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  1. Hi, Please sign me up for a card with a case for my model II Lynx. I don't mind waiting long, but I would really like to get one eventually. Thanks a lot, great work!
  2. Hi everybody, I just wanted to give some more praise to McWill and his terrific work. I received my modded Lynx last weekend and it is even better than I had expected. I kept switching cartridges every other minute just to see what all the games look like on their new screen :-) I think this new LCD totally breathes new life into the Lynx and recommend it to anyone who still plays and loves the Lynx. Cheers to McWill and cheers to the Lynx!
  3. Hi Matthias, Thanks for a great tip! You saved me some serious money I also found a decently priced copy of Malibu bikini volleyball at this webshop, so now I got winter and summer games coming my way I'm very glad I'm not missing out on Alpine Games after all, can't wait to play this game. Vielen dank! Kind reagards, Danny
  4. Can't believe I missed this final run! I guess I wasn't paying attention these last few months Songbird seems to have some available, but these are 89,95. I am considering it though. The main problem is I live in the Netherlands and the shipping costs are another 40 dollar. 130 dollar in total is a lot. Maybe one or serveral people from the Netherlands want (an extra) copy as well and we can pay for shipping together? PM me, and maybe we can work something out!
  5. Hi All, I'm new to forum. I just rediscovered my Lynx about 2 months ago and have been playing it every day since. It pleases me to see that there's still so many Lynx enthousiastics who are active in this forum. I also started collecting and bought quite a lot of (boxed) games in a short period of time. It's become quite an obsession, so I'm trying to slow down a bit. Unfortunately I can't stop looking at websites like Ebay to see what new games are being offered. Right now I got my eye on a boxed version of California Games. I haven't seen one before in the past two months and I really wonder how rare it actually is (since most people got this game cartridge only together with their Lynx system). I can get it at about 25 dollars. Should I get it?
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