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  1. The Wii, I'm going for the full set. I'm currently at 548 titles. It's already getting tougher finding stuff in the wild that I don't already have.
  2. I'd say a JVC X'Eye or a Sega CDX. Both are now too expensive for my budget. I would also like a CD-i but that's even worse.
  3. Man that's a weird thread. I'm at page 6 and I'm not sure I want to have the full 32 page experience...
  4. Great collection, I like a room filled with stuff everywhere. I especially love your carpet !
  5. I have a loose red TV Boy (first model). Would you be interested in buying it ?
  6. I just found a purple label pinball with the box (pretty beaten up) and the instructions in an intellivision lot i just bought. Never heard of this one before today.
  7. I'll also recommend the Sega Genesis. It's affordable and there's a ton of great titles.
  8. Got a Vtech Learning Window yesterday, boxed, with a boxed Voice cartridge, power supply and boxed "alphabet soup" program. Paid 10$. Not a steal but I think this little machine looks great. Will look good next to my boxed Sears Talking Computron !
  9. Any RPG above 20$. Why are RPGs often more expensive than other types of games ? I refuse to pay more than 20$. I'm probably a cheap bastard.
  10. I would say PS2/Gamecube/Xbox and the others before.
  11. Just finished reading the entire thread. I'm very impressed by all your hard work, it's worth it. I live in Montreal but if I ever come to Florida, I'll remember to go and pay a visit to Arcade Odyssey. And I'm also incredibly jealous of your console collection. Hope you find your missing systems someday. -Charles
  12. Hi have two of these joysticks. Maybe I would let go one of them.
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