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  1. Devil World. Every time i want to say this game is amazing, it cheats me. Speed I find i do better when i press forward wrecklessly Both games added to my favorites
  2. Devil 57,300 Gauntletesque Speed 11,800 Love jumping out of the car just before it explodes
  3. a vs p 377,800 Defender Is it me or does it always teleport you to a worse situation?
  4. Floyd Turbo I need to thank you, as the theme to Wonderboy has recently made my playlist.( some of my co-workers may want to kick you however)
  5. a vs p 332,000 looks like there is a lot to this game defender 1,675 Did I just self destruct?
  6. Twin Cobra 77,570 I was never good at shoot em ups, just didn't seem like good value for my quater. I'm lucky to last 5 minutes
  7. I'm wondering how renegade played on the nes and the sms with only 2 buttons.
  8. 1 Back away from her until she charges 2 jumpkick Admittedly i do know the tricks, this was the first arcade game i had regular access to
  9. True. Your back attacks are much better, you want people coming from behind Renegade 224,250 Good luck kid
  10. Twin Cobra 30,590 Renegade 85,050 Having a hard time with final boss
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