that we would release on Bitmap Soft would also carry the AA logo. Look forward to any replies. Regards Jamie
  15. Today I get told that KH has RVG content on his Patreon site in the form of an RVG Mini mag we made years ago, this is ours, my logos, designed by Greyfox and with RVG content, maybe some of his reviews but that does not give you the right to give that away on your site and claim ownership, then I get told your linkedin profile has www.retrovideogamer.co.uk as your personal site, its is not yours now, was not yours back then and never will be mate. Grow up, delete all connections to me and my assets please, when I set up www.homebrewheroes.co.uk you messaged me with an email telling me how disappointed you was that I did that, so what did I do, I deleted the site and started Homebrewlegends, at your request, you asked me to removed your reviews from RVG, what did I do? I removed them, i conformed to your requests, yet you still use my assets as they are yours. PLEASE remove any association to me PLEASE. I have requested these things be striked by Patreon and Linkedin also.
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